Europe Trip itinerary through Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest

In this article, we will share an exciting itinerary in Europe. This itinerary comes as a part of The Magic of Traveling Tours! We’re so inspired by European capitals and train rides so this is how Euro Trip itinerary was born. Let’s not waste time, let’s get into adventures!

Why Europe Trip and what itinerary?

As much as we might not want to believe it, Europe can be as adventurous as Asia, South America or Africa. Even the cities of Europe can fill us with emotions and thrills. And when it comes to capitals, the adventure has a cultural and historical flavor.

For our Europe Trip itinerary, we chose five European capitals linked to each other by trains. So we’ll be able to wander on foot or with a tram/subway/boat inside the city and then continue the adventure on a train. Because trains are a classic of the oldest continent and there is something mystical about the monotone train wheels turning on the railroad track, the magic that takes you to a new country in just a few hours. Everywhere around you, you hear a lot of foreign languages, and with the crazy crew, you can plan what endeavors to take on at the next station.
The amazing race will not make us compete against each other. It will provoke us to compete against time and challenge us to see, do, hear and try the best of all the sights and highlights of Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest. Get ready for a high-adrenaline adventure where we’ll take a lot of everything and leave the break for later!

We suggest that you do this trip in spring of fall time – it includes 6 nights, 5 European capitals, 4 train rides, endless experiences!

Evro Trip 2019 Cover Приключение с влак из европейските столици


We land in Berlin and forget about planes for the next few days. A few years ago, we visited the city during scorching heat in August (the air conditioners and fans were sold out in all stores). But the heat didn’t manage to scare us so we went out and fell in love with the city in a blink of the eye. Berlin is one of those places that has something for every type of traveler. We realized this on the spot and one step at a time. If you are a fan of architecture and fine arts – there are plenty of palaces, monuments, galleries. For more modernistic expressions of applied art – there is a whole section of The Wall that has enchanted us with paintings and abstractions. Because we were becoming very cultural, we moved to a beach bar (with real sand) – to cool down with beer and watch the Spree river flowing. If it is not warm outside, some of the many clubs in former factories would do the work.

For history buffs, there are enough remains of The Wall, a lot of people to tell stories, and many sources with information about the times of divided Germany. Shopping maniacs, don’t worry – apart from the “original” stones from the Wall, you’ll easily find everything else you might want to buy. And because there’s a romantic in each of us, we’ll finish the romantic picture with a boat on the river or some fresh meadow overlooking the Reichstag, holding an ice-cream in hand.


We can talk a lot about our previous short visit to Prague. The Old Town is full of surprises, but because we hit April’s winter last time, we had to get to know a lot of pubs from the inside. Not that we complain, they know their beer very well in the Czech Republic.

But there was a whole castle we could not appreciate because the crowds of Charles Bridge swallowed us up. The atmosphere was all about locks of love, crossed glances, laughing statues, laughter, and river waves. For some, the time had stopped in devilish winks, for others, the time was in a hurry, and it seemed to be driving them to the next surprise.

Prague Castle is either the oldest big castle or the biggest old castle in the world. We will need to verify that. But there is one last effort that we need a lot of energy for – The Sex Machine Museum. We cross our fingers to resist all this tension. The sweet pastries “trdelnik” will boost us a bit to continue strong on our Europe Trip itinerary, hopefully!


We were in Vienna in a very hot May! And there we did not expect such heat, so we had to indulge in gardens, restaurants in the shades, beers, sachers, and whatnot. Back then we had to deal with chickenpox, so we visited every fountain and drank every beer, all for the sake of health.

The big question is how much can be absorbed in the endlessly beautiful Schönbrunn gardens for just one afternoon? We’re in racing against time to absorb stunning views, greenery, beauty, and pictures like royal highnesses because Naschmarkt is waiting for us to attract us to the other opposite kind of experiences – traditions such as eating and drinking, and flea shopping.

But we can not miss meeting St. Stephen and trying how brave we are at the Prater or how navigable we are on the Danube river. Is there going to be time for a carriage on the cobblestone streets outside the churches, or should we leave some room for improvisation?

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Unlike the Euro Trip movie, our experience in Bratislava (as part of a road trip to the Skoda factory in the Czech Republic) was far more welcoming. Instead of petty dogs, in the Old Town, we encountered playful statues. Those depressing living blocks of flats were replaced by beautiful churches. Instead of decay and dirt, we came across a UFO. Yes, aliens have landed in Bratislava and have abandoned their vehicles. However, all enthusiasts can climb to the top of the UFO and explore the city and neighboring Austria and Hungary while they are using restrooms with panoramic windows.

Only the Danube can be sometimes hostile with some fierce breeze, but in general, in Bratislava, we will have to prove movies wrong. But it is not excluded that we will escape from the already high cultural level. This is likely to happen in one of the traditional pubs or restaurants, where not only will beer be poured, but we will also count how many potato dishes can be made to taste incredibly delicious! And yes, it is possible to explore Bratislava in a day!

UFO tower, Bratislava, Slovakia


For the Europe Trip itinerary final leg, we will finish properly in Budapest. We have been so many times (still wondering what’s the best time of the year to visit Budapest) in the Hungarian capital, and we have rarely been repeating a place or experience. We will say bye to the Danube, if possible without swimming in the river. Not because we’re scared, but because we’ll be visiting some of the legendary baths. We will show our incredibly athletic bodies (after so much feasting but also walking)! That’s right – we can not miss the chance to enjoy one of the hottest SPA places – where not only indulge in all kinds of thermal and water treatments, but also enjoy the architecture and the swirl action pool.

However, our mission in the city is not to stay endlessly in one of the many wonderful restaurants, wineries or bars. This will be difficult, given that we will go to the Fishermen’s Bastion to see Parliament from and listen to Hungarian dance number 5 performed by pro street musicians. We will not want to leave, but we’ll have to skip the habit of hopping on a train to the next European capital. The next stop will be the airport and then we’ll go home to tell everyone about the incredible adventure!

Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest, Hungary

Who is the Euro Trip adventure itinerary for?

The adventure is appropriate for anyone who likes train rides. For anyone who likes to discover places in a non-standard way. For those who want to make the most of every trip and remember their adventures so long to tell their great-grandchildren.

People who can throw the backpack at the hotel and embark on exploring a city, when it’s unclear when they’ll go back to sleep. For people who are not afraid they can miss the train or the working time of a landmark. For those who like to improvise, be spontaneous and have fun.

If you are an individual (or a couple, a trio, a group) who likes to challenge yourself, leave your comfort zone and laugh your heart out, then Europe Trip itinerary will be perfect for you. You will absolutely enjoy the train journey to the European capitals. Get in touch with us to get the full journey itinerary!

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