Barcelona and day trips from Barcelona for 5 days

I have always loved the simple things. Even if they are not unique by their own they still might create amazing experiences. Barcelona’s atmosphere is unique. But what makes it this way? Why do so many people visit it? What did we think we will find there and what actually happened? Let’s  try to find out for 5 days in Barcelona.

The food in Barcelona

visiting Barcelona in Spain and enjoying food, drinks and Gaudi

Brave potatoes (patatas bravas) and wine which is cheaper than beer. This is not a mirage. The wide range of wines can keep you warm in the anyway not-so-cold December night. The spicy potatoes take you even further. They heat you up. Let’s start with the sweet stuff first, though.

The open markets offer a range of chocolate delights. The Christmas markets offer surprises. Not everything that looks like a pizza, tastes like a pizza. The one on the photo below was sweeter than sugar…

visiting Barcelona in Spain and enjoying food, drinks and Gaudi

On the markets, you can find some healthy food, too. Between the sausages and the olives, there were some special teas that help with any diseases.

And while we are still talking about healthy food – the fresh salads were really fresh. We hadn’t ordered the chips. It came with the beers.

visiting Barcelona in Spain and enjoying food, drinks and Gaudi

We are now slowly moving towards the more traditional element of the Spanish cuisine.

Iberian appetizers, paella, seafood. Our favourite tapas were jumping on our plates. Then we happily ate them…

visiting Barcelona in Spain and enjoying food, drinks and Gaudi

Finally – I promised I will stop with the gastronomy part – some tasty drinks.

Испания, Барселона, Коледа
Sangria in a “cold winter night” – we are sitting outside and the heaters are on just in case the sangria is not strong enough for you.


Gaudi, what would they do without you?

He is a great architect, that had build half of Barcelona. Good thing he did, too. Otherwise, Barcelona would have never been the same. He got his inspiration from nature. That’s why he had used many recycled materials. He was one of the first people ever to do that. Interior and exterior… a lot of movement, color, and emotion can be seen in every part of his creations.

So, simply put, if you go to Barcelona and you don’t see anything made from Gaudi you were probably in another city. Either that or you had too much sangria and seafood and you didn’t manage to get out. If the second one is true, next time you should totally pay more attention to the guy and his creations.

Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain
The ceiling in the living room in Casa Batlló

Few hundred steps on the Passage of Graces takes you to another one of Gaudi’s great creations – Casa Mila.

visiting Barcelona in Spain and enjoying food, drinks and Gaudi

The courtyard is unique. It has a floating staircase and a lot of greenery.

The most impressive part is the roof.

visiting Barcelona in Spain and enjoying food, drinks and Gaudi

We have always been great at orientation. Sometimes just the maps aren’t as good as us. However, this helped our body muscles – we went up and down on a couple of hills…a few times. Good thing there is no ice at these latitudes. Otherwise, parking on the crowded streets would have been really hard.

Guell Park

Our final destination was worth it – Guell Park. Guess who is the famous architect that has something to do with it.

visiting Barcelona in Spain and enjoying food, drinks and Gaudi

Sagrada Família

There is no way we will skip one of the most impressive buildings in Barcelona – Sagrada Familia (a.k.a. Basílica y Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família).

The work on it started in the distant 1882. Gaudi gets on it a year later. The work stops in 1926 when Gaudi leaves this world. Later on they renewed the work on this incredible building and it is still under construction. It is supposed to be ready in 2026.

We saw it from afar. However, the long queues were what stopped us from entering. We decided we will come back once it is ready.

visiting Barcelona in Spain and enjoying food, drinks and Gaudi

Arts and music in Barcelona

The artists of Barcelona are always happy, singing and drinking on the streets. The fiesta never stops, even in the winter. The artists use the seaside promenades to show their skills and amaze the audience. For a background they had a arbor, palm trees and sunset.

In addition, you can enjoy the singing fountain. This is actually an installation of fountains, where the main one is the lead vocal and dancer and the rest of them are the orchestra. During the Christmas holidays they used to let the play more often. We enjoyed them a lot and we even sprayed ourselves with chlorinated water.

travelers exploring the art and music of Barcelona

We also visited the Christmas concert with music from the great Strauss. This concert had the best conductor we have seen so far. For some people, this is the person that waves his hands like a crazy person. For others, this is the guy who makes sure every musician is in sync with every other. And some (including all of us at the concert) think he is all of the above including a great showman.

He was conducting the audience, he was playing soccer, hunting and most of all he was incredible in communicating with the musicians and in dancing… Such amazingly gifted people are so rare. Palau De La Musica was also contributing to the experience.

travelers exploring the art and music of Barcelona

Poble Español

Poble Español (or Spanish Village) is a complex which is just for tourists now. There you can see architecture and art from different parts of Spain. It is also located on a hill from where you have a great view to the city.

travelers exploring the art and music of Barcelona

Montjuic Castle

From there we got on a bus of the public transportation and a few minutes later we arrived at the Montjuic Hill. There the well preserved Montjuic Castle is staying proudly.

travelers exploring the art and music of Barcelona

Arena de Barcelona

Arena de Barcelona is a shopping mall, but it is not just like every other mall. It has an amazing architecture that reminds us of the Coliseum in Rome. Even its surroundings are interesting – it is in Barcelona Square. The views and the dinner on the top floor will be forever remembered.

travelers exploring the art and music of Barcelona

Day trips from Barcelona

We were not done with Barcelona yet. We were ready to see Andorra. That’s why we took a train. After about an hour we arrived in the foot of the Montserrat mountain.

Montserrat mountain

From there we needed to go up. So we took the cable car and then an antique train. Then we had to walk for a while, but we finally reached the top of the mountain. There we visited a monastery that was in the middle of a service when we arrived.

To sum up, it was a bit colder than Barcelona, but it had amazing views and picturesque landscapes.

travelers exploring the art and music of Barcelona
Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain
The view from the train while going down from the top

It is time to say goodbye to Barcelona. We did it with a great song – both Christmas and Catalan. Feliz Navidad!

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  1. Patatas bravas are my favorite, but I’m now craving Spanish tapas of all types!

  2. Would love to have Pizza in Barcelona. I have been there last year but did not tried it

    • Sweet pizza was a surprise for us, too! But we’ll make sure we try some of the ordinary pizza next time in Barcelona 🙂

  3. Nice post. Sweet pizza is intriguing … not sure if I’d like it or not. I’m sure I’d love the sangria and architecture though.

  4. natalietanner

    Sweet pizza? Was it a dessert? Interesting and I’m not sure we would like it, but we love trying new things when we travel!

    • 🙂 Not the best desert ever eaten, but well worth the try because of the nice design. You’re right we should try more new things, the essence of traveling, right? 🙂

  5. CreativeTravelGuide (@CTGTravelGuide)

    Looks like you had a great time in Barcelona – I love Spanish food! Patatas bravas are the best! But the sound of sweet pizza sounds intriguing!

  6. yuum!! it looks like you had an amazing time eating your way through Barcelona. You make me miss that city so much. Great post!