“The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania” book

Tanzania was a dream for us ever since we set foot in Africa for the first time, more than seven years ago. Sometimes it happens that opportunities come across when you expect them the least. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long. We often share dreams of places and experiences on the blog, and we wanted to share how our trip to Tanzania went – the good, the bad, the challenging, the rewarding. We decided to publish a book that is an expression of our desire to attract more and more people to immerse in the magic of Tanzania. Let us present to you our book “The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania”!

In case we haven’t met yet – we’re Bistra and Nace, nice to e-meet you! We consider ourselves a globetrotting couple on a quest to travel the world, immerse in cultures, meet amazing people, and create a positive impact. We have a semi-nomadic lifestyle while trying to maintain connections with friends and family from all over the world. Our belief is that people are intrinsically good, and once you’ve met like-minded people, it’s a matter of time to create amazing things together. People we’ve met in Tanzania inspired us to share about the country and publish this very book.

The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania Book Cover
The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania book

Unlike the other books we’ve published so far, this one aims to show both the practical and poetic sides of traveling to Tanzania and Zanzibar island. It can serve you as an inspiration and, at the same time, as a guide when visiting the country. There are five sections in the book: planning a trip to Tanzania with all the practical details, our comprehensive Tanzania and Zanzibar itinerary, a dedicated chapter on meeting the fascinating Hadzabe and Datoga tribes, inspiration on things to do in Tanzania, and ideas on things to do in Zanzibar to feed your wanderlust.

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“The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania” will take you to adventurous safaris, Zanzibar island life, and incredible local people. You’ll find out practical details about your trip, when to go, how to deal with transportation, how to get the most out of your days (even if you’re just there for a few days). You’ll feel the magic of Tanzania by all the days full of unexpected encounters, by the mesmerizing flora and fauna, by the Hakuna Matata philosophy.

We’ll take you to a banana and coffee farm, we’ll find what’s hiding in the lush trees of national parks, we’ll go camping in the wild (but don’t worry – we’ll have Masai guards to keep us safe). Can you imagine what will happen if we follow the Hadzabe tribe hunting and gathering, or when we cast iron with the Datoga tribe? Let’s get lost on the streets of different towns, ride motorbike taxis, and go shopping at the local open-air markets. To enrich our experience further, we’ll meet social entrepreneurs and secondary school students, we’ll discuss how to improve our community and make our world the beautiful place we all dream to live in.

We’ll hop on a flight to Zanzibar to be welcomed by the aroma of spices and friendly smiles. If we get on board a dala-dala or not, we’ll find a way to get to one of the amazing beaches on the island, we’ll walk on the reefs at low tide and swim and snorkel in the azure water at high tide. When we get tired of snorkeling, diving, and sunbathing, we’ll get on a dhow boat to sail to the sunset or join the night market. We’ll discover our own hidden places where we would enjoy the views by ourselves or meet many new friends to play with. If we continue exploring, we’ll learn about dark and light pieces of history, we’ll dive into modern traditions, and we’ll simply feel at home on the island of Zanzibar.

Traveling to Tanzania will be the right choice for you, no matter if you are about to set foot on the African continent for the first time or you’re returning to this magical piece of nature and culture for another time. We believe Tanzania and Zanzibar are experiences you should have at least once in your life. And “The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania” book will hopefully be the inspiration and the proof of that!

You can get the book for FREE from the links below.

Download the book – ePubDownload the book – MOBI

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Book Testimonials

Pros and cons of when you’re visiting the place, from where and how to choose a stay and how to travel between the places and within the city to explore it.
Also, the itinerary is pretty detailed, full of anecdotes and personal experiences. I could in fact visualize myself being there as I read the guide book.

Among many things which I liked about the places my friend Bistra visited and captured in her book were the interesting names of things she experienced like transportation (e.g. dala dala, was one of them), villages, forests, beaches, and tribes.

The magic of traveling in Tanzania by Bistra Yakimova is a lovely, informative read, the best guide for my trip to Tanzania, whenever that happens. This 10 days itinerary is a must-follow with additional information on what else you can do if you supplement your trip with more days.

Stuti S.

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