Our 2-month South America backpacking itinerary

After only 5-6 years and tens of your questions, we finally felt inspired to write down the itinerary of our first grande journey. It all started when we decided to head for South America and explore it for about 60 … Read More

Things to do in Medellin, Colombia

A guest article about things to do in Medellin, Colombia – free walking tour, Plaza Botero, Metro Cable, Parque Arvi, Comuna 13.

10 days in Peru – our itinerary in the Land of the Incas

The most interesting places in the world impress us with the sheer number of things they offer to be seen, heard, touched, smelled and tasted…Some places have more of this or more of that, but we are swept away when … Read More

5 of our favorite travel movies

We have a confession to make – we are movieholics! We find films and series very nice things to do when you are at home or when you travel, for some relaxing time. So we want to present to you … Read More

Easter Island 4-day itinerary – Moai head statues and much more

In a previous post about planning a trip to Easter Island, Valentina Merico got us totally hooked to visit the island far far away than anything continental. Now it’s time that she shows us how we can explore the island … Read More

How to plan a trip to Easter Island

Welcome to a guest post by a very promising future travel blogger Valentina Merico. Valentina will take us to the magical Easter Island! Bon Voyage! Since I was a kid and watched the 1994 movie “Rapa-Nui”, I have been fascinated … Read More

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