A guide to Corfu island – beaches, castles, and unbelievable views

Corfu or Kerkyra is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It was on our radar for a long time, but finally, The Magic of Traveling put its foot on the island. A lot of good memories from the clear blue waters surrounded by green woods and pines are warming my heart. It was my first week after I quit my job, Bistra was busy, so I said what the h*ck, I should jump in the car and explore Corfu beaches and beyond solo for several days.

My goal was to explore as much as I can without much research beforehand. In the following post, I will share with you the places which were sealed in my mind and soul and I can categorize them as must-see spots in Corfu. Find the list below and let me know if you can recommend something for my/our next visit. Update: We visited Corfu together in 2019 so we discovered even more interesting beaches and places to visit in Corfu. The island is good for solo travelers as well as for couples. Enjoy!

Greece Corfu Dassia Beach

Getting to Corfu

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Driving there from Sofia can be done in one day, but I decided to spend a night in the mountain village of Metsovo (I stayed at this cool place). It is a small place surrounded by mountains and crossed by old and steep streets. It is a place preserving the architecture from the past and the temperature there gives you a perfect getaway from the hot summer. Another picturesque mountain village is Arkochori and Villa Vadola, where we stayed with Bistra on the way to Corfu. From both of the villages, it was a short drive to the port of Igoumenitsa and a ferry took me to paradise – the island of Corfu. The ferry timetable can be found here, and the best way to buy a ticket is directly at the port or online at ferryscanner.com.

The view from Metsovo, a small mountain village in Greece
Old houses in Metsovo, Greece

Dassia beach

I rented a very nice and affordable house with olive, orange, lemon and banana trees in the yard. It happened that 10 minutes downhill walking led me to this small beach with crystal clear waters. Maybe not the best of Corfu beaches you can see and enjoy, but for me, it offered great views mixing the sea, the mountains, the purple bliss of the sunset and the rising full moon. It is a memorable place, next to the main road, so I would suggest to just stop by, and treat yourself with some romantic moments and maybe a cozy dinner in one of the beach restaurants.

Greece Corfu Dassia Beach
Greece Corfu Dassia Beach
Greece Corfu Dassia Beach

Paleokastritsa Bay

The whole bay is like you see a living postcard in front of you. There is a monastery, an aquarium, beaches and a lot of entertainment for tourists. It was pretty crowded and the small streets don’t have the capacity to handle loads of tourists. So I just made my stop for a short walk, took some photos and drove to the top of the mountain for some more breathtaking views.

Greece Corfu Paleokastritsa Palaiokastritsa
Greece Corfu Paleokastritsa Palaiokastritsa

Angelokastro (Castle of Angels)

This Byzantine castle is one of the top spots in Corfu according to many sources and I cannot deny it. It was worth climbing to the top. While climbing, you can just imagine how the soldiers were doing this on a daily basis and what was motivating them to demonstrate such strength and courage. Once reaching the top, you feel the breeze and the built-in safety behind the walls. Some more steps up, the world opens to you and all the questions are answered in front of your eyes. Blue and green with some reddish and white are the main colors creating the magical view and shutting your thoughts down for some time. I will leave the photos to continue this story and I will urge you to not miss this castle if you visit Corfu one day.

Greece Corfu Angelokastro
Greece Corfu Angelokastro
Greece Corfu Angelokastro
Greece Corfu Angelokastro

Sidari Beach and Canal d’Amour

The beach there is no different than all the other beautiful Corfu beaches. But if you walk till the end, you will find out why it is special. There are limestone formations and the waves are crafting a canal around those stone formations.

It is a very beautiful and romantic place, of course, the adrenaline junkies can find some thrill for themselves as well. There are ropes so if you are brave enough and want to show off you can jump in the water and then fight with the waves until you reach the rope to climb up again. It is a risky business but it’s worth the struggle, would you try to jump in the water?

Greece, Corfu beaches - Canal d'Amour Sidari
Greece Corfu Sidari beach

Agios Stefanos beach

We visited this beach just at sunset so we could enjoy it almost free of any people. The seas were a bit rough that day but we could still play with our shadows at sunset. We highly recommend going to this beach at sunset if you don’t mind some wind, waves and the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings at peace.

