The most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria

After several trips in search of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria, we are ready to come out with our list! If you look at our favorites, you will notice that often these are relatively wild beaches without many signs of urbanization and improvements and that you can also visit them for free. Our best recommendation is to visit the beaches of Bulgaria outside the highest season – then, to their natural beauty, is added the beauty of solitude and seclusion. Without further explanation, let’s see which are the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria, arranged geographically from north to south, handpicked by the Magic of Traveling. Or, as they say, the beach is this way 💪🏖 ⬇️

The most beautiful Bulgarian beaches - panorama over Butamyata and Silistar

Durankulak – North beach

Driving a high-clearance vehicle, you reach the North beach of Durankulak which is very close to the Romanian border. In June, we were all by ourselves on the wide and long beach, with just one couple passing by to collect herbs and one man – to collect tan. A beautiful beach where you can relax, there is no urbanization. Locals say that when Romanians come with their campers, the beach takes on a slightly different look.

Durankulak North beach, Bulgaria

Durankulak – South beach

On both sides of Cosmos campsite is the South beach of Durankulak and there’s a small port, too. Again – romantic views, tranquility, and, well, a little seaweed on the shore. There is a restaurant with great views if you arrive here hungry (as we did). If you want a little bit more comfort and yet beautiful views, the South beach of Durankulak is your place!

Durankulak South beach, Bulgaria

Krapets beach

A very long sandy beach, the water is crystal-clear and the feeling of walking around and having so much space is just superb! There is a restaurant with a small umbrella area, but everything else is a free area. The grove along the shore completes the feeling of wildness.

Ezerets beach

Very long beach with almost no signs of urbanization. There is a graffiti-painted bunker in the middle of the beach. The sea has dumped a lot of garbage on the beach, but overall the views are very beautiful! There is also a backcountry-like campsite, where you get the first row to the vast sea.

Ezerets beach, Bulgaria

Shabla Tuzla

If you follow the signs for Shabla Tuzla (“Шабленската тузла”), you will reach a long beach with two restaurants and the Dobrudja campsite. Locals call this part of the beach Dobrudja beach. The good thing is that it feels like a wild beach if you head to the dunes or continue north (where it flows into Ezerets beach). If you decide to walk around, you will reach the tuzla itself (tuzla means salt lake). The sea has the color of turquoise and it’s so calm that we were a little confused if we were in Halkidiki or in Bulgaria.

Shablenska tuzla beach, Bulgaria


Although the sandy part of the beach in Tyulenovo is very small, occupied mainly by boats waiting to be released into the sea – we recommend this place because of the incredible views and the notorious Stone Arch of Tyulenovo. The braver ones go down to walk on the rocks, and all the others watch as the waves break into the rocks. From the pier, there are options for diving and sailing, so one of the wildest places on the Northern Black Sea coast awaits us with many pleasant surprises!

Пътуване до Тюленово, Каварна, България - каяци, лодки, разходки, пещери, гледки и традиции по северното Черноморие

Bolata beach

When we saw Bolata beach from above for the first time, we understood why it is so famous – you can’t help but want to photograph its perfect shape of a horseshoe and the crystal clear waters! But apart from the fact that this is a photogenic bay, nestled between high cliffs, you can still enjoy the beach itself. We did a kayaking trip north, reaching other small beaches, and took a boat ride south, reaching Cape Kaliakra. We recommend Bolata to photographers and active outdoors adventurers.

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Accommodation: We highly recommend Guest House Levana in the nearby village of Balgarevo!

Bolata beach, Bulgaria

Zelenka beach

We accidentally spotted Zelenka beach on Google Maps and decided to go check it out. Here, we are talking about a completely wild beach. The sandy strip is very narrow, but the water attracts you to jump in with a snorkel. There is a fishing village on the beach and a sign that forbids access by car. But no one said anything about snorkeling. When you drive on the way to the beach, there is a high viewpoint spot with a wonderful view – we recommend you to stop and enjoy this – it’s simply amazing! And at the end of the road, there is a small port. It was very fascinating for us to learn what things are hidden in the small invisible points on the map!

