Places to give you plenty of memories for pennies

One of the most-asked questions ever when it comes to traveling is “How much would it cost?”. Are there “cheap” destinations? Traveling is never cheap unless we do it sensibly and apply some money-saving practices. And also you can travel in so many styles and so many ways that it would be inconsiderate to assume it’s an “expensive hobby”. Anyway, have you heard of a hobby that’s cheap?

For a significant amount of time we’ve been promising (verbally and in writing) to put together an article with all those places where we spent less money. Some inspiring spots from all over the world, where we managed not to empty our pockets or even worse – go bankrupt. Those are the places where you can gain memories for just a few pennies.

We hope our list of “Plenty of memories for pennies” to inspire you and give you ideas for your next affordable vacation. We order places randomly. Transportation costs, as highly dependent on where your base is, are not taken into account.

Warning: you may fall in love with some places and never want to come back home.

A remark to all the countries on the list – we received a good attitude for free. One rule – the farther you stay from the tourist cliches, the cheaper. That sometimes means avoiding huge hotels and resorts, shiny restaurants right next to landmarks, and that kind of stuff. The nearer we stay to the locals’ lifestyle, the better.

We use 💰 to mark what is cheap and 💰 💰 💰 for the expensive stuff.

So pack your baggage, don’t forget your passport and some sunscreen, and let’s go!


No matter what people say, Northern Greece will treat you with its crystal clear waters and cure family hotels at a good price. Yes, you can still find plenty of beaches where you buy a drink and that gives you the right to use an umbrella and a sunbed for the whole day for free. And we haven’t even brought those sumptuous 15-euro dinners to the table…

Our southern neighbor made it to the “Plenty of memories for pennies” list because there you get a nice attitude, you swim in emerald waters, you indulge in fresh seafood while listening to romantic buzuki melodies or over nice conversations and laughter. All of these things you get at an affordable price.

Greece - Plenty of memories for pennies

💰  Food, beach

💰 💰 💰 Accommodation during high season


Before we set foot on this Mediterranean island, we have heard horrifying stories about the prices of everything in Malta.

The reality turned out to be much better. We ate out all the time, we roamed around the island with public transport and we even sailed around. Although it can be quite crowded, the island has so rich history and such a fascinating nature that we regretted not having visited it earlier and for a longer time.

Malta - Plenty of memories for pennies

💰  Eating out, public transport, sightseeing on a boat, wine!

💰 💰 💰 Water taxis, organized tours, souvenirs


Being torn apart during the ages, and being shared between two countries today, the island of Cyprus attracts your attention. It is an incredible opportunity that you can walk from one culture to another in 5 minutes (in the capital of Nicosia there’s a pedestrian border in town). We rented a car from Greece (easier and cheaper) and traveled through Turkey as well.

Cyprus - Plenty of memories for pennies

💰  Two worlds, two cultures in one, eating out in the Greek part

💰 💰 💰 Accommodation can be luxurious for pennies or pretty basic for lots of money. Moving around the island without a car is a challenge


We call Georgia “the land of the unexpected beauty”. But we can also say that there it was unexpectedly cheap for us. You can tour the country with its authentic cuisine and wines, a little of Russian language, and a smile. If you follow the locals and visit the places they visit, your wallet will never be empty.

Georgia - Plenty of memories for pennies

💰  Eating out, rent-a-car services, accommodation (in the last minute there as attractive offers as well)

💰 💰 💰 Keep in mind that restaurants can be expensive, especially the touristy ones. All the receipts come in Georgian 🙂


From all the Baltic countries we road tripped, Lithuania is our favorite in terms of prices and costs. Besides the beautiful nature and those authentic apartments in the Old Town of Vilnius for 40 euro per night with parking fare included, we also ate out at a very nice place until three of us couldn’t breathe for 30 euro total.

Lithuania - Plenty of memories for pennies

💰  Wonderful local specialties in supermarkets and restaurants, beer, rent-a-car (cheapest in the whole region)

💰 💰 💰 Curonian Spit, as a resort, has much higher prices for everything, compared to the mainland


We have this country in our hearts. There we met a lot of animal and homo sapiens friends. They say Africa can change you forever. True story. In Kenya, this will happen at affordable prices as well.

Kenya - Plenty of memories for pennies

💰 Street food, living with locals at the seaside, locals’ restaurants

💰 💰 💰 Safari, western restaurants, and bars in Nairobi, souvenirs


The romantic heaven can also be a heaven for the еeconomical ones. As long as we stay away from touristy resorts and big hotels, staying in Bali could be quite cheap. And for those in love (with life, their better half, experiences) is much more interesting to know more about traditions, locals, spirituality, and the beautiful nature of the island.

Bali - Plenty of memories for pennies

💰  Street food, locals’ restaurants, rent-a-scooter, fuel

💰 💰 💰 beer (really, very pricey), everything made up for tourists


Paraguay doesn’t qualify for many travel lists. Locked between lands of the nearby countries, with no access to any ocean, Paraguay has quite the history. All we need is a little Spanish and motivation to capture its vibe and visit landmarks that would most probably be our private attractions.

Paraguay - Plenty of memories for pennies

💰  Food, intercity buses (never forget to negotiate), entrance to landmarks

💰 💰 💰 Accommodation at hotels, especially if you are too much gringo/gringa – be ready to give some extra guarani


Uruguay has continental and seaside landmarks to offer. As long as we stick to the locals and their lifestyle, we won’t get poor. We were surprised to find cheap clothes and souvenirs of good quality. And there’s nothing better to say about the locals’ hospitality and their support for each other. We would definitely go back to this diverse country! If you happen to be in the capital Montevideo around New Year’s Eve, get ready to be traditionally bathed.

Uruguay - Plenty of memories for pennies

💰  Street food, clothes (we had to…), souvenirs

💰 💰 💰 Most of the seafood restaurants, alcohol on New Year’s Eve 🙂

Where did you collect plenty of memories for pennies? Where should we head to experience more at affordable prices? We are looking forward to your suggestions, comments, and funny stories!

Places to visit for pennies Pinterest

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  1. I like how you compared the expensive with the inexpensive. There’s always a trade off for benefits and you really highlighted that. Plus these locations are definitely on my bucket list!

    • Hey Corinne, I hope you manage to visit all those places from your bucket list without spending tons of money 🙂

  2. Good list. Just got back from Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan. Greece and Paraguay are at the top of my bucket list now.

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to Uruguay, and I’d really love to go for New Years! These are great destinations for stretching your funds!

  4. Lots of great ideas for many places that I still have to visit. So will be saving it for later reference

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