The best places to visit according to your travel type

This post is being put together for quite some time. We wanted to present the best holiday destinations for each travel type we may fall into according to our current state of mind, experiences so far and positions of stars on the sky. While the travel type you are might change overnight, good destinations to visit could specifically indulge a particular travel type.

We decided to come up with some proposals of the places we visited. According to what your traveling type might be, what you are looking for and what vibes are in your head and soul – just pick the destination that will suit you best right now.

We propose only places we have visited and even more – felt, tasted, smelled, lived, absorbed. The list will share with you where we found inspiration and why we think those are some of the best places to visit in the world.

It could be one of the well-known best holiday destinations, it could be one of the fun places to go to, it could be the best vacation spots or just some off-the-beaten-path place to visit – it doesn’t really matter! What matters is that those destinations will offer you amazing experiences!

Without further ado, let’s get started with the list of best places to visit according to your travel type!

Turkey for adventurers-gourmands

Our beloved neighbor has a huge area to entertain its visitors.

Go for the erratic cosmopolitan Istanbul or for the Antalya seaside to enjoy some sunshine and nature. And why not extreme squad bike ride through turtle reserves and self-lighting lands. One thing is always sure in Turkey – your stomach will be enjoying it the whole time.

Go swim in the waterfall, or have dinner with a view, or both – the choice is yours!

Having in mind the complex recent situation in that country spread on two continents, Turkey is still the best place for true adventurers who love good food. Always check for recent information on the current security and political situation in the country before you go.

India for those exploring contrasts

India is the place where you’ll see a shiny skyscraper right next to a poor house. You’ll see people who can afford servants walking through tons of dirt to get to their house. Contrasts everywhere and anywhere. Start planning your trip to India with this wonderful article.

People sailing on their honeymoons and at the same time people living in high poverty in the backwaters of Kerala.

So allow yourself to absorb some different realities at a time and jump on the train/plane to the Golden Triangle or maybe explore the greener southern cities like Bengaluru and Kochin and the tropical paradise of Kerala.

Japan for those who want to focus

If you think you lost focus – head to Japan! Japanese are the most concentrated, focused and dedicated people on Earth and one can learn a lot by just observing their lifestyle.

You need a lot of focus and attention to even put on a kimono properly. And it’s totally worth it.

You can visit bigger cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and immerse in their charming neighborhoods and nightlife, or you can head to the mountains and discover less known holiday destinations like Yoshino, lake Fuji, and Shirakawa-go.

Italy for romantics and history buffs

Italy is the beloved destination for a lot of romantic hearts, and a huge obsession for those in love with history. When we add the amazing nature here and there – we have the perfect holiday spot!

Matera has a lot to offer for history and architecture buffs – but also pretty much every spot is a good opportunity for the romantics. Photo credit: Ana Lyubenova

You can admire historical sights in Rome, enjoy the beauty of Lake Como, go skiing in the Alps or explore little jewels like Bergamo.

In case you don’t feel very poetic about history and nature, you can always indulge yourself with real Italian food.

Ireland for unbelievable nature lovers

If you have the chance, grab a car (rent it, not steal it) and hit the road. The greenery will improve your eyesight, the castles will remind you of great times, the cute villages and towns will absorb you in their everyday life.

Ireland, Wild Atlantic Way, Loop Head

Warning! Nature might be so beautiful and hard to take in, get ready with a spare battery for your camera and a raincoat.

Greece for beach and ouzo fans

If you’re searching for calmness and good relaxation – head to the beaches of Greece. We do that at least three times a year and still can’t get enough of them. We love paying a visit to the Chalkidiki peninsula at least once every summer. You can also venture to the magical Corfu island or to the beautiful beaches of Lefkada.

Greece, Lefkada, Еgremni beach
You can enjoy some solitude on secluded beaches during the day and then hit the nightlife in a good company.

Greece is also very accommodating when it comes to having a good time with your friends or making new ones. Just get a glass of ouzo or retsina wine and shout Yasos!

China for those who think they hit the scale

Nobody can be as big as China is. To really get the notion of that, visit the People’s Republic of China and become a part of the flow of people and things. Quantity adopts a new meaning in China.

The Great Wall of China in spring
The Great Wall of China is one of the many things to change how you perceive scale.

If you start with Beijing, you’ll feel the new and old living together in the capital. The western world can be felt in Shanghai, but for real China try some of the Southern provinces – Guangxi or Yunnan.

