The most off-the-beaten-path romantic destinations in Europe

We stand 100% behind the statement that true romance can be found anywhere as people carry it inside themselves.

While some places can encourage romance, some other places can be an obstacle. We have visited many of those considered most romantic destinations in Europe and had a great time there. But we have also visited some off-the-beaten-romance-path places which proved to empower amazing romantic experience as the ‘cliché’ locations do.

As it’s already February and the romance vibe is everywhere, we decided to show you some very romantic places we didn’t suspect to be so romantic at all. And don’t forget – romance is inside you, inside your partner, all the way between each other!

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: Serbia, Belgrade, Skadarska street
Romance can be found in winter or summer, in the mountain or in the street, in a big city or a small village. But the people you love are the constant in the romantic equation!

Montenegro, Budva

We took off for an unexpected road trip through the Balkans and our first stop in Montenegro captured us with its sunny fall. The Old Bar Fortress welcomed our tired bodies with a decent amount of steps and ruins and romantic views towards the mountains and the sunset at the Adriatic sea. Love is on the road!

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: Montenegro: Old Bar Fortress in Budva

Serbia, Niš

Romance is sweet, right? When we entered a pastry shop in Nis we didn’t expect that it will be the tram of romance offering sundae delights as well as secluded time with your beloved one in a semi-private tram compartment. And it wasn’t even St. Valentine’s Day.

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: Serbia, Nis, Tramvaj

Romania, Timoșoara

It was another Balkan road trip and a not so sunny day in Timisoara. But then hundreds of love ambassadors (a.k.a pigeons) arrived to spread their wings for everyone’s joy. Love was literally in the air!

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: Romania, Timisoara

Netherlands, Keukenhof

The best gift for your date is arguably flowers. But instead of cutting them, therefore killing them, why not go to a tulip garden where you can enjoy them and they can live after that? Keukenhof has a surprise for everyone the spring months when tulips are in blossom. Romance is aroma!

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: the Netherlands, Keukenhof tulip garden

Macedonia, Kokino observatory

It’s true you’ll discover romance if you hike a little. In this case, the vibes of an ancient observatory combine with views towards the plains and mountains to create some sweaty, but a super romantic experience! Be active, stay romantic! We could do it at this off-the-beaten-path destination.

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: Macedonia - Kokino ancient observatory

Cyprus, Paphos

Long beach promenade, few palm trees, light breeze at the harbor of a small town in the south of Cyprus. Yes, romance is all about endless walks and cheesy sunsets! Summer is romance!

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: Cyprus, night stroll at Paphos promenade

Danube Delta, Romania

If you love nature and want some romantic privacy, you’d want to try a weekend in Danube Delta. Not only can you enjoy time with your better half, but you will also meet the amazing biodiversity! Plus, the place is totally non-touristy which is a rare sight these days.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg City

This is quite unexpected, isn’t it? While many would relate Luxembourg to a tiny country with an incredibly high standard of living, we would rather relate its legendary hot chocolate and warm cafés to heaven! And romance is sweet heaven!

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: Luxembourg sweet chocolate delight

Serbia, Belgrade

There’s nothing more majestic than the feeling of standing in an old fortress with a view of two rivers at a confluence. And with all that snow, you have to cuddle to survive! Baby, it’s cold outside – that’s romantic!

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: Serbia, Belgrade, Fortress over Danube and Sava confluence

Russia, Moscow

Moscow may not believe in tears, but the royal Red Square and the Saint Basil’s Cathedral make for a romantic Russian experience. And we can forget about vodka and other alcoholic stimulants! Being in love is like being drunk all the time!

Here is an easy and painless way to get a visa for Russia. Russia is the only country on this romantic list that requires a visa for most nationalities.

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: Russia, Moscow, Saint Basil's Cathedral and Red square

Austria, Vienna

The Donau Insel (Danube Island) is an off-beat place in Vienna that attracts mainly locals. We couldn’t skip the rowing in a small boat, the funky vibes around, and those pink sunsets! Follow the locals and be romantic!

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: Austria Vienna Donau Insel

Germany, Hanover

Nobody expected that the cold winter in Hanover would challenge us to be romantic! Looks like the New Town Hall can host different events every season! In this case, it hosted our attempt to dance and finish with a nice posture! Romance is dance!

Best off-the-beaten-path romantic places: Germany, Hanover, the New Town Hall

Well, that was the list of our most romantic destinations in Europe and off the beaten path. The places where we didn’t expect to immerse ourselves in romance.

Romance – checked? Here are our suggestions for top places to go for your honeymoon!

romantic off-the-beaten-path destinations in Europe, Pinterest photo
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What are the most off-the-beaten-path destinations you’ve been to? What are the most romantic destinations in Europe? Where would you head to if you were going to live some romance? ♥ ♥ ♥ 

And if you’re wondering where to find the greatest romantics, maybe you’ll find it hard to believe where we met some of them! Find out where the most romantic souls live in our book “The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals”!

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13 Responses

  1. Yep, you did a pretty good job of choosing romantic destinations! I also really enjoyed walkng the old streets of Aix-en-Provence and dining outside in a plaza filled with ancient water fountains or dining beside the river in Viennes. I’m sure there are a lot more options as well!

    • Yes, those places are so magical! Hope we have enough time and energy to visit at least few romantic places every year! 🙂

  2. Tara

    I’d love to explore more of Romania and Vienna, but I totally agree with your initial statement. You can find romance anywhere- it’s all in your mindset (and perhaps who you’re traveling with).

    • Yes, your travel companion is of great importance!
      We still need to find more time to blog about Vienna and Romania…
      Here’s our inspiration from medieval Sighisoara 🙂

  3. Julian

    Interesting locations, never really consider them! Thanks for the inspiration, looks like eastern Europe has some romance to offer 🙂

  4. CreativeTravelGuide (@CTGTravelGuide)

    A road trip around the Balkans sounds awesome!! I would love to visit Moscow – have been trying to persuade my better half!

    • Moscow could be quite romantic – well, maybe harsh-romantic and cold-romantic but it’s a genuine experience after all! I hope yu manage to convince you better half to go there! We can back you up with some photos, maybe article in the future 🙂

  5. Brown Gal Trekker

    I am a fan of Montenegro – if I have to make a choice – I’d go for that one anytime!

    • Montenegro has a special place in our hearts, too. We need to spend more time there though, we only stopped by at few coastline places on our Balkan road trip.

  6. Jenn

    Great recommendations! I love visiting more unusual and not so popular places in Europe and exploring it. Last time I went to Warsaw in Poland, and I just loved it! It was never a place that I wanted to go, but my friend has moved there so I decided to visit her. I was very pleasantly surprised. The city is amazing and so unique. And I fell in love with Polish food, it is great. My friend took me to a very nice restaurant for a traditional dinner, so I got to know the Polish cuisine. The restaurant was called the Akademia and it was quite elegant but still casual. The food was delicious and high quality. We had the best time 🙂

    • It’s incredible how many off-the-beaten-path places you can find in Europe!
      We found Warsaw pretty charming too! Love your recommendation- next time in Poland we’ll give it a visit!

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