Belguim – Antwerp

I decided to write about Antwerp from the sunny 14th deck of the Poesia Cruise ship. I don’t know if it is the sun that is too much, or I just felt like writing poetry… but Antwerp it is.

We started from Brussels. There was no way we were missing the big Gare du Midi and our favorite breakfast place called Panos.

traveling to Antwerp in Belgium

Arriving to Antwerp

Less than and hour after that we arrived at the beautiful station of Antwerp and took a map of the city from the information center.

Thanks to the scales on the map (good thing they still print those) we decided we can walk all the distances. So no public transportation today. We started walking on the main street, that starts from the airport and ends in the city center. Our first impressions were that it was really nice. Fortunately, we were wearing our winter coats. At this point we had no idea what was about to happen on the next day in Bruges

We also noticed that the streets were wide and everything was in its place – something quite common for these parts of Europe. We were looking at the map and were really happy when we managed to recognize something from there in the reality. We failed to do that with the Rubens House, which is famous among the fans. At some point we saw a big iron hand and took a picture with it. Later on, at the main square, we saw a monument of a man who throws a hand. It is not creepy. It is actually only the wrist and it looks like a glove. Afterwards, when we checked, we found out that the name of the city comes from “hand werfen”, which means “to throw a hand”.

traveling to Antwerp in Belgium
traveling to Antwerp in Belgium

A walk in town

At Saturday many people had chosen to spend the day walking along the river (maybe it was a canal). It also separates the different peninsulas of the city. An interesting landmark is the fortress, which used to be a prison, too. The locals were outside, trying to get some sun. We were there with them, of course. We even imitated them in drinking beer, although it is questionable how healthy that is in those circumstances. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This is really important if you want to experience the magic of traveling.

traveling to Antwerp in Belgium

We also managed to get lost in Antwerp, although we were looking at the map all the time.

The city is divided into different neighborhoods/areas. Every one of them has a different charm. For example the student’s area looks very strict and organized. That’s probably so because they don’t want the university students to get distracted.

Antwerp is an amazing way to experience the not-so-touristy Belgium in a single day.

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