Accommodation: The closest larger town to all the above beaches is Kavarna, where we recommend the hospitality of our friends from Guest House Nash Dom.

Zelenka beach, Bulgaria

Kamchia Sands and Shkorpilovtsi

From north od the mouth of Kamchia River to just north of Karadere, Shkorpilovtsi is the longest beach in Bulgaria. In fact, different parts of it may have other names. Initially, we found ourselves quite to the north, where, according to the map, the beach is called Kamchia Sands. We had a feeling of wildness – first, we drove through the woods for a long time, then we were greeted by tall grass and an occasional tent on the beach. Even on a windy day, when you are constantly chasing your umbrella around the beach, the water was relatively calm and one could swim. We walked south and reached a busier part – with umbrellas and sunbeds, bars, campsites, etc. and the very mouth of the Kamchia River.

Kamchiya river, Kamchiyski pyasyci beach, Bulgaria

Karadere beach

Expectations for this beach were high, perhaps because there was a lot of publicity around it and attempts to build it. After all, it is said to be the last wild beach in Bulgaria. To get to Karadere beach, you first need a tough car (if possible with high clearance). The road is a whole adventure, but it is not impossible – a lot of people have managed to drive their campers and caravans to the campsite of the same name on the beach. Maybe that’s why the beach wasn’t very busy at all, there were mostly backcountry-camping people, most of whom practiced naturism. You feel like you’re on a secluded beach and this is great if you want tranquility.

Снимка с дрон на дивия плаж Кара Дере в България

Byala beach

You find a way to cross the almost vertical cliffs and reach the beach of Byala town, where the water is somehow bluer and deeper. Because of these sheer cliffs (we assume) the beach still feels so wild.

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Chaika beach

Surprise! Chaika beach is not on even Google Maps and if you miss the battered sign from the Irakli – Byala road, you have no chance to find it. On the other hand, the beach has always been calm, the water is blue-green and crystal-clear like on a Greek beach, there is an improvised wild campsite and you can park on the narrow road – wherever you find a spot. The downside is that they can break into your trunk and rob your car, so don’t go to Chaika with anything valuable.

Chaika beach, Bulgaria

Irakli beach

This is probably the most visited by us Bulgarian beach. What’s good is good, there’s is a long and wide strip, clear water, most of it is still wild, and in the northern part, there are several bars while construction is growing alarmingly. In the south, however, there is room for everyone, camping opportunities, tranquility, and nudism. As popular as this beach has become lately, it’s kind of hard to see it crowded. And the free zone is big and lovely!

Снимка с дрон над плаж Иракли, България

Unknown beach near Emona

Along the forest paths at the end of Stara Planina, a little south of Cape Emine and the village of Emona, you reach a very wild rocky beach. This is not to be confused with Emona beach, but just an unknown beach with a very beautiful sunset in the mountains near Emona.

Accommodation: We highly recommend the combination of the abovementioned beaches with a summer retreat in Health Center Vita Rama!

Unknown beach near Emona, Bulgaria

Arkutino beach

You walk on a wooden path through the sand dunes of a protected area and reach Arkutino beach. The landscape is beautiful, although the sea is sometimes too rough for safe swimming. The beach is long enough for great walks!

Perla beach

There is no way the beach next to a former residence of Todor Zhivkov is not great. A small cove with a fresh grove, gentle soft sand, and calm clear waters. The only problem is that it becomes slightly crowded during the high season. But if you go early (or late) enough or best of all – out of season – you will be able to enjoy it … like a royalty.