Bali for those who seek paradise inside and outside themselves

Some say Bali is already too touristy now and nobody can feel it the way they dreamed of. We say head out of the popular tourist places like Kuta, Jimbaran, and Ubud. Go north to Amed or jump in at any small village. There you will find the true spirit of Bali. Enter a temple with no merchants in front or people inside and let’s see where paradise is.

Sunset at one of the temples in Bali.

Spain for those in search of sunshine and traditions

We love Spain! Not only we go there to practise our Spanish, but also to meet interesting people and admire traditions and culture.

Guitars and breeze along the Costa Brava…

If you cross the north part of the country – you’ll become a pilgrim! Heading south – you might swim in the ocean in November. If you head to Barcelona or Valencia – you might not want to leave! That is Spain.

France for those who go beyond clichés

Paris is so much more than all the clichés we constantly hear about it. Paris is love, diversity and requires strong feet to be experienced.

Having missed our reservation for Eiffel Tower because of delayed flight, few years later we managed to go up there to realize it was much more beautiful seen from below.

And how about if we head east to explore the rich Alsace region with its lovely architecture, interesting wines and smiling storks?

Israel for admirers of East meets West

Tel Aviv is for party people and foodies. The eastern seaside is for history lovers and little town explorers.

Is being able to read something we take for granted?

Masada will test your stamina in the heat, the Dead sea will help you float even if you don’t want to. To learn more about religion, Jerusalem is calling. To explore another country on the same day, head to Bethlehem and West Bank.

Morocco for fairy tale lovers

We only had a short romance with Morocco but we’re definitely returning for more. We still managed to immerse ourselves in the fairy-tale atmosphere around.

A fusion of admirable art from the past and progressive future.

Markets in Casablanca and cobblestone streets in Rabat were just not enough. Morocco’s cuisine is also very inviting.

New Zealand for those who want to be in a movie

How can one not fall in love with places from movies? Well, if you visit New Zealand, you’re definitely hooked and will probably want to shoot your own movie there, one day.

New Zealand, Queenstown, the Remarkables
As real movie stars, we’re waiting for our helicopter to pick us up from the Remarkables near Queenstown.

The scenery will leave you speechless, while friendly locals will invite you to stay and live in their country, on those few blessed islands on the opposite part of the world.

Peru for conquerors of mountains and fears

The heights of Peru can be overwhelming but once you drink some coca leaves tea and let all worries go, you will find heaven.

Women selling colorful items over Colca valley, Peru
Conquer mountains and fears in Peru – exploring arts and crafts on the way.

At the ocean or in the mountain, in the valley or on the street – you’ll be taken care of and ready to conquer your fears or fight your prejudices.

So what’s your travel type?

What is it going to be? Adventure or history, romance or conquering fears, sunshine or wind? No matter what you choose, there is no wrong place to go if that’s what you crave. 

We always say that every destination has something to offer to almost every kind of traveler, so the best places to visit in the world could be pretty much all the places that allow visiting.

the best places to visit according to your travel type, Pinterest photo
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Any places to suggest for part two of this article? What is your travel type today and will it take you to all the best destinations to visit?

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  1. Love how you matched each place to type of traveler. I can see myself as all of these personas, but I think I’d like to don a pilgrim persona and go to Spain first.

    • That would be lovely! We’re so addicted to Camino that we’re planning our fourth Camino already. Hope you love it too!

  2. Joe
    | Reply

    What a great idea for a blog post! Totally agree that there is no ‘one’ right way to travel, and different people will have different preferences and moods. I have been to many of the places you list above and definitely see where you’re coming from – India, for example, absolutely is a land of contrasts, and Greece arguably has the best beaches in the world. There are plenty of places I could suggest as places to match a travel type, but that would be another blog post all by itself 😉

    • Hi, Joe! Glad you got inspired for a blog post out of our article. You are right the list could potentially grow to a huge post and in the end everyone will understand that they could be any travel type. We didn’t put the place we come from in this article though – but you can read about it in our special category – The Magic of Bulgaria.

  3. This is a great post! I love how you matched the place with a certain type of traveler. I think I found myself in a few rather then one, but that’s ok, nobody is perfect, right?! 🙂

  4. What a great list it is! So many lovely destinations! I will definitely put Italy and France high on my travel list!

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