About us and our travel lifestyle

“We’re just planning our next two-month-long trip!” I said excitedly in a small talk conversation with a lady I just met.

“Why do you have to travel so much?” asked the lady, unpleasantly surprised. “I feel empathy for you.”

I couldn’t find the words or the right attitude to answer that question. It would take hours to explain to that person why we love traveling so much. She lived in a different world than mine, and I had no intention or desire to let her know what was special about my world.

On the other hand, we want to draw all of you, our readers, into our world. Our world of travel, adventure, inspiration, humanity. Our travel lifestyle and our perception of the world that surrounds all of us.

a traveling couple searching for unique experience and living travel lifestyle
About us and our travel lifestyle

Where do you come from?

We agree that being born in a place, maybe living your childhood somewhere can be part of who you are. But really, why do you care so much to put labels on people? The more we travel, the more we feel where people come from doesn’t really matter.

We prefer to be proud of what we’ve achieved rather than with our origins and homeland (things that don’t depend on us or we can influence anyhow). Borders are an imaginary concept and we all know what for and whom they serve.

So, in terms of geography and politics, we travel on Bulgarian passports. Nace has a Macedonian passport, too. We consider ourselves citizens of planet Earth and if you ask us where we come from, we’ll most probably tell you our previous location. 🌏

Why do you travel so much?

It is very simple: we don’t have a TV set at home, so we are bored! Once we were so bored that we decided to travel. Can you imagine that?

Seriously, we can’t remember when or how we got infected with the travel bug. We know what the feeling of setting foot in new places is. What it’s like to hear a story that you imagined can happen in films only. We know the thrill of not knowing what a new culture will introduce us to, or when a stranger on the street will become our friend for life.

We prefer not to own a house but to stay in off-beat places anywhere on the planet. Not to spend money on things but rather on experiences. We prefer not to watch TV but to make our own movies where we are starring and where the world is our scene.

a traveling couple searching for unique experience and living travel lifestyle
It’s hard to get bored with traveling!

How can you travel so much?

Once we realized traveling is passion, mania, a way of life for us, we try to travel as much as possible. How do we travel so much? We set priorities right. Travel is a priority for us, THE PRIORITY.

We prefer to have memories and experiences before we have any belongings. We prefer to work jobs that allow us to be on the road or that require us to be traveling. We prefer to spend time looking for bargain deals on tickets, accommodation, experiences, rather than spending a ton of money for a one-week luxury vacation and “perfect” photos for Instagram.

Yes, with the right priorities, mindset, and motivation, we can travel more.

What is your biggest travel dream?

In the beginning, traveling was our hobby. Quickly and unnoticeable it turned into our passion. Then we thrived for turning our passion into our job. That was because traveling had already become our lifestyle.

Our dream is to turn our traveling style to a sustainable business, while it still continues to remain our hobby and our passion.

Why is this blog bilingual?

We started in Bulgarian only but the more friends we met on the road, the more it was frustrating how they couldn’t read about our adventures.

So the next major step was to start blogging in English as well. And that’s not even the hardest part! For backward compatibility, we wanted to translate all the old posts to English. It took us and some other friends and translation professionals a decent amount of effort.

Nowadays we are (almost, 99%) up to date with both versions of the blog. But the double effort to release a piece of an article remains so. And it is a very rare occasion to literally translate texts from one language to the other. The emotion kind of differs when you want to express it in a different language, so you’ll get a bit different flavors if you read the different versions.

The message remains the same though!

What is the best advice for starting travel bloggers?

We know travel blogging sounds like a dream life to many. But aren’t we all bored with blogs that sound impersonal, articles that somehow don’t resonate with anything? It may sound like common sense, but it appears not to be so – travel bloggers are bloggers who travel or travelers who blog.

There’s a huge difference between traveling bloggers and bloggers who write about traveling. There’s nothing wrong with writing about what you’d like to visit, about places you’ve never set foot on, about experiences you’ve never had. But then it is not travel blogging, this is fiction (a very favorite style of ours, by the way).

So don’t confuse fiction with travel blogging. If you want to offer first-hand experiences and emotions as travelers with your blogs, do it!

Travel first, then write about it!

We’ve been quite a few hundreds of kilometers on the road before we even conceived the idea to start a travel blog. Travel first, blog about it next!

We shared an article with the lessons learned the hard way from the first seven years of travel blogging.

a traveling couple searching for unique experience and living travel lifestyle
Travel, absorb local culture, mingle with locals – the stories will write themselves!

Do you work on the go?

Here’s a story. When we started traveling together, we were both corporate employees so we used all the vacation days to travel. We mastered using every official holiday, every day off work to travel. That wasn’t enough so next, we started asking for unpaid leaves, too. We traveled for work a bit and we joined some volunteering assignments abroad.

We’re exploring freelancing as a career in order to combine it with the travel lifestyle we built. Some of us are currently not employed by a company so cheers to running your own parade! Freelancing has definitely some pros, like the freedom we all want too much. It also has some challenges, especially when your lifestyle is “travel as much as you can”.

So to the question: yes, we do work while traveling. Having in mind the story above, “work” has meant different things for us over time.

Sometimes work means answering emails, making phone calls with clients do some quick tasks online. Work can also mean 10-12 hours in front of the PC drafting articles, book chapters, editing photos, and videos, or actually creating the experience in front of them.

We travel to do volunteering work (e.g. China and India), we travel for projects to educate ourselves (e.g. Erasmus+), we travel to do crazy endeavors (e.g. explore dance in different cultures), or we travel to work in international teams and bring positive change (like improving tax system in Senegal).

Some of the above-mentioned things can sound controversial, some may be totally against the social norms and opinions. We can only hope so!

Because if travel can’t ask some questions and start some arguments with ourselves, then why do we do it at all?

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