New Year’s Fortunes – traditions in Bulgaria

For the New Year, let us wish you health, happiness, love, smiles, hugs from loved ones, new friendships, and new destinations. We wish you many new travels and emotions with the wonderful Bulgarian tradition for New Year fortunes tucked in … Read More

Responsible Tourism in Kumarakom, Kerala

Kerala is receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly and while being called God’s Own Country, some of us may start to wonder how it manages to remain such a divine experience for travelers. One of the answers is through … Read More

Our terrific Turkey itinerary + travel tips

We started drafting this article just as we got back from Turkey and couldn’t be more grateful to 2020 and its challenges for the opportunity to finally spend more time and get to know our neighboring country. We’ve spontaneously set … Read More

In Rome as the Romans, an anniversary with wine in Tuscany and country number 81

I wanted to do something cool around our anniversary in early September, so I decided to surprise Nace with a light weekend trip. From a vague idea with low expectations (we are still in the year 2021), everything finally turned … Read More

Beach finds from Halkidiki – summer 2021

What did we come across in Halkidiki, looking for beaches, places to eat and drink, and experiences in the summer of 2021? Spending most of the summer at home in Greece, we would often bet on well-known places that proved … Read More

Planning a trip to the Maldives: Which Maldivian local islands to visit?

So you’re already hooked – you want to visit Maldivian local islands. Now comes the hard part – how to choose which Maldivian local island(s) to visit? We’ve been keeping notes on all the islands we stayed on to help … Read More

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