Brazil – things to do in Ilha Grande and Lopes Mendes beach

Here we are on Ilha Grande, an island in the true sense of the word. A village, a harbor, and a dozen tourist paths through the jungle, where poisonous snakes and majestic views lurk around every corner. A beach, lots … Read More

Brazil – Paraty

The first part of Rio passed smoothly. Our journey to Paraty is not exactly as smooth. Firstly, we had to gather people from hotels for about 2 hours. Secondly, Rio managed to confuse the sense of direction of a whole … Read More

Rio de Janeiro – Cristo Redentor and the rain

After we got severely sunburned by roaming the beaches of Rio, we decided to spend the next (and last, according to the forecast) sunny day going to Сristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, as well as Pão de Azucar and … Read More

São Paulo in a day

Hello, hello! Whenever you get the urge to phone somebody, you don’t have to look far – the colorful phone booths on the streets of São Paulo quickly catch the eye. We cannot guarantee that they work, but they can … Read More

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