Our one-week Tunisia itinerary and Tunisia travel tips

As an exciting and vibrant destination, Tunisia has been well-loved for its unique culture that blends the contemporary with the traditional. Located on the Mediterranean Sea in Northern Africa, Tunisia is a land of great beauty and contrast. With ancient … Read More

The best of Egypt: Hurghada excursions and tours

After some detailed research resulting in having to book ultra-expensive flights to Egypt, we decided to take up an offer from a tourist agency and visit the country by staying in an all-inclusive beach resort in Hurghada. It was not … Read More

“The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania” book

Tanzania was a dream for us ever since we set foot in Africa for the first time, more than seven years ago. Sometimes it happens that opportunities come across when you expect them the least. Luckily, we didn’t have to … Read More

Let’s support iFamile Emu Children’s Center in Uganda!

Today we want you to meet Akol Benyamen Jayjay. Akol is the founder and the director of iFamile Emu Children’s Center – an initiative started in the Bukedea district that works towards a transformed world for vulnerable children and families in … Read More

The Best Stays in Zanzibar

We’re so fascinated by the Spice Island that we dream of immersing in its atmosphere way too often. There are so many things to do in Zanzibar that we recommend at least a week on the island. We’ve stayed in … Read More

Our favorite things to do in Tanzania

Join us on a trip to Tanzania where we will connect with the incredible nature of the country and meet its fascinating people! After we shared our favorite things to do in Zanzibar, now it’s time for our favorite things … Read More

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