The principality of Andorra is located just 3 hours away from Barcelona. So, Andorra is very tempting to visit, even as a day trip from Barcelona. I wonder how the wide-angle lens and the Christmas spirit will affect our journey there.

traveling to Andorra - La Vella

The Alpine climate

Dressed as we were in Barcelona, we would have frozen. If you double up on clothes and if you are constantly moving you should be fine.

Arriving in the morning and full of energy we noticed that the capital was still deeply asleep. While the streets were still empty we used the time to visit the city center. We noticed many cows, deer (Christmas decorations), and many steep slopes. There were also some rivers. In the distance, we saw some mountain tops, which were covered with plenty of snow…

traveling to Andorra - La Vella

The Old City

We had breakfast and then visited the Old City. By the end of the day, we had crossed it about 12 times. Obviously either we were pretty fast walkers or the city was quite small. The country itself isn’t very big – just under 500 square meters. However, it is located between high mountain peaks and thus attracts many skiers from Spain, France and other places. It also attracts with its low VAT rates and tax free fake rolex shops…

The combination of many malls placed near one another and the Christmas spirit made the city into a crazy house. Everyone was happily carrying 10+ shopping bags and was watching hungrily at the food shops, expecting the Christmas Eve’s dinner.

We were also dragged into this craziness of cheap shopping and ended up buying a couple of gadgets. One of them you will feel from now on since it can help you make pictures like this:

traveling to Andorra - La Vella
traveling to Andorra - La Vella

In the end, let us show you the smallest parliament!

traveling to Andorra - La Vella

And so, on Christmas Eve, we were happy with our new gadgets and excited to have visited Andorra as a day trip from Barcelona. We had some dinner and drinks and went back to Barcelona. The trip from the bus station in La Vella back to the border with Spain took us a whole lot of 14 minutes. After that, we spend 3 hours sleeping on the bus while traveling to Barcelona for Christmas Eve.

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