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We are Bistra and Nace


A traveling couple. We аre here to inspire you to travel more and travel better. We are exploring the world for the last 5+ years. During that time we’ve visited a lot famous and unknown places, we’ve felt the spirit of many countries and we’ve deep dived into the life and customs of the locals. We understood that every trip changes you and helps you understand the world better. That is why we tell our stories on this blog and we are trying to infect as many people as we can with the magic of traveling. Let’s explore the world together! Read more…



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корица за предстоящи пътешествия, Панама, островите Сан Блас


The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals

Our first book will introduce you to impressive people from all over the world to you.



We have visited 67 countries. Where do you want to go?

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In search of poppies, cherries and something more
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Sometimes traveling is all about preparing to visit your favorite destination for months. Reading all the blogs about the place and pining the photos, planning every detail with excitement and counting down the days until you go. Sometimes is just … Read More

A quick guide to Thessaloniki, Greece
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No man will be without a homeland, as long as Thessaloniki exists! I don’t know if that would prove true or not for a person left without a home, but one thing we are sure of – Thessaloniki would welcome … Read More

Traveling is the best birthday present
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Usually, I receive a lot of great presents for my birthday. I rarely brag about them. I like keeping them to myself. However, there is one that I really want to share with everybody and this is the perfect place … Read More

A wine tour in Tikves region, Macedonia
with No Comments

The spring was just trying to rise from the almost missing white blanket of winter when we decided to escape the madness happening in Bulgaria during several consecutive days off. We were going to somewhere, but not far. That’s why we … Read More

Mediterranean Cruise with MSC Poesia – itinerary and video
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There is something so magical, mystique and lovely about cruising the seas and discovering new lands! Having only the experience of cruising the Aegean Sea and its islands before, we knew we wanted more of that feeling! So we hopped on … Read More

Vitosha – looking down on Sofia
with No Comments

Often tourists traveling to Bulgaria ask me what they should visit in Sofia. The first thing that pops into my mind is Vitosha mountain. Although technically it is not part of the city, it presents a different point of view … Read More

The guide to Central America for the independent traveler
with 10 Comments

A new journey was coming. We wanted to spend at least two months exploring a different region of our beloved planet Earth. The idea of traveling to Central America started to crawl in our minds, uncertain and vague. We left … Read More

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