Introducing The Magic of Traveling Tours

So far, The Magic of Traveling Tours has been strictly an online concept. Often when we meet people from around the world our first chat sounds like this:

    – We are Bistra and Nace, etc., and we have a travel blog.

    – So you do tours in different places?

    – We rather tell and show people how cool different places are so they can go on their own and have fun.

On the other hand, with the years of traveling and blogging, we have been repeatedly asked, “When will we be able to travel with you?”. We were getting this question more and more often in the course of time.

Fjaðrárgljúfur, canyon, Iceland, road trip, places to visit, guide

How did we decide to start The Magic of Traveling Tours?

At one point, we realized that if we wanted to “infect” more and more people with our travel style and The Magic, it would be nice to take them and show them the things on the field, inside the kitchen, from the eye of the storm. At first, we were finding reasons not to think about it – why would someone want to travel not independently but with people and even more with us; how will we deal with guiding people (other than close friends we already know well), what can we expect… Bit after bit, these barriers got cleared – people are social beings, and they always enjoy a cool company and new experiences. If we do not manage to plan and organize cool trips with all the experience of 6+ years and 70+ countries, then I do not know who would do it better.

We decided to give this idea a chance and think about how to show the world through our prism to other travelers. We only had to find the right partners for this, we did not want to do it in a hurry or force it. When the time would come, we would find such. While waiting, we figured out we can actually do it ourselves, we have done it through the years. Having received great feedback for both close and distant destinations; for cultural trips as well as more adventurous ones, it became clear that the time has come. The drops of water began to materialize on itineraries and programs. The moment had come.

Bistra and Nace The Magic of Traveling Camino de Santiago Portuguese

Why go on an adventure with The Magic of Traveling?

If you’ve been following us for some time, you know that we are always very happy with all our travels. And our recipe for that is easy – we strive to get the most out of every situation, go out of our comfort zones from time to time, follow the locals and remember to respect the environment and the people around us.

Nace is getting the backpacks from the boat in Drake Bay, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Well, we often get into real adventures like fighting the waterfalls in Honduras or swimming with sharks in Belize, but these things make us better people and better travelers. Sometimes we forget to visit some of the most famous cathedrals, but only because we were enchanted in a cafe on the neighboring street. Sometimes we change our plans at the last minute just because travelers have recommended us someplace else or because we have decided to improvise in another direction.

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We avoid counting the sights we have been to, even starting to keep track of the number of visited countries was a big pain in the ass at first. However, we love counting the sincere smiles, the pleasant encounters and the inspiring people we meet. We have friends from around the world with whom we keep in touch constantly. Even with those we’ve seen once 4 years ago for two hours for a beer. When we go looking for photos in the tones of photographs that we are really hardened to manage, we start to feel sick. But then we dive into memories, and in such meditation, we can remain for hours.

So, our travel style (and lifestyle too) goes as follows: we admire what’s authentic and what’s different, we spend money on experiences (and almost not on stuff). We trust firsthand information only, the distant and the unknown attract us as magnets because we leave our comfort zone and discover new worlds and perspectives. We believe in the good in people. If you share the above, then let’s travel together!

Iceland, road trip, places to visit, guide, hiking, ice caving, Breiðamerkurjökull

How can you travel with us?

So far we have several The Magic of Traveling Tours options.

The Magic of Traveling Itineraries

Our idea is to build interesting itineraries around the world – out of places and experiences we have had. Of course, every itinerary is subject to change and improvisation on-site, when you’re there on the spot. Such itineraries will be shared separately here, on the blog, or in partnership with travel agencies and tour operators. An example of an amazing route is the Euro Trip train adventure, which includes 5 European capitals – Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest! You travel by train, visit the best places, taste the most delicious local specialties and have a lot of fun – all in the Amazin Race style. The route reflects our style of traveling to European cities – see the most important sights, learn some interesting stories, make the most of our time, but also have time to feel the atmosphere of dolce vita.

The Magic of Traveling Experiences

Here things are highly customized according to your preferences and style. You want to do a one-of-a-kind safari in Tanzania, to places where nobody walks and to meet tribes who speak clicking languages – no problem! You want to sleep in a tent under the stars, but be sure that there is a shower – perfect! You tell us what adventure you have in mind and we work with the best local companies to provide you with the dream experience. You will not have to search for hours and compare offers because we will find the best tour company to give you a memorable experience. Or we’ll just connect you with some of our friends all over the world! Here is the place to say hi to our family from Rama’s hut in Kenya and thank them for welcoming all the people we send there so heartfelt!

The Magic of Traveling Тours (with the team)

Unlike the previous two options, this one is where we come with you wherever that is. Our groups will be small and compact, with options for private trips, too. We will craft an amazing itinerary full of experiences together! We will travel to and meet at the place on Earth and we will make a 100%-The Magic of Travel ing-style journey. A trip that will give you memories to cause goosebumps for years, a journey that will inspire emotions to warm us up and when we come back, an experience that will change our perspectives and expand our horizons! Get in touch with us and let’s get started!