The Magic of Lamu Island – like a step back in time

Narissa Allibhai is a Kenyan Desi girl backpacking the world! She is all about conscious art, social justice, intentional communities, alternