Meet Adventures With Locals in Uganda

Uganda is a magical country without a doubt with its endless beauty but more magical are the people within Uganda who are the amazing locals. Today we want you to meet two amazing ladies and their sustainable travel enterprise – Adventures With Locals in Uganda.

Adventures with Locals, Uganda

Meet Adventures With Locals

Bamwerinde Hannah is a climate change activist, sustainable tourism advocate, and expert in grassroots networks & collaborations in developing countries. She is also the co-founder of Adventures With Locals and Free Walking Tours Kampala. She uses her voice to advocate for local and community growth through tourism. Through creating grassroots networks she hopes to create great synergies for local development and collaborations.

Rosette Dekool Kyomukama is a co-founder of Adventures With Locals and Free Walking Tours Kampala and Chapter leader of Travel Massive Uganda. She is a passionate advocate of responsible/sustainable tourism development and authentic travel experiences. A self-described storyteller of destinations with a deep-rooted commitment to local communities while creating a positive impact on the livelihoods of the locals, their culture, heritage, environment, and wildlife. She is a strong advocate of “conscious travel” and made it her mission to share stories of resilience among local female guides in the wake of the pandemic and uses the pause in travel to help train the guides with skills to improve their sustainability practices on all their trips.

Adventure With Locals was born out of Hannah and Rossette’s passion for locals and community development. They aim to transform the tourism industry by working with local communities not only to safeguard their income but also to empower women and promote sustainable tourism for a social impact. They are concerned about conserving the environment and benefiting communities. They dedicate 20% of their profits to hand washing stations, water refill stations in national parks and communities, and tree planting (for every trip, they plant a tree).

Adventures with Locals, Uganda

We asked Hannah and Rosette to share more about their country, their projects, inspirations, and passions.

With over 52 tribes Uganda is truly a rainbow of an amazing culture. Adventures With Locals bring this bubble of bustling culture along on the road with you as you explore Uganda. Kampala, the Capital city of Uganda, has a unique history, and just like Rome is a city built of seven hills. With our free walking tours, the local female guides share their culture and history with you as you taste local food and interact closely with the locals who have been ranked as the friendliest people in the world.

Experiences with locals

Outside the city is an endless green Adventure With Locals. With over 70% of the economy depending on agriculture many farmers within Uganda plant different cash crops like coffee, tea, and food crops like Matooke, groundnuts, and millet. Join the locals for an organic farm-to-table experience where we share lunch with amazing locals and most times we dance away to the true rhythm of the African dance. Imagine the taste of freshly and locally brewed coffee overlooking the beautiful Sipi falls in Uganda it does not become any more magical. Join a local host on a journey and learn the true sound and feel of Africa as you interact and support the locals.

Adventures with Locals, Uganda

Stories of nature and heroes

Did you know the most amazing and hilarious stories, great legends of how the beautiful lakes and rivers were created are just right here with the locals as we take you on an eco-tour experience? So many untold stories of how these unique places came to be from generation to generation – let’s keep them alive and share them with the world! Africa truly has so many endless secrets to be told of the real African heroes that existed a long time ago and you know what they say, women are the best storytellers remembering the details most will not remember.

Adventures with Locals, Uganda

Sustainability commitment

At Adventures With Locals, we are local, we promote and support only the locals because they are the real Africa they don’t show you, the endless untold stories, the secrets we have kept alive, and the smiles we keep to ourselves are right here. We wait for you to hear the real sound of Africa. For every single trip, you take we plant a tree for every single person represented on the trip. If you’re interested in our go-free movement in Africa we plant the trees together only upon acceptance of our request. If time does not allow we do plant and keep tabs on the growth process as well. Our goal is to plant 100,000 in the next three years.

Adventures with Locals, Uganda

We would like to kindly invite you to support Adventures With Locals. As their slogan says: “Trust a local, travel with confidence. Together we can make a difference in the lives of young women and people in our communities.”

Find Hannah and Rosette and their projects: Adventures With Locals | Free Walking Tours Kampala | Facebook | Instagram

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