Greece, Corfu beaches - Agios Stefanos beach

Agios Spiridon beach

It’s not a huge beach but it has that Greek-style-small-beach vibe and we totally enjoyed it. When we got there at 5 p.m., there was enough free space and just a few people swimming in the warm waters. There is a lake just behind the beach – lake Antinioti, which is connected to the sea. The surroundings are very beautiful especially if you can look from above. The beach has some “keep the beach clean” signs to inspire mindful and responsible stay. Definitely a quiet and nice little gem.

Greece, Corfu beaches - Agios Spiridon beach

Agios Gordios beach

Agios Gordios beach is a huge beach that is a bit too urbanized. It’s nice to have a wide choice of sunbeds and parasol but it feels a bit crowder and the view of picturesque rocks in the water may not be able to balance that out. We recommend visiting this beach if you fancy being in the middle of the clutter and the gossip, if you want to meet many people, or just visit the beach during the off-season.

Greece, Corfu beaches - Agios Gordios beach

Cape Drastis

One of the places that can truly take your breath away! Go to the viewpoint before sunset and watch the amazing show of nature. Note: Your car may not be able to handle the dirt road, so you better leave it somewhere and walk further or rent a jeep/ATV. The sunsets over Cape Drastis are magical!

Greece, Corfu beaches - Cape Drastis

Corfu Town

Built between two fortresses and surrounded by the sea, the old historic town of Corfu is romantic and mystic at the same time. One can wander around the small streets or look for a shade in the park around the fountains or sip a glass of good wine while enjoying the great views of the city. If you want to take a break from the beach hopping and sunbathing, visiting the historic center of the island is one of the best choices. I did it for one afternoon (my last day of course) and I wish I had more time to spend there.

Greece Corfu Corfu Town
Greece Corfu Corfu Town
Greece Corfu Corfu Town
Greece Corfu Corfu Town
Greece Corfu Corfu Town

Mount Pantokrator

I was contemplating the highest mount on the island (906 meters above sea level) from my balcony every day and night and I was about to discover another option for a break from Corfu beaches – Mount Pantokrator.

I read that there is a good road to go up with the car and then take a short hike to the mount itself, the same advice I received from my lovely host. So one afternoon I decided it is time to try some offroad experience with my car and to get the best views from the island at the top. Yes but no! It looks like I took a wrong turn somewhere and the road I took was very very steep and rocky. At the beginning I said to myself, yes it looks like there was an idea for a road here but everybody said I can drive to the top so I will push more.

At some point, the “road” was nothing more than big rocks rolling one to each other and my car was having big trouble going forward. I stopped there and it was about to get dark, I missed the sunset and I realized that nothing is over, I will come again to the island and I will conquer the Mount Pantokrator. But before that, I would need to go back using the same rocky road and trying to get down with four wheels in place.

Greece Corfu Mount Pantokrator

Nissaki Beach

Before or after your trip to Mount Pantokrator, you may want to indulge yourself with a sweet dessert and a short swim. The place for that is Nissaki Beach, a really small but beautiful beach with a small restaurant and a view over the rock formations in the water.

Greece Corfu Nisaki Beach
Greece Corfu Nisaki Beach

Porto Timoni Beach

Probably one of my best encounters with Corfu beaches was the double beach near Afionas village. I followed the signs and Google maps directions to a hotel with a great view over the bay but there was nothing showing me the double beach I was looking for. I started going downhill on a steep goat path. Meeting people in beachwear going up was all I needed, this path was leading to a beach, a hidden one. The view in front of me, once I got down, was a once-in-a-lifetime view, a double beach with crystal blue water.

Greece Corfu Porto Timoni Beach

Agios Georgios Pagon Beach

A natural oasis and a Blue Flag awarded beach. Crystal waters and green mountains for hiking around. I got my lunch in one of the very small taverns in the beach area.

Greece Corfu Agios Georgios Pagon beach
Greece Corfu Agios Georgios Pagon beach
Greece Corfu Agios Georgios Pagon beach
Greece Corfu Agios Georgios Pagon beach

Corfu beaches in the southern part of the island

I took one day of my stay on the island to do a beach hopping in the south. I stayed a little longer on some of those and I just passed others. For example, I just passed by Kavos, it was a place full of hangover people in the morning. If you are a party animal and don’t care to spend much time to get to know the culture and nature of the island, this is the place to go to. All you can find there are all the western-European and American brands of pubs, bars, fast food and a lot of drunk party people. Maybe some years back if I had more time I would give it a try but now I had another plan and that plan was excluding any hangover and fast food.

