Omaya Eco Village

We have been keeping an eye on the Omaya Eco Village for a long time, but here is our first visit to this paradise in the interesting year of 2020.

The clay and wooden houses in the holiday ecovillage of Omaya turned out to be the ideal socially distant place in the forest, where you can enjoy isolation, complete peace, and stay alone with yourself (or with your partner or family).

Еко селище Омая

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As soon as we were allowed to leave Sofia after the lockdown, we headed to the page of Omaya ecovillage on and the house called the Walnut Shell spoke to us. We booked it and hit the road to Gotse Delchev, the village of Gaitaninovo, near which is the holiday ecovillage of Omaya. Omaya has 7 houses for accommodation, a restaurant, a small restaurant for special occasions, a swimming pool, lakes, and enough forest, meadows, and trails for a wonderful time in nature.

Upon arrival, we happily noticed that there’s a 5-minute walk from the front gate to the reception and then another 10 minutes to our house. If you need to walk so much from the parking lot, then it is well tucked away in the woods. The best guarantee for isolation, distance, solitude, privacy – just what we needed.

Еко селище Омая

Accommodation in Omaya Eco Village

All the houses have a unique design and have escaped from fairy tales. Guests of the complex can tour and see the houses, if those accommodated in them do not mind, of course. The self-guided tour itself is a picturesque walk in the woods and can take from an hour to several, depending on how many photos you take and how many stops for beautiful views you afford.

Our house was completely made of clay inside, with a small plank-bed and a view through the high windows straight to the yard. We took advantage of the table and chairs and room service to dine in privacy – it was great!

Internet and in general cell phone coverage are available only at the reception and in the restaurant, which helped us a lot in our much-needed digital detox.

Еко селище Омая

Food and drinks

As Omaya is a relatively isolated and not easily accessible place, we rely on the restaurant for food. We were impressed by the delicious dishes prepared with locally-produced/locally-hunted products. There are also vegetarian options. Fresh mushrooms are one of their specialties.

There is an option to dine in your room, your entire order is brought in a large basket, and all you have to do is enjoy. There is a choice of soft and alcoholic drinks.

But when it comes to breakfast, we are just out of words! Mekitsi with homemade cheese, marmalades and honey, banitsa and airan, aromatic tea and coffee – and all this while birds are singing and butterflies are jumping around you! Don’t miss that breakfast for anything in the world!

Things to do in Omaya

Walking around the different corners of the ecovillage Omaya is an activity itself that can fill your whole time there. You can also relax in a meadow, on a deck chair, swim in the pool, contemplate one of the lakes, laze around or borrow one of their board games. A real rest for both body and mind.

Еко селище Омая

For prices and reservations in Omaya Eco Village

During the warmer months, it might be difficult to book a house for the upcoming weekend, but if you book like two weeks in advance, there will be options. View available houses and prices and book here.

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