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Hi, traveler! We’re Bistra and Nace, a couple that travels the world on a mission to prove that humanity is alive and everywhere! We created this blog to inspire you to explore new destinations and adventures around the world and inside yourself. We’re always looking for authenticity by following the locals and by complementing our responsible travels with cultural and nature immersion. While we’re still figuring out the magical mix of traveling to exciting places, being digital entrepreneurs, working jobs that make the difference, and volunteering to help the society, one thing is for sure – we dance at as many places as possible!

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A very short recap of our travel in 2023
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Time flies and we’re already approaching the end of January 2024, so it’s high time to share our very short travel recap of 2023. Those were some of the most magical places and experiences on our journey in 2023. We … Read More

Our favorite SPA hotels and places to relax in Bulgaria
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It doesn’t really matter that we are big fans of the active life, activities, and dancing, that we don’t enjoy staying home in front of the TV, that we are always doing something, we cannot say that we do not … Read More

New Year’s Fortunes – traditions in Bulgaria
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For the New Year, let us wish you health, happiness, love, smiles, hugs from loved ones, new friendships, and new destinations. We wish you many new travels and emotions with the wonderful Bulgarian tradition for New Year fortunes tucked in … Read More

Exploring Monaco on a day trip
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Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, a small independent city-state that’s famous for its wealth, luxury stores, and casinos. It is drawing large numbers of visitors from France and Italy and is perfect for a day trip … Read More

How to spend one day in Nice, France
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If you’re planning to visit Nice, France, don’t let the thought of limited time stop you from enjoying the city’s beauty. With just one day in Nice, you can still explore the city’s iconic landmarks, stroll around beautiful promenades and … Read More

Norway Road Trip Itinerary in Summer – 7 Days of Adventure and Exploration
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Are you looking for a unique and adventurous road trip experience? We were, and Norway turned out to be a great choice, with its incredible natural beauty, stunning fjords, amazing wildlife, and vibrant cities. On this seven-day road trip itinerary … Read More

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