Our travel manifesto

We compiled a list of our views and principles which are the basis of our travels and even our life. We hope this list will enrich over time and we will be able to discuss with you, readers of the blog, how to stick to the list and take the most out our journeys. Here is our travel manifesto:

Admire what is authentic and different

Be open-minded and never judge the places and people you meet.

Spend money on experiences instead of things

Nothing that takes physical space is worth the money. What takes place in your heart and memories makes you happy.

Be your own travel agent

Don’t pay someone to model and organize your travels when you can do it cheaper and better.

Never trust second-hand information

Don’t let what someone heard from someone else affect your decisions.

Distant or unknown doesn’t mean expensive or dangerous

Read more, spend smartly and be willing to explore alternatives.


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