Belgium – one (rainy) day in Bruges

We were really close to not visiting Bruges at all. The weather had decided to test our motivation to spend one day in Bruges. It brought lots of rain to spice up our trip to the town. Here’s how we spent one day in Bruges, while it was raining pretty much the whole time.

The weather forecasts were horrible – non-stop rain and wind. Despite that, we went to Midi Station. While we were having breakfast at our favorite place in Brussels, we finally decided that we will visit Bruges no matter what. The rain and the wind couldn’t scare us.

visiting Bruges in Belgium on a day with bad weather

Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate

In the train, we ended up next to some over-prepared tourists. The whole time they were looking at maps, reading books, making plans. They were talking about which museums to visit, when, in what order, how to get a discount. We started felling unprepared. The only things we had were the advice of some friends that it is a beautiful place, the enthusiasm to explore, and the knowledge that there are canals all over the city. By this point, we were led by our hope that this will be the Belgium Venice in a more chocolate way. We never figured out where the free chocolate samples are. The tourists on the train were not willing to share.

visiting Bruges in Belgium on a day with bad weather

The station in Bruges was not very impressive. It wasn’t like the one in Antwerp at all. Quickly we found a map and things started to look brighter.

The Old Town Bruges

The moment we got out of the station we were kicked back by a half-storm. It is raining like hell and the wind id furious. No umbrella could help you – it will just get blown away by the wind. We put on our hoods and make the most obvious choice. We head for the forest. Surprisingly, it led us straight to the Old City. The thing was magically working out for us. Of course, our camera is not waterproof, so we sacrifice an arm or two to keep it safe. We pass through the most beautiful view – the Lake of Love. At first, it scared us with the swinging trees over it, but then we saw hundreds of swans. They were floating calmly and were not afraid to get near us. The dark stormy sky and the snow-white swans are an incredible combination. Unbelievable!

visiting Bruges in Belgium on a day with bad weather

Grab a bite and a glass of wine

The narrow streets are great and the carriages with frozen tourists are funny. However, we came to the conclusion that we need to get some rest at a restaurant, so we can dry ourselves. Also, there we might try chocolate (and not only that) waffles. What a coincidence!

visiting Bruges in Belgium on a day with bad weather

The old streets lead to a cathedral and the main square. They give you the feeling of authenticity, antiquity and even coziness as much as possible, considering the weather outside. The small canals with the even smaller boats in them only made the atmosphere better. If you are not too frozen you start wondering what to capture first. We passed through the old hospital and the tower. Everywhere we could see the remains of broken umbrellas. They had fought heroically with the bad autumn weather and lost the battle. Their owners had left them for dead. People can be so mean sometimes.

The broken heroes are everywhere…

visiting Bruges in Belgium on a day with bad weather

Historium Museum

It is time for us to get warm again. This time we will enter the Historium Museum which is at the main square. The museum itself was really interesting. Every room is decorated differently and has a screen. And while you are going through the rooms you become a part of the love story of the apprentice of the famous painter Jan van Eyck and his mysterious sweetheart. Her red cloak is the symbol of the museum. For a more realistic experience, the museum has different lights and smells. Even the interior design is special.

visiting Bruges in Belgium on a day with bad weather

We found out that Bruges was a trading center ages ago. That’s why it is so well arranged and is developed by both specialists and artists.

visiting Bruges in Belgium on a day with bad weather

Walking on the rainy center of Bruges

No matter how impressed we were, we were still very cold and wet. We forgot about all of that, though, as soon as we took our first sip of the local white wine. We continued drinking red wine and having some dinner at a very reasonable price at a hidden restaurant. At this point, we started thinking philosophically. We wondered if we were having such good luck only in the cities with canals in them. While in Venice we were only wet, in Bruges we were both wet and blown away by the wind. After a certain point, the umbrellas and raincoats don’t matter at all. All that remains is a good mood.

visiting Bruges in Belgium on a day with bad weather

If you are hopping and running after a carriage, you do not feel the cold. If you have a scarf, you do not feel the wet coat. If you hadn’t had a bath in a while, the bad hairstyle is all the same. If you had drunk 3 glasses of wine, the rubber boots start to get too warm on your feet. If you are taking antibiotics, the smile of the person you love makes you warm. If you have a return ticket for the train, the price of the beer doesn’t matter.

Goodbye, Bruges! The night of craziness in Brussels is near!

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