9 of the best beaches on Lefkada island

It was one of those trips that you have a few days to make the best out of an island you visit for the first time. So it comes naturally to head for the beach on a quest for those postcard-like places that attracted you to the Greek island at first. So here is our list of the best beaches on Lefkada island for your next beach-hopping vacation.

The best beaches on Lefkada island, Greece - Egremni beach


While Nidri is a bustling little town full of anything you might need on your vacation – food and drinks, entertainment, tourist offices to book your adventure on Lefkada, the beach itself is just a gorgeous view. Tens of boats, yachts, ships, basically any vessel that can sail – is anchored along the bay and you can just walk and dream of your future boat (or check on your current one, if you’re lucky). While the sand is not in abundance on the beach, you can still take a dip in the clear waters or just enjoy the view of the port. Sometimes going to the beach is not all about lying in the sand.

The best beaches on Lefkada island, Greece - Nidri

Vasiliki Beach

Vasiliki beach on Lefkada is mostly known as the windsurfers’ paradise and there must be a reason why. It gets quite windy over there but that doesn’t chase beach-lovers, kayakers, and surfers away. The beach itself is stony at quite a few places (but many beaches on Lefkada are) so out on your favorite water shoes and enjoy this long windy beach with pristine waters.

The best beaches on Lefkada island, Greece - Vasiliki beach

Afteli Beach

If you’re up for something more secluded and less crowded (especially if it’s not high season), hit the dirt road to Afteli beach. You see an emerald jewel with a tiny stretch of sand and a few old wooden boats that have too many stories to tell. And then you know you found the real deal, as the last rays of the setting sun kiss the pine trees in the distance. We wanted to keep this memory so badly that we didn’t return to Afteli beach in the daytime, but next time we’d go for a snorkeling experience for sure.

The best beaches on Lefkada island, Greece - Afteli beach

Porto Katsiki Beach

The “Goat Port” is one of the most popular beaches on Lefkada island and it deserves its fame. While not only goats can get to it nowadays (therefore the name Porto Katsiki), there is some majestic beauty of the beach that is located at the bottom of a concave pale cliff. The water is that deep blue color that contrasts with the white pebblestones so well! You can reach the beach by walking down the stairway from the cliff-top parking or by boat.

Megali Petra Beach

Now if you’re not afraid of narrow roads and maybe parking on a steep dirt road, then “Big stones” beach is the dream for you! Its waters are unbelievably blue and those huge stones that God dropped in the shallow waters will give you the feeling of a very very exotic beach on an island far away. A hundred meters to the north is the Kavalikefta beach, which is technically another beach but it’s hard to tell where the end of one beach and the beginning of another are. It’s as beautiful as Megali Petra but can be a bit more crowded (maybe this has something to do with the restaurant-like settlement over there).

Kathisma Beach

If you want to witness a majestic sunset on Lefkada, then beaches on the western side are your goal. We spend more than a few hours on Kathisma beach, enjoying the long sandy-stony beach line, playing in the warm Ionian waters, and just chilling. When the sun was about to set, the whole beach went quiet – everybody’s breath being taken away by a spectacle only nature can perform. Nature can orchestrate drama quite well, too – and an earthquake in 2015 came to prove that, destroying parts of many beaches and the road access to them.

Egremni Beach

Our first encounter with Egremni beach was when we walked through the woods to see it from above. The aforementioned earthquake made sure that not even goats can reach the beach from the land. So you either enjoy the view from the top of a vertical cliff, or you access it by boat. The latter you can do with one of the many day/multi-day cruises around Lefkada. Both experiences – absorbing the views from above or swimming in the deep blue waters – are worth putting Egremni beach on your Lefkada bucket list.

A bonus beach – Fiskardo, Kefalonia

Technically, Fiscardo beach is not part of Lefkada, as it belongs to the neighboring island of Kefalonia. We visited the beach on our day boat tour. We fell in love with Fiscardo village and its tiny beach, dry landscape with coniferous trees, lively atmosphere with fishing boats, and little shops. As it’s one of the northernmost points on Kefalonia, it’s an easy trip from Lefkada. And to explore more of it, we’ll definitely need to return for longer.

The best beaches on Lefkada island, Greece - Fiscardo, Kefalonia

Agios Nikitas Beach

Agios Nikitas beach is the perfect place to enjoy suntanning while experiencing the typical Greek atmosphere – tiled tiny streets take you to white and blue-colored taverns that cater to your every whim, laughter, sun, and your new friends are all over the place, living in the moment seems like the only right thing to do over there!

The best beaches on Lefkada island, Greece - Agios Nikitas beach

Milos Beach

Milos beach is accessible by foot or boat (for now). They are planning a road to the beach which causes a lot of discussions around spoiling one of the pristine unspoiled beaches of Lefkada. To walk to the beach you start from Agios Nikitas village and after a series of steep climbs and descends you’ll get the reward for your hard effort. In summer months, water taxis connect Agios Nikitas and Milos beach. Another water option to reach the beach is by boat tour/excursion. Keep in mind that sometimes strong winds and big waves may make this endeavor difficult.

Milos beach, Lefkada
Photo by Nemanja .O. on Unsplash

Let’s say that Lefkada has plenty to offer in terms of beach hopping. So far, those were the best beaches in Lefkada we visited. Do let us know if you’ve been to a beach that is worth being added to this list!

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