Our favorite wineries in Bulgaria and wine festivals to attend

Worldwide, wine tourism has seen incredible growth over the last few years, almost everyone has stumbled upon at least one ad for a wine tour, wine tasting, and wine experience. As wine connoisseurs and people who enjoy it, we strive to practice wine tourism. We do it as ethically, responsibly, and reasonably as possible, although it is clear that wine attracts only good people and is supposed to be harmless by design. Fortunately, we live in Bulgaria, where wine-making and wine tourism are also outperforming themselves, constantly improving and being able to give you a world-class wine experience. Without further ado, let’s move on to the list of wine events and wineries in Bulgaria that we visited and went through in search of great wine experiences (and memories, but they may be missing due to the nature of the activity).

Wine tasting at Benegas winery, Mendoza, Argentina

Wine tourism always requires a few logistics, especially after tastings. It is not an option for us to taste wine and drive afterward. That is why we are attracted to wineries that offer accommodation – in the form of their own hotel or guest house, or in the immediate vicinity. Or, if not, at least they should be reached by regular transport or for an affordable price. Or at least they should arrange some kind of transportation for you. Or, lastly, maybe they can arrange a tour or you join a tour visiting the winery.

Our favorite wineries in Bulgaria on the map

Let’s make a remark here – as romantic as it sounds to go cycling from winery to winery, we do not recommend doing this in Bulgaria. Elsewhere in the world (e.g. Mendoza in Argentina) there are well-developed wine cycle routes that minimize the risk of accidents. We have never heard of such a thing in Bulgaria so far, and cycling on or off the roads is a risky activity, especially when tasting wine.

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Villa Yustina Bulgarian winery

Todoroff Winery

Todoroff Wine Residence

This winery and hotel were one of our first experiences in wineries outside Sofia after we had completed the sommelier course. Let’s start with the great wine spa we gave ourselves: grape seed peeling, a massage, and then a dip in a wine bath. And all this while drinking wine (not the one from the bath). At the Todoroff Winery’s restaurant, we were particularly impressed by the curry, which was perfectly combined with the delicious red wines.

Todoroff Bulgarian winery

Chateau Copsa

Chateau Copsa Complex

Unexpected, but especially enjoyable, was our first visit to a chateau – a chateau in Bulgaria. Chateau Copsa is very close to Sopot, and the rooms have a very interesting fusion interior. We recommend the restaurant, especially when the weather is nice – the view of the vineyards, the mountains, and the mere fact that you’re sitting and tasting in a chateau – it’s magical!

We stopped by to eat at the restaurant and buy some wine a few times, but during one of our detours, we noticed that something had been burning there and it was quite serious damage. Renovations were one and even the restaurant was closed. According to the latest information, both the hotel and the cellar work, but always check for up-to-date information or make a call before you hit the road.

Chateau Copsa Bulgarian winery

Zlaten Rozhen Winery

Zlaten Rozhen Hotel

The people at the Zlaten Rozhen winery welcomed us warmly and as if we were part of the family. In addition to enjoying the fine wines and delicacies at the restaurant, there is also a hotel section to stay at. If you don’t make it to the hotel, there will be a nice little guesthouse for you in the village of Rozhen. Here is a link to accommodation in Rozhen.

The terroir in the region is rich and fertile, and we were even lucky enough to stroll through the vineyards of Zlaten (Golden) Rozhen with the incredible wine specialist and technologist Dimitar Petkov. Our shoes were full of dust, but we were very pleased with the close encounters with the wine, even before it turned into wine.

Zlaten Rozhen Bulgarian winery

Midalidare Estate

Midalidare Hotel & Spa

A stroll on Midalidare’s premises can definitely compete with a world-class wine tour. We highly recommend a tour of the mansion, tasting and soaking up the atmosphere of the Thracian Plain.

Nearby, in the village of Mogilovo, is Hotel & Spa Midalidare, where we can indulge in the spa, and sports or just visit the restaurant. The restaurant is the place to try the wines and pair them with gourmet dishes. If we like a delicious combination of good wine and a chic atmosphere – this is the place. And the spa and hotel recommend them to fans of spa experiences in Bulgaria.

Midalidare Bulgarian winery


Guesthouse Tragata

If you’re like us and love a little more adrenalin outdoor experiences and wine, then in Sopot you will find a favorite place. Just after we finished the paratrike flights (landing successfully, despite the extreme take-off), we checked in at the guest house Tragata. The rest of the day went unnoticed in wine tasting, dancing on the green lawn in the front, and pleasant reflections with one of the restaurant’s waiters. Sometimes all dreams can be fulfilled at the same time – strong emotions, good wine, and nice encounters along the way.

Here are other options for accommodation in Sopot.

Tragata Sopot Bulgarian winery

Edoardo Miroglio Winery

Hotel Soli Invicto

In the cold and gray late fall, we headed all the way to Elenovo, because after so many tastings we had to know what exactly was going on in one of the most famous wineries in Bulgaria. With the wine tour, we reinforced the fact that we are fans of their wines, and after that we just sat by the fireplace in the room, reading books on the leather sofas of the lobby, and when a brave ray of sun broke out, we toured the small zoo-farm.