Please find my list of encounters while exploring the beaches in the southern part of Corfu Island.

Mesongi village

There is a long sandy coastline near this village. The beach is split into two parts – Rossis Beach and Messonghi Beach. It is not a very wide beach, but the small taverns and beach bars are one next to another. The majority of the people sunbathing there are retired couples. They were enjoying the great food and beach. I took a short walk along the beach, got myself a nice fresh orange juice and continued to the next beach.

Greece Corfu Mesoggi Rossis Messonghi beach
Greece Corfu Mesoggi Rossis Messonghi beach
Greece Corfu Mesoggi Rossis Messonghi beach
Greece Corfu Mesoggi Rossis Messonghi beach

Issos Beach

A special place and a must-see one for sure. This beach has its desert surroundings and behind them, there is Lake Korission. So you can enjoy the beach, have a great lunch (yummy stuffed peppers), climb the desert hills, ride a buggy and enjoy the scenery of looking at the sea and the lake at the same time while the sun is setting.

Greece Corfu Issos beach
Greece Corfu Issos beach
Greece Corfu Issos beach

Glyfada Beach

Beautiful beach surrounded with rocky green hills that provide some natural shade and cool off the heat. The waves were great for jumping and playing around. Not many affordable options for food so I would advise you to bring some food and drinks, enjoy the waves and embrace the sunset.

Greece Corfu Glyfada beach

Boat trip from Corfu to Paxos and Antipaxos islands

Our Greek friends recommended we visit those islands, located to the south of Corfu. So we had to give them a try. Eventually, we loved our boat trip from Corfu to Paxos and Antipaxos so much, that we wrote a separate article on visiting those islands.

Our boat trip stopped at the Blue Caves of Paxos, we even got inside them. Then we enjoyed the view of Erimitis beach and sailed to Antipaxos. We stopped for a nice dip and snorkeling in the emerald waters of Paradise beach of Antipaxos (Voutumi beach). Our last stop was at the port town Gaios on Paxos island -what a picturesque place to visit! We wandered the streets full of crafts shops, observed super fancy yachts next to simple fishermen’s boats, and had a nice lunch looking at the Analipsi church.

We booked the tour by a local website, but later we found that if you book it through this link, it’s actually cheaper. So go ahead and enjoy Paxos and Antipaxos!

Boat trip to Paxos and Antipaxos from Corfu - Voutumi beach
Boat trip to Paxos and Antipaxos from Corfu - Voutumi beach

Where to stay in Corfu

Nace’s accommodation on Corfu island was this Airbnb place.

When we visited Corfu together, we stayed at Dolphin camping for a week and enjoyed everything except for the nasty mosquitos. We managed to combine work and play on Corfu and we’re so happy about that! Here are our articles about the campsites on Corfu and some great stays on the island.

Greece, Corfu beaches - camping Dolphin

The best restaurants on the island

Here we want to share those restaurants in Corfu, where we would return (and have returned) again and again. There is so much choice of restaurants, cafes, bars, taverns and so on. But the next three just became our favorites!

  • Ammos Beach Bar on Arillas Beach – in addition to being a beach cafe and beach bar, this place surprised us with the most delicious dishes we ate on Corfu. Prices are in the slightly higher range, but the quality is gourmet, and the portion size, fortunately, is not gourmet-like.
  • Ocean Traditional Greek Taverna in Sidari – there are a lot of restaurants in the town, but most of them did not impress us at all. In this tavern, they cook very tastily and you get a personal attitude that can’t help but bring you back there again and again!
  • Romantic Palace on Agios Gordios beach – in addition to the romantic atmosphere and white and blue interior, this restaurant sometimes has a daily (and very tasty) menu. The beach may be a bit crowded, but in the romantic palace, you can always enjoy a feeling of solitude.

We hope you found some inspiration or motivation to visit this paradise island in Greece. And we know Greece is blessed with so many amazing islands! I created a short video for summing up the overall experience. No matter if you’re the beach type or any other type of traveler, you will enjoy Corfu island!

Corfu island map with POIs

You can use the following Google map for you to easily find the places mentioned in this post, including my favorite Corfu beaches.

Make sure you reach out to us via comments and offer your recommendations for Corfu or ask some questions if you are planning to visit the island.

Greece Corfu Pinterest - A guide to Corfu Island Greece

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