A very short recap of our travel in 2023

Time flies and we’re already approaching the end of January 2024, so it’s high time to share our very short travel recap of 2023. Those were some of the most magical places and experiences on our journey in 2023. We … Read More

Traveling along the meanders of the Arda River in Bulgaria

There is no doubt that Bulgaria is a picturesque country with many places to explore and experience. If you’re looking for an adventure that will take your breath away, then the meanders of the Arda River in Bulgaria should be … Read More

2022 in review – our travels and lifestyle in short

We love yearly recaps as they fill us with gratefulness and humbleness when we go through what happened in the year and appreciate it. What we didn’t like in our previous yearly summaries was that they took a lot of … Read More

Coliving Semkovo – community and collaboration in a scenic remote location

When I set foot in the building where I spent a crazy 8th of December student holiday a dozen years ago, plenty of memories started coming back (it is weird to have memories from student celebrations). But now we are … Read More

Bansko Nomad Fest 2022

I just got off of a carousel full of 550 people and can’t wait to tell you what Bansko Nomad Fest is all about. The festival brings together more than 500 digital nomads, location-independent people, travelers, freelancers, business owners, remote … Read More

The Magic of Traveling turns 10!

Sometime in June 2012, we decided to start telling about our travels around the world by writing a blog. We didn’t wonder for a long time about the name, because it was clear – we wanted to share the magic … Read More

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