Our summer 2018 in drone photos

“If you want to find out if a season went well, look at your photos. If you want to find out how nice your summer was, check out the drone photos.”

So let’s dive into summer 2018 memories with our drone Mavic Air. It was Mavi’s first summer of flying after a very successful spring launch. Ah, summertime vibes from above…

Summer in Drone Photos

Another quest for lavenders

We love chasing lavender moments and keeping the aroma as long as we can. That’s why headed on a quest for lavender fields and although we got lost a couple of times, we encounter huge fields at the end. Blatnitsa’s fields are not just dreamy lavender fields to stare at the sunset, but also to see mustard and wheat fields as well.

Drone photo of the lavender fields near the village of Blatnitsa, Bulgaria

The dry islands of Drenia

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We’re fans of the tiny dry islands of Drenia, but we haven’t managed to hire a boat and roam around them. So we just take the ferry out of Ouranoupoli and 20 minutes later we’re chilling on the main island. We try swimming between them or, as of this year, let the drone see the amazing landscape from above.

Drone photo of the dry islands of Drenia in Greece

The border town of Ouranoupoli

Ouranoupoli stands right on the border between the publicly available part of Athos peninsula and the part that only male pilgrims can explore – the Athos monasteries. The town is a nice base for exploring Athos peninsula and it also offers some great food options!

Drone photo of the city of Ouranoupoli in Greece

Probably the last wild beach in Bulgaria – Kara dere

Back to Bulgaria. After a long and totally offroad experience that only badass cars and SUVs can survive, we reached what is supposed to be the last wild beach in Bulgaria – Kara dere. People were chilling in their tents and campervans, washing dishes in the sea, and walking around as naked as they were born.

Drone photo from the Karadere Beach in Bulgaria

The overexposed Irakli beach

We go to Irakli beach every year for the last several years but one part of it evolved to super touristy and the other part where lots of people camp stayed wilder. It’s definitely a great place if you have a thing about nudity or love tanning your whole body.

Drone photo from the Irakli Beach in Bulgaria

Searching for the charms of Nea Roda

Nea Roda is a village where you won’t meet many people awaken before noon. But small places always hide some charm, so we skipped the polluted beaches and focus on good food with a view towards the purple sunset skies.

Drone photo at sunset of the Nea Roda in Greece

Another amazing beach revealed to us on Ammouliani island

This year we headed early in the morning to Tripiti to board the ferry with cars so we can freely explore Ammouliani island. We discovered Karagatsia beach and our hearts got lost there. The only thing the beach bar needs to take care of is to provide some kind of toilets – bushes and tiny sand dunes are not an option.

Drone photo of the Karagtsia Beach at the Ammouliani Island in Greece

Traditions at Ethnik beach bar

It has become a tradition for us to observe at least one sunset per year from the Ethnik beach bar. This year we stumbled a bachelorette party of some Greek goddesses and a casual wedding at the most colorful place around. This bar and the area never stop to amaze us!

Drone photo of the Ethnik Bar and the Tristenika Beach in Greece
Drone photo of the sunset over the Ethnik Bar and the Tristenika Beach in Greece

Ema beach – under and above

Another classic – if you want to feel the secludedness of just a handful of sun chairs around you and an exciting underwater world – visit Ema beach. Let’s not forget Maria’s food wagon which contributes to the homey atmosphere and enables you to stay there for the whole day. And here you can find out all our favorite beaches on Chalkidiki.

Drone photo of the small but lovely Emma beach in Greece

Koviou – when you want some amazingness

Our favorite beach on Sithonia, Chalkidiki, is Koviou. It’s getting more and more crowded year after year, they introduced a sunchair fee, but still, it is some of the most amazing emerald waters there. Some Caribbean beaches can eat their hearts out if they knew what Koviou holds!

Drone photo of the amazing Koviou beach in Greece

Platania beach – fruit salads on carpets

The Platania beach is a bit rough and first, you need to pass the huge Platania campgrounds to get to the beach. But there are many beach bars that can serve you a huge fruit salad while you chill on carpets and under fancy parasols. You’ll need a lot of energy to fight the wind and the waves, anyway.

Drone photo of the Platania Beach in Greece

Early morning chill at Goa beach bar

This is most probably a party beach bar on the eastern part of Sithonia, but when you go before 10 in the morning it’s just you, the vertical cliffs, and a very lazy bartender. So you can do pretty much whatever and be alone. What better way to start the day with some meditation or a dance?!

Drone photo pf the beach and cliffs at the Goa Beach Bar in Greece, Sithonia
Drone photo of us dancing at the beach next to Goa Beach Bar in Sithonia, Greece

Searching for Paradise (beach) and finding it

There are many beaches all over the world that are called Paradise, Heaven, or the similar. But the one on Sithonia has a sign to let you know you’re on the right path, then you can squeeze yourself under a tiny umbrella between rocks and the full of fish seas.

Drone photo f the rocky and famous Paradise Beach (Paradisos) in Sithonia, Greece

Portokali beach – can you enjoy a mass tourism beach?

Everyone was raving about Orange beach (Portokali beach) so we had to go see it. Good, we went early in the morning so we can enjoy a smaller crowd around. But still, if you climb the rocks and let the drone take photos while you’re contemplating the mixed-color waters crushing at the bottom of the rocks, you might enjoy it.

Drone photo of the Portokali (Orange) Beach in Sithonia Greece
Drone photo of the Portokali (Orange) Beach in Sithonia Greece

Sozopol – saying goodbye to those last hot days

We were invited to the Apollonia Festival of Arts 2018 and in between enjoying amazing performances, we browsed the Old Town of Sozopol in search of the perfect helipad. Well, we managed to not disturb any of the old fishermen or those who passed by with ice cream in their hands.

Drone photo of the Sozopol and its marina in Bulgaria

So how was your summer? Do you feel summertime sadness yet or are you getting ready for summer 2019 already? Let us know your favorite spots and moments from this summer!

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