The central beach of Tsarevo is the perfect wild place in the city. Separated from the town by the almost vertical cliffs, isolated, with rocks here and there, but also with sandy part and even umbrellas and sunbeds for rent. However, our favorite beach in Tsarevo is a miniature beach near the port of Tsarevo, where there is just enough sand to pass from the seaside promenade in the crystal-clear waters! The promenade connects Tsarevo with the Vasiliko neighborhood and you can ride a bike or jog, but walking us the most wonderful activity!

Accommodation: We really liked the spacious and equipped apartment in Studios Grace – Port Tsarevo. The sea views are amazing, it is very close to everything in town, and we spent half of our time on the balcony!

Tsarevo beach, Bulgaria

Varvara beach

At first, we heard about this beach when researching the coolest places to celebrate July morning – they say it is the original place where the July sun was celebrated for the first time. There is a large meadow on the rocks above the beach, and the stairs lead down to the beach itself, which is relatively small. You can definitely sense that specific feeling of freedom!

Varvara beach, Bulgaria


The beaches of Ahtopol are our favorite to contemplate from above! The way the cliffs cut into the sea, the way greenery seems to go all the way down to the water in spring and early summer, the way beautiful houses make your walk on the alley so colorful and magical! The central beach of Ahtopol can be seriously crowded in summer, but the option to go around by boat along the incredible shapes of the coast sounds promising. Or head north to Camping Dolphin and the nudist beach, if that’s your jam.

Ahtopol beach, Bulgaria

Veleka beach, Sinemorets

Veleka beach tops many rankings for best, wildest, most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria. There is a reason for that. The estuary of Veleka river is bio reserve with many interesting birds and other animals, we often meet wild horses on the shore, on our last trip in May we were greeted by hundreds of poppies! The views from the top of the beach are divine, as are those from the beach level. One warning, we don’t mean to spoil the idyll – the sea there can be very rough, sometimes there are dangerous currents, so be careful.

Sinemorets, Veleka beach, Bulgaria

Butamyata beach, Sinemorets

Butamyata is the more “urbanized” beach of Sinemorets. Although there is a decent part with umbrellas and hotel complexes in the background, there are several serious reasons to visit this beach. First, there we saw dolphins playing in the water for so long, quite visible from the shore and this thing is magical! We have seen dolphins in the Black Sea only from Cape Kaliakra, but there the distance is greater and we had to zoom a lot. And if the opportunity to see playing dolphins does not tempt you, then know that on Butamyata is the restaurant with the epic slogan “There are titas everywhere on the beach, there are pizzas only with us!”. We modified this a bit for the sake of the rhyme in English, but you get the idea.

Silistar beach

Silistar beach, next to which a campsite is located, is probably one of our top beaches. Wide sandy beach, playful sea and wild enough that there is no living soul at the end of May. Silistar quickly became our favorite, as did all the beaches where you can dance like nobody’s watching (because, indeed, nobody’s watching).

Silistar beach, Black Sea coast, Bulgaria


We had high expectations for the beach of Rezovo, but maybe we didn’t find it in its best shape. The beach is between two rocks, very small, accommodating several abandoned boats. After all, this is the place where you can wave at the Turkish coast, watch the flags fly, and check-in in the southeastern part of Bulgaria.

What is your favorite beach? Which beach should we add to the list of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria? We are waiting for more ideas to get our flip-flops ready!

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  1. Ana Ruiz Martinez

    Hello..I really love your blog..I am organizing a tríp to Bulgary (12 days, I would take públic transport) and I would like to visit some of these amazing beaches. I was wondering if I would be able to get there by public transport. I would appreciate your comments. Thanks, Ana

    • Thank you, Ana!
      Unfortunately, most of those beaches are not well connected with public transport. Tsarevo, Ahtopol, Sinemorec, Shabla, Tyulenovo, Byala can be reached by public transport, but we don’t know how much reliable are the schedules.
      A great idea is to rent a car so you can explore all the beautiful beaches in Bulgaria at your own pace and not waste a lot of time.
      Hope you have a great time!