12 reasons not to visit Apollonia Festival of Arts

After having a wonderful time at the Apollonia Festival of Arts last year, there was no option to skip it this year. We are sharing that experience whenever and with whomever, we can, and we are stating that every fan of the arts must go and visit the festival. This year we decided to change the strategy, we are going to share with you the reasons why you should not visit the Apollonia Festival of Arts, as there is no one thing which everybody likes.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts

So stay focused and deep dive into those 12 reasons why you should NOT visit the Apollonia Festival of Arts.

If you hate laughing your head off

The students from the National Academy for Theater and Film ARTS made us laugh while at the same time they were touching serious topics relevant for every person as part of our society. Everybody could learn something from them and their play. “PAPAS IN MOTION” was a new play for us and we didn’t know what to expect from it, but at the end, we left from there super happy. Because we love smiling and laughing! 😁

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts

If good actors’ performance and great scripts make you cry easily

We had high expectations for the production oф Theater Off the Channel. For a title like “THE DRUNKS”, we did not expect to laugh, weep, be touched, be sad, be endlessly joyful – and all these emotions changed within minutes. Great actors, great play, and remember – “God speaks through the drunks”. Cheers! 🍹

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts The Drunks

If you don’t want to be surrounded by the newest books of famous Bulgarian writers

It is quite normal for so many books by all authors around you to be burdensome. Especially when you can not choose which to buy, and you know you have to carry them in your luggage. And while some books sit on the stands and wait for their readers quietly, tireless writers present their latest works throughout Apollonia’s evenings.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts

If the modern Bulgarian cinema annoys you with the messages it sends

Yes, the new Bulgarian films can tell painful truths or laugh at the inconvenient reality, but is it not the purpose of cinema to tell real stories? We were glad to realize that we already watched all the movies projected during our visit to Apollonia 2018 in Sofia cinema theaters. So the action is in your hands!

If you are not ready to hear music from the ’80s, mixed with some new songs from one and the same performer

Everyone has a favorite period of their favorite musicians. But one thing is amazing – how a performer can stay for nearly 40 years on stage and set off the faithful fans by presenting his musical projects from long ago, as well as recent ones. Yes, we talk about STENLI, who spread his energy to the maximum, and everyone remembered old and new times with his music!

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts Stenli

If you believe jazz is some modern nonsense

Many people do not understand why jazz music has started to exist and why it attracts so many listeners around the world. Well, if you’re not one of these people, then Apollonia is your place. Because every year they offer several jazz events, and they even proudly present some young projects. This year we heard the jazz trio PlaYIS – Yasen Velchev, Ivaylo Zvezdomirov, Stoyan Yankulov, and their friends and guest performers for the first time.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts PlaYis

If you can’t stand the old Bulgarian songs performed in a vintage style in 2018

We were pleasantly surprised by the concert premiere of BG VINTAGE. They do something like Post Modern Jukebox with old and very old Bulgarian songs. They even have their own song. All in all – we were immersed in several different music episodes and in several geographic regions, it was an amazing musical journey!

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts BG Vintage

If you can’t stand the fans around singing loudly while standing and applauding the performers

Apollonia is not for people who do not succumb to the positive emotions and cannot endure exalted fans to sing, jump, dance and applaud their favorite performers on stage. And all this is highly contagious, so just give in to it! Is that the effect of the JEREMY? band? Yes!!

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts JEREMY?

If you can’t imagine “Swan Lake” in bossa nova version

If improvisation and musical blends and interpretations are too complicated to understand and perceive, it will be hard to be enchanted by the incredible qualities and skills of musicians such as ANGEL ZABERSKI TRIO (Angel Zaberski – piano, Boris Taslev – contrabass, Stoyan Yankulov – drums). We are not joking about “Swan Lake” in bossa nova version at all! We even think of crafting a special choreography for this great piece of music.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts Angel Zaberski Trio

If you are a great fan of dance art

Unfortunately, dance art is not covered in Apollonia’s program. In the previous edition, and this year too, the dance performances are limited to one or two pieces. Our recommendation to the organizers is to consider the option to extend the festival program in this direction because we know there is plenty to see and experience.

If you think Apollonia festival is all about Bulgarian ’50s to ’90s pop music

We’re just shocked at how many people think Apollonia features old-school Bulgarian pop music shows. Not that it would be bad this way, but the festival has evolved a lot and nowadays includes more and more artists and arts. So let’s not limit our vision to just one genre. For example, FUNKY MIRACLE‘s fresh performances can safely send you in a completely different direction and help you feel what it is like to be at the other end of the music world.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts Funky Miracle

If it is hard for you to choose from so many incredible and interesting events

Our biggest problem with Apollonia festival is to choose what events to visit. Because there are always so many events, sometimes even two of your favorites can be overlapping, and then you are enforced to choose just one. How do you split yourself up and where to store so much energy that you can visit and enjoy everything? And if possible, can we stay for all 9 festival days and experience Apollonia from end to end!

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts

Those were at least 12 reasons (not) to visit the Apollonia Festival of Arts. We not sure about you, but we plan to visit the festival next year because despite the above list, we like it and we like it a lot! We hope to see you next year at Apollonia Festival of Arts in Sozopol!

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts
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