2019 travel review in 19 amazing places and experiences

Yep, that time of the year has long arrived. How often do you recap? For us, it’s at least few times per year. Since it’s the end of the year though, we decided to share 19 amazing places and experiences from 2019 so we can enter the new year and the new decade in style.

Couple travel quotes, adventure in Spain

1. We had a winter vacation in Livigno, Italy for the second time. Livigno is the perfect mix of slopes and tracks for every style and taste, delicious Italian food, and affordable shopping in their famous duty-free zone.

2. Speaking of duty-free, we got a Sony RX10 III superzoom camera. This totally helped in our next trip to Tanzania where we photographed the abundant wildlife in the reserve and the amazing Hadzabe and Datoga tribes. This new zoom reveals new perspectives and it’s lovely how you can capture beautiful people from all over the world!

Tribes in Tanzania, Hadzabe tribe, Datoga tribe, local communities in lake Eyasi

3. We couldn’t skip Zanzibar island – Bistra wished for some sun, joy, snorkeling, and beaches for her birthday – we had even some bonus surprises! Islands are just magical, aren’t they?

4. Formula 1 was calling again so we answered! We couldn’t be more impressed with Baku and how the whole event was organized and held. We continued on a trip to the countryside Azerbaijan. It impressed us even more!

Formula 1 Baku Azerbaijan

5. We traveled to the Eastern Rhodope region of Bulgaria – a part that is often neglected by local and foreign travelers. But it shouldn’t be! Fantastic nature including some interesting phenomena, combined with historical POIs – there’s something for every kind of traveler!

6. We did our first 68K bike tour around Lake Kerkini! We made it (yey!) and also met so many different birds! We loved the lake so much that later in the year we returned to do more bird-watching.

Greece, Lake Kerkini birdwatching biking tour

7. After a long time with no city breaks, we decided to check if we still love cities at all. Stockholm proved that city tourism can be outdoorsy and entertaining enough for us. Well, its Vikings definitely helped.

8. The Himalayan Travel Mart brought Bistra as the TMOT representative back to Nepal. The country can’t stop surprising us – and they’re on the right track to bring 2 million tourists by 2020. Nepali people are so fascinating and diverse, not to mention the discovery of the year – Nepal has a jungle that is there waiting to be explored.

Nepal itinerary - Bhaktapur

9. Our second attempt at Vitosha 100km included plenty of emotions and no less suffering. Nace walked/ran 62km and was the total inspiration of the year. Later Bistra attempted Dodentocht – a 100km walking event in Belgium. 46km for the first time is not so bad!

10. July was the month of teaching English in Belarus, at a summer camp. Working with young people is always super rewarding and the only way to feel it is to try it. Become a volunteer and you’ll never regret it! Belarus is a hidden gem for the off-the-beaten-path explorers.

Couple travel quotes, royal traditional costumes in Belarus

11. We did a digital nomad week on Corfu. Camping in Corfu meant definitely lots of work done, many mosquito bites, and even more breathtaking island views. The beautiful surroundings only prove that you get motivated to finish your work faster so you can explore (cool places like Paxos and Antipaxos islands). It was definitely a productive week!

12. Our first yoga weekend was a blast – even the scorching sun and occasional lack of water couldn’t stop us from practicing uniting our bodies and minds. The best relaxation happens under the stars when you just lie on the grass and stargaze.

Greece, Corfu beaches - Canal d'Amour Sidari

13. We hiked up to Mount Ruen to prepare for Camino. The 30KM round trip gave us space to discuss all the new movies and books. Hiking and storytelling/listening to stories – that’s the perfect recipe for time well spent!

14. The real Camino came and we chose the Coastal Portuguese way again. We were quite lucky with the sunny weather and quite unlucky with the bedbugs. But, yeas, Camino is always a surprise and always the best way it could be. On the other hand, we managed to do a lovely trip around Galicia.

How to walk the Camino de Santiago - how to be a good pilgrim

15. We met with some fascinating travel bloggers and business owners to exchange knowledge and experience in Bansko. The city has totally evolved from just a ski resort to a place with a vibrant digital nomad community.

16. We combined a spa weekend with a visit to the Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa. It’s very inspiring to see how people can actually make up for what they were doing to wildlife. 

Dancing bears park Belitsa Bulgaria

17. We did a birthday-digital-nomad week in Kyiv and spent Nace’s birthday at the Apocalyptica concert! A blast! The weather was not inspiring, but it forced us to check out some unorthodox museums in the city.

18. We published our second book! It took us almost 2 years of work but first reviews and feedback are very reassuring – we believe creating and publishing a book is a feeling like no other!

The Magic of Traveling in Central America BG Facebook cover with 3d cover

19. Our last trip of 2019 was a bit in Dubai, a bit in Abu Dhabi, and the total highlight – our road trip in Oman! Deserts, mountains, date palms, fortresses, and snorkeling on December 30 – not bad at all to finish the year!

So what gives a special flavor to this 2019 travel recap is the fact that it’s being drafted while chilling at a local cafe in Muscat and while riding the bus back to Dubai. 

We’re so grateful to be fulfilling our dreams, working towards our goals and having good health and plenty of energy for our endeavors!

2019 Travel Review The Magic of Traveling

We wish all of you happy holidays, keep the festive mood, and start each new day with a positive thought! May all our yearly, monthly, daily recaps be full of accomplishments, laughter, and gratefulness!