Baltics summer vibe – a non-fashion fiction for first-time explorers

Saturday evening. Old town Vilnius. Loud crowds and noisy cobblestone streets. Bars and restaurants fighting for your attention. But you need a break. Then you look left and notice an empty green field with a lonely log. You step on the log and there you see it – the most unpretentious old building nobody cares about. A lonely building that doesn’t suffer from any attention. Then some refreshing wind shows up and there we go…

Fairy mantle in front of old building in Old Town Vilnius, Luthuania
Windy mantle and hair and an old relaxed building. Vilnius, Lithuania

All you need to explore the bustling capitals of Lithuania, Latvia and Riga is a city map you can get for free and to get dressed appropriately. There is no bad weather only bad clothing. And the weather can be surprisingly unpredictable which will be in your favor as the end of May feels like summer.

The scent of an old building 

Towns of hundreds of years. Walls that have seen shining glory and war dust. Abandoned or alone on purpose. Never miss a chance to talk to an old building, to scent its aroma (or stink) and to lean on to its falling render.

Old bricks, walls and render - Vilnius, Tallinn, Riga
Three capitals – Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius – have a lot of walls to be scented and explored.
Old and new walls and buildings - Vilnius, Cēsis, Klaipėda
Cobblestone and bricks near Gediminas tower(Vilnius, Lithuania) , greenish net over decaying wall in Cesis(Latvia), someone’s well protected home in Klaipeda(Lithuania).
A church in Vilnius, Literature street in Vilnius, Old City wall in Riga
Shining like a church glass and remembering the words of some great authors in Vilnius, reading the map and navigating through the old town of Riga.

Stare into nothingness 

Dreamy looks in the city. Seaside relax. Countryside to offer both. This fashion never gets old.

Latvian looks - seaside, city, countryside
Latvian delights – Riga is easy to navigate, Jurmala will treat you well, stopping the car in the middle of the countryside will freshen you up

Follow the cobblestone all the way to the wilderness

Follow the narrowest cobblestone street or the most hidden wooden track to reveal hidden jewels and unexpected scenery. Grey and brick mix with green and sand to deliver the ultimate city/countryside experience.

Lively streets in Tallinn
Where to?
Secret footpath in Tallinn
St. Catherine’s Passage in Tallinn, Estonia
Cobblestone streets - Vilnius, Tallinn, Pärnu
The magic mantle
Magical paths in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Brick and green – the ultimate Medieval combination
wilderness walks - Viru raba bog walking and Curonian spit beach
Viru Raba(Estonia) and Curonian spit(Luthuania) – bog walks and sea alleys
Follow me to Jurmala beach
Endless summer days go best with a sweater

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