Never give up going somewhere just because the weather is not inspiring. Sometimes it is exactly what contributes to the magic of the experience, and wine tasting is best done indoors.

Edoardo Miroglio Bulgarian winery

Rasin Boutique Winery

Accommodation in Momin Prohod

Rasin Winery is a great find that was part of our tour of Kostenets and the area. It’s a family-owned cellar with a great roof terrace. You drink wine, taste delicacies, and chat with the people responsible for those good wines.

We could stay for hours under the shade of the green trees, sharing wine emotions, but we had to leave. This reminds us that sometimes to taste wine, you shouldn’t have a plan and a schedule, but let yourself immerse in the experience and see where it takes you …

Rasin Bulgarian winery

Wine & Spa Complex Starosel

Wine & Spa Complex Starosel

We’ve tried to stay in Starosel a couple of times, but it was always fully booked. In the middle of the summer we decided to do a wine weekend out of the blue, we checked booking.com, and oh, heaven – there was a free room (even a whole house).

So, finally, we did the famous wine tour (with Roman elements). The on-site restaurants fascinated us – delicious Bulgarian and international cuisine. We were just melting into the outdoor pool of the spa when a summer storm hit the area so we had to stick to the sauna barrel or go back to wine tasting indoors (no complaining here). We have a review of the complex here.

Starosel Bulgarian winery

Villa Yustina

Winery Villa Yustina

When we were in the area, the winery did not offer accommodation yet, but we stayed in nearby Perushtitsa and took the bus to the village and Villa Yustina. Along the way, the bus passed one or two neighborhoods and the “landfill”, which was both a colorful and tragic view.

We were warmly welcomed in the winery, tasted some great wines, also looked at the gallery (there are seminars and workshops for artists), and generally got our moods right. And now the winery also offers a house to stay in the immediate vicinity, so we have no choice but to return.

Villa Yustina Bulgarian winery

Seven Generations Winery

Seven Generations Winery Hotel

The village of Mechka (which means “bear”), not far from Ruse, has a huge winery. Seven Generations introduced us to interesting wines and even more stunning views from the top of the hill. Staying in such wineries is not an easy job – half of the year they’re fully booked, and the place is especially known for wedding celebrations.

But if you’re lucky, you will relax in an incredible setting and see the Danube river and maybe even Romania. After our extensive lunch with wine-tasting elements, we were presented with an autobiography book by the founder of the winery – Luben Rabchev.

Seven generations Bulgarian winery

Villa Melnik

Accommodation in Melnik

Villa Melnik is a family winery where we were greeted like old friends. We tried some of the coolest reserves, chatted with the other guests, and it was time to set up our tents. Yes, every year Villa Melnik arranges an event to celebrate July Morning on top of the hill above their vineyards. This is one of the best ways to meet not only the July sun but also to drink great wine, find yourself in good company, and get to know the beautiful nature and interesting traditions of Bulgaria.

Villa Melnik Bulgarian winery

Rose Wine Expo, Kazanlak

The aroma of roses, Kazanlak smiles, and rosé, rosé, rosé – we strongly recommend at least one visit to the Rose Wine Festival. You follow Dionysius, who takes you to the stands of the various wineries. There is a cultural program on the main square, the whole town is bustling with life. You can combine the experience with rose-picking, and the Koprinka dam nearby gives you more ideas about things to do in that part of Bulgaria. As soon as May arrives, we are headed for a better pink world.

Rose Wine Expo, Bulgarian wineries

Young Wine Festival, Plovdiv

As regular visitors to the festival, we are quite biased. Judging by the increasing number of wine connoisseurs to join every year, the November event is definitely worth it. Imagine the Old City of Plovdiv, you walk in high spirits on the cobblestones, enter old houses, and just wash the glass after tasting young and not-so-young wines. It’s so many emotions so we recommend that you take notes and go buy your favorite wines the next day. In so many years of attending the festival, we have been able to sort out some of our memories of the Young Wine Festival in Plovdiv just once!

Дефиле на младото вино Пловдив

Sofia Balkan Wine Festival

And to expand the horizons and add the whole region of the Balkans to the mix, we recommend the Balkan Wine Festival. In the open air in front of the National Palace of Culture, all sorts of interesting wineries and wines from the Balkans and beyond get together. In June, the weather and the beautiful gardens are the perfect settings for wine tasting and new encounters. After this festival, we rediscovered the wines of Albania and Georgia!

Sofia Balkan Wine Festival Bulgarian wineries

Virtual wine tasting with Tsarev Brod Winery

Want to enjoy wine without leaving home? Tsarev Brod Winery has a solution for you, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. First, you get some bottles of their great wines. Then the oenologist and wine producer Nikolay Krastev shows you the vineyards and the winery, talking about the processes around the wine, the amazing Bulgarian varieties, and answering all your questions – all that in an online meeting. Then you taste the wines together and it’s so fascinating that you don’t feel how time flies and how you’ve found your new favorite wines! And there is a bonus – no need for a designated driver!

Виртуална дегустация на вино с винарна Царев Брод

Needless to say, this list will be expanded with every new interesting tasting, with every new glass of wine in cellars and wineries that also offer hotel, accommodation, or at least decent transportation. We look forward to suggestions, ideas, and why not invitations to wineries and wine events!

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