Apulia magical places and moments

Puglia is so full of magic that it keeps attracting us to its fairytale land. It’s really hard to do it justice, so we decided to put together our most magical moments from two of our visits in the time … Read More

Under the porticoes of Bologna, the towers of San Marino, and the sunroof of Dolce Vita

This time there were no grande surprises like on our trip to Rome and Tuscany on the occasion of our anniversary. There was just a 5-euro plane ticket to Bologna, a 10-euro ticket from Rome, and a strong wanderlust to … Read More

In Rome as the Romans, an anniversary with wine in Tuscany and country number 81

I wanted to do something cool around our anniversary in early September, so I decided to surprise Nace with a light weekend trip. From a vague idea with low expectations (we are still in the year 2021), everything finally turned … Read More

Things to do in Livigno – a guide to winters in the Italian Alps town

You’ve probably seen Livigno in many “top affordable places to ski in Europe” lists. The name of this town in Northern Italy is well-known for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. The Italian Alps are there to feed every adventurer’s fantasy with … Read More

Wine tourism: The best countries to taste wine

Where to go for the ultimate wine experience? We asked some of the wine-loving-world-trotting travelers for recommendations on the best countries to taste wine. So let’s go ahead and practice wine tourism all over the world! In this article, you … Read More

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