Places to give you plenty of memories for pennies

One of the most-asked questions ever when it comes to traveling is “How much would it cost?”. Are there “cheap” destinations? Traveling is never cheap unless we do it sensibly and apply some money-saving practices. And also you can travel … Read More

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Here are some of our favorite things to do in Rio de Janeiro, which we enjoyed for our week in one of the best cities in the world! From amazing beaches to historical landmarks, from fancy neighborhoods to bustling favelas, … Read More

Practical tips and tricks for your journey in South America

Brazil Paraguay Argentina Patagonia Uruguay Chile Bolivia Peru Disclaimer: According to official information, since January 1, 2016, “blue dollar” and “blue market” do not exist in Argentina anymore. If someone visited the country ever after, we’d appreciate some on-site updates. … Read More

Nazca to Huacachina to Lima – an adventurous journey

The turbulence in our stomachs, caused by the aerial view of the Nazca Lines, is slowly fading. We even treated ourselves to tasty pancakes for lunch. Now, along with all our stuff, we are waiting at the station for the … Read More

Peru turbulence – things to do in Nazca

Sometimes the last days of a journey pass in quiet melancholy, boredom, or a light depression, provoked by the impending return home. At the end of our trip to South America, just the opposite happened – we weren’t melancholic or … Read More

Bolivia – La Paz and something more

Salar de Uyuni was the perfect start of our visit to Bolivia. While nature left us with our jaws hanging, covered in salt, and in possession of thousands of photos, the people were not that welcoming. There must always be … Read More

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