Country number 60 and the new grand journey starting

Some time ago we asked you which country should become number 60 in our list of visited countries. We got tons of great ideas on new places as well as great reminders for places we’ve visited. We got so much inspiration that it was hard to decide on where to go.

In the meantime, we felt like it’s time for another great journey. Something like South America Grande, which we did almost three years ago. Something to take us to a new region, something to introduce us to new cultures. Or something to help us improve our Spanish even more. Our traveling lifestyle needs constant nurturing, right?

the beginning of our grand journey in Central America
Ready to take off for another ~30-hour journey
the beginning of our grand journey in Central America
October rain in Brussels – seen from the inside of the bus it’s so nice

So, drums rolling, country number 60 is Mexico!

And this will be just the start! We will continue to Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama. We want to travel through all the countries in Central America.

We have about two months and almost no particular plans. We’ll start in Cancún and probably finish in Panama City. We’ll go wherever the road takes us! As always, we are going to share tons of experiences and information with you, anything from our quest to follow the locals, explore the planet and ourselves and show the world is a good place to live and all the people are good human beings.

the beginning of our grand journey in Central America
Here we are – already on the beach – Playa Marlin in Cancún!

This is the most unplanned journey for us – we have the return ticket to Cancún and some accommodation for the first few nights – every part of our 2-month-long itinerary is subject to improvisation, creativity, and change. We’ve never been more chill about having no plans or reservations and it feels so good!

So, Buen Camino and let the adventure in Central America begin! Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you have any suggestions on nice places, people, and experiences in Central America!

the beginning of our grand journey in Central America
This was an unplanned shot from our “holding hands” series – but still so much fun!

May the Magic be with you!

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