New Year’s Fortunes – traditions in Bulgaria

For the New Year, let us wish you health, happiness, love, smiles, hugs from loved ones, new friendships, and new destinations. We wish you many new travels and emotions with the wonderful Bulgarian tradition for New Year fortunes tucked in the traditional banitsa. We make these wishes together at the New Year’s table, with a lot of positive energy we hope and believe that they will really come true.

Make sure you prepare the most delicious banitsa, pie, or cake this year, and we will take care of New Year’s fortunes. We offer this gift to you and your beloved ones!

Новогодишна баница с късмети, banitsa with new year's fortunes

New Year’s fortunes for travelers

We have prepared several different series of fortunes. You can read them and write your favorites into small notes to put in the banitsa, or use the file we have prepared.

Just download the file, print it, cut it into different fortunes and you’re done – you have some original fortunes for New Year, created and written with a lot of love. We’ve crafted files with New Year’s fortunes in Bulgarian so far and we did our best to translate some of them to English, so you can have “късмети за Нова Година на английски”.

New Year Fortunes: 2024 edition

1. “Discover in your home a place so fine:

   Feel the tourism charm in a city you call thine!”

2. “Awaken your explorer, let excitement unfurl:

   A new adventure abroad, in the heart of the world.”

3. “Indulge in spa luxury, let your spirit soar:

   A retreat for body and soul, a rejuvenating lore.”

4. “Balance work and leisure, it’s not a mystery:

   Travel recharges your battery, unlocking a treasury.”

5. “Dive into gourmet temptations, a culinary ballet:

   Your taste panorama expands with each new foray.”

6. “Combine sports and adventure, let vitality flow:

   An active vacation revitalizes your radiant glow.”

7. “Surrender to nature’s beauty, on a mountain so high:

   A hike opens new doors, beneath the open sky.”

8. “In gratitude’s embrace, a gift so sweet:

   A getaway to a special place, where moments repeat.”

9. “Immerse in history’s mysteries, a captivating story:

   Visiting historical places, an awe-inspiring glory.”

10. “Create memories with friends, a bond unbreakable:

     A group journey, unforgettable and unmistakable.”

11. “Awaken the artist within, let creativity rise:

      Go for a cultural tour, where inspiration lies.”

12. “Engage in meditation, in forms unique:

      An exotic journey, where tranquility speaks.”

13. “In a romantic setting, with wines divine:

      A luxurious wine tour, where flavors entwine.”

14. “Discover the coziness of small towns, a provincial delight:

      An adventure worth the ticket, in the soft twilight.”

15. “Camping with inspiration, under stars so bright:

      Your family gathers for an adventure, in the tranquil night.”

16. “Travel with care for the environment, leave a mark so green:

      With eco-tourism, where nature’s beauty is seen.”

17. “Feel the rhythm without sheet music, let melodies swirl:

      A musical journey, where new cultures unfurl.”

New Year Fortunes: “The Magic of Traveling in Central America” series

Our new series of New Year fortunes will send you on adventures in Central America!

When the hurricane season ends with no drama, hit the road, and don’t wait until mañana!

Will the world soon turn into a wreck – find the Mayan heirs in Mexico and check!

Face your fears like a breeze – go swimming with sharks in Belize!

You come to your senses in the new year – you will hike volcanoes in Nicaragua with the right gear!

If you want to taste delicious bananas in Costa Rica, go find the monkeys and with them, you need to speak-a!

You will conquer the world as a gale and a bandito from Guatemala will guard your trail!

You will find peace and true relaxation wherever you are – in El Salvador or in your backyard!

Freedom awaits you in reserve – in a hammock on a Honduran island – that’s what you deserve!

On mystery islands, you will meet tribes – catch a ship to Panama for party vibes!

Improvise, travel, you’ll figure the “where” – seas, oceans, mountains, and plains – gold is hidden there!

Download New Year Fortunes - Central America

New Year Fortunes: “Where in the world will you travel” series

For the last New Year’s we have prepared fortunes in rhymes to suggest where you’ll travel to – continents, cities, islands, mountains, countries. Let’s see where your fortune will take you!

The African savannah awaits you by a jeep or caravana!

You will visit islands of sun – Seychelles, Maldives or Fiji – this is not a pun!

Put on the coat and some good boots, with the arctic polar bears you will share routes!

You will take a selfie a fountain of fire – Mount Etna, Vesuvius, Fuego, or volcano of your desire!

Inside the dense jungles keep your fingers crossed. Amazon, Borneo or India – you will never get lost!

It’s time to overcome the fears and here the Grand Canyon appears!

From the “Roof of the World” you will climb a peak. And you will find up there whatever you seek?

From the Himalayas to the Andes, from the Carpathians to the Pamirs – you will become one of the mountain pioneers!

Sahara, Atacama, Kalahari or Gobi – for you the desert is more than a hobby!

The feeling of summer, the ocean is hauling, one thing is clear: Hawaiian beach calling!

Red, White, Black, Caribbean at best – visiting the seaside will give you some rest!

For your journey in the new year you have a notion – set off to sail and dive in the Pacific Ocean!

New Year's Fortunes in Bulgaria

New Year’s Fortunes: “The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals” series

The following New Year’s fortunes represent the poetic slogans of each chapter of our first book, “The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals”.

The magic of traveling is hidden in the rhythm of thousands of beating drums and myriads of beating hearts.


Follow the locals and get on the bullet train straight to the heart of the rising sun.


Follow the locals and preserve Mother Nature and her precious creations.

New Zealand

Follow the locals to find out whether you’re looking for yourself in the desert or you’re overcoming the desert in you.


Follow the locals off the beaten track and get ready for new adventures on the thin ice.


The magic of traveling lies in the stolen moments between silent waves and loud friends.


Follow the locals and live ‘Hakuna matata’ – do your best, and everything will be alright.


The magic of traveling is to strengthen your character and build endurance far from the comfort of home.


Follow the locals and relax, because you’ll always be in good hands.


The magic of traveling is in leaving a piece of your soul wherever you go.


Follow the locals and focus on happiness anywhere, anytime.

Dominican Republic

Follow the locals and be yourself in the land of millions, look for a soulmate on a planet of billions.


The magic of traveling will remind you of the ingredients of a childhood full of joy and curiosity.


The magic of traveling is to walk in the locals’ shoes and wear their smiles on your face.


Make your family and friends happy with unique and original fortunes with different destinations and wishes to go to some of them together!

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