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The unstoppable

Travel is a dream come true!

Some years ago we would ever never imagined that travel will be our lifestyle! It was something we only secretly dreamed about! Nowadays we won’t hold our dreams secret, we’ll share them. So, to get to know us, start with these three dreams of ours! We dream of:

Becoming TED or TEDx speakers
Being the stars of an international dance show
Going on an expedition to Antarctica
Milford Sound, New Zealand

Travel is the best way to live.

This blog will help you make the most out of your travels – from short vacations to long-term trips, from being active outdoors to exploring cultural heritage, on a tight budget or luxuriously. We’re Bistra and Nace – a wine-loving couple with a passion for dance and a willingness to empathize with everyone we meet. We tell stories in Bulgarian and English and share photos and videos from our most memorable moments on the road. We are always ready to give some advice on your journeys! Let’s explore the world together!

We value everything that is beautiful, positive or different and try to “infect” more and more people with our traveling enthusiasm. We prefer to travel independently and plan our trips on our own. People we’ve met on the road have called us Bulgarian travel bloggers, Bulgarian travelers, the couple from Bulgaria, the boy from Macedonia with the chick from Bulgaria. We don’t like labels so much but our essence deep inside is traveling. We are international travelers who love sharing travel experiences while still struggling with the concept of borders and other artificial terms created to separate people and set them apart instead of to unite them.

The idea of creating this blog came shortly before our trip to Bali. We wanted to avoid losing memories after some months or years.
Every night before going to bed we put some notes down and organized the hundreds of photos of the day. We came back home in Sofia, a lot of time passed, but after several months we had our Balinese journal.

Being so happy with the result, there was no way that we stopped there so we decided to write about all of our journeys and destinations. We’re trying to catch up with translating our posts into English. Our stories and photos may have evolved for the last few years (hopefully) but one thing is for sure – we never give up on seeing the beauty in the nature people together with their culture and relationships and we continue taking the most out of every situation wherever on the planet we are.

How our travel blog and travel lifestyle evolved

Soon after we met and fell in love with each other, we discovered our passion for traveling. It was that new feeling, that new perspective we got with each new trip. Then it turned from hunting for memories and unforgettable experiences to searching for real authentic connections and positive inspirational examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary stuff all over the world. We wanted to share all of that with family, friends, the whole world.

We quickly realized we wanted our lifestyle to allow us to travel more. That’s why we started exploring a semi-nomadic lifestyle. We do try to work jobs and build our businesses so that they are location-independent or at least take us to different places in the world. Still, we have a strong connection to our home, base, whatever you name it – it’s the people not the place anyway.  Sometimes we share more of this lifestyle stuff, but we feel we still have so much to learn about it.

In our blog, we give tips and ideas to anyone traveling for a short or longer vacation, as well as for anyone who is up to explore travel lifestyle deeper. We want to encourage you to travel – no matter if it’s just for a weekend in your own neck of the woods or it’s a month-long sabbatical or it’s a digital nomadic endeavor for as long as you‘d like it to be or it’s the journey of your life. Traveling more and traveling better is a different concept for everyone so we value the diverse ways to practice traveling and eventually go down the path of self-improvement, self-enrichment and contributing to societies and the environment. We show you our ways to do so!

We hope you’ll be able to feel at least a small sparkle from the magic, The Magic of Traveling!

We will be very happy to hear from you, get in touch with us at our email, Facebook or Instagram.

The Eglinton Valley, New Zealand

Now it’s time to continue with some fun facts about us, some good stories from 5 years of traveling, some stardust from our appearances here and there, and some opportunities to work with us!

Don’t forget to check out our upcoming trips calendar!

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