Our travel books

Here are the travel books we’ve published so far.

The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania Book 3D Cover tablet, Kindle, phone, paperback

The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania

“The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania” book will take you to adventurous safaris, Zanzibar island life, and incredible local people. You’ll feel the magic of Tanzania through all the days full of unexpected encounters, by the mesmerizing flora and fauna, and by the Hakuna Matata philosophy.

We’ll take you to a banana and coffee farm, we’ll find what’s hiding in the lush trees of national parks, and we’ll go camping in the wild (but don’t worry – we’ll have Maasai guards to keep us safe). Can you imagine what will happen if we follow the Hadzabe tribe hunting and gathering, or when we cast iron with the Datoga tribe? Let’s get lost on the streets of different towns, ride motorbike taxis, and go shopping at the local open-air market. To enrich our experience further, we’ll meet social entrepreneurs and secondary school students, we’ll discuss how to improve our community and make our world the beautiful place we all dream to live in. 

We’ll hop on a flight to Zanzibar to be welcomed by the aroma of spices and friendly smiles. If we get on board a dala-dala or not, we’ll find a way to get to one of the amazing beaches on the island, we’ll walk on the reefs at low tide and swim and snorkel in the azure water at high tide. When we get tired of snorkeling, diving, and sunbathing, we’ll get on a dhow boat to sail to the sunset or join the night market. We’ll discover hidden places where we would enjoy the views by ourselves or meet many new friends to play with. If we continue exploring, we’ll learn about dark and light pieces of history, we’ll dive into modern traditions, and we’ll simply feel at home on the island of Zanzibar.

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The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals

Our first of 3 travel books so far introduces impressive people from all over the world to you. It will transport you to (un)usual places seen through the prism of locals’ life. It will show you their adventure and put you in some comic and enlightening situations. Let’s travel together via the inspiring stories of the people we followed!

Meet the chaos in India, the dreams of the Greeks, the recipe for the happiness of the Dominicans, your soulmate in China, the Brazilians’ daily life, the Belgian aesthetics, or the Mauritian dance.

Learn how New Zealand inspired us to publish a book, why we followed a song in Chile, how to hike glaciers in Argentina, why Peruvians are so caring, how we found our second family in Kenya, and why the Japanese deserve admiration, where locals in Bali took us.

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