Trip planning

The most common resources we use to plan trips. We share with you all the tools we use for trip planning here.

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Booking accommodation

We have been using Booking for ages and we’re super happy with the reservation experience, as well as issue resolution (in the very few cases we had issues to resolve). Recently we see more and more homestays, guesthouses, and locally-owned accommodation options, which fits our travel style even better. Way to go!


We love the Airbnb platform too, for offering some of the most authentic experiences and accommodations. It happens that we haven’t been using it a lot lately, as there were some hidden fees that appeared after we searched and liked places. We felt like it was not fair to put such enormous “cleaning fees” or whatever. In some of our stays, we tend to lose the authentic local experience and the connection with locals. But sometimes we have a total blast and that’s why we keep using the platform.

Renting a car

We love road trips. Whenever we can, we do them in our car. Wherever it’s not appropriate, we rent a car. We have used various sites to find the best deal for a given place, time of the year, etc. Recently we’ve been using a lot and we’re quite happy with the results. Sometimes more local websites work better, sometimes arranging your rental car with accommodation is better.



Ferryscanner is a site for searching and booking ferries in Greece. Seeing all the options from different ferry companies together, it is easy to choose the right route and travel time for you, and you can buy tickets for your vehicle and then directly line up to board the ferry.

Japan RailPass

Japan RailPass is the ultimate way of transportation through Japan. You can choose between a 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day pass that covers even Shinkansen bullet trains, ferries, and buses. Japan RailPass enabled our train journey around Japan to become a memorable adventure and a true cultural immersion!

Checking visa requirements

We partner with a very cool website where you can check visa requirements for your nationality in all countries, find how to apply for a visa with the respective authority, or even get a visa online. How cool is that! We discovered that for some countries it’s actually cheaper, easier, and hustle-free to get a visa with this website. So excited!

Booking activities and tours


While we always aim to arrange activities once we reach the place, sometimes you can’t afford that luxury. Some activities in some popular destinations can be booked out weeks ahead, so you need to plan and reserve earlier. We usually find local sites to support small businesses, but recently we’ve been using GetYourGuide a lot. We actually found out that some tours are cheaper with this website than with local resellers. So it can be a great way to save money on tours and activities.


Booking flights

We’ve been using it a lot, especially as it gives options for connections at nearby airports. We love the way we can combine low-cost carriers like magic! You can choose the “anywhere” option to find a good deal to anywhere in the world for a given time period. If you book with and our website, this helps us keep this website running at no extra cost for you. But first check the price with the airline website (if possible), as it’s often cheaper.


Google Flights

Google Flights is quickly becoming a player in the flight search game. You can play with dates and find the most affordable option. It’s a great tool to give an overview of the flight situation from A to B.

Travel Advice

Sharing our experiences is an important part of traveling for us. That’s why we try to keep this blog up to date with all of our most recent trips. It happens often that we also need advice from other travelers. We believe that all travelers’ mission should be to help each other with their journeys. And we are proud to say we’ve given advice more times than we’ve hit the road (and nobody is sure about or dares to calculate the latter).

We want to answer the questions you ask. To help you make unforgettable trips. To overcome your fears and try new things. To discover your own Magic of traveling.

That’s why we’ll be more than happy to receive your questions through the blog and answer them virtually too, especially when we can’t meet in person with everyone.

Ice caving in Iceland, advice from experienced travelers

Why would you get advice from us? There are three important reasons. 😃

  • we always give first-hand information, from our own experience 🙋
  • we are seasoned travelers with experience in different types of travel, short- or long-term, with different budgets and people… Moreover, we have had so many unplanned circumstances, and rough decisions that were taken in a flash, and adopted the strategy to never stop looking for the good, the positive, and the beauty in every experience that comes our way 💯
  • when we help you and your trip, we somehow become part of it, we experience it with you 😃

The real deal travel advice

Terrified to fly for the first time? Or just not fond of flying? Check out our tips for a nice and smooth first flight and all the next flights to come!

Stuck at the airport? Don’t worry – every saga is part of a great experience you will remember! Like our airport drama on our way to New Zealand.

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Need photography advice? We put together a guide to shooting the Northern Lights.

What is travel advice if we’re not inspired to hit the road? Learn some fun stories from our 5 years of traveling, how can we travel more, and how traveling could be a lifestyle.

We are enjoying the great view on top of the Cerro Azul Meambar National Park in Honduras

So feel free to dive into all of our practical tips and tricks, travel advice, good hints, dos and don’ts!

If you can’t find whatever concerns you, just go ahead and get in touch with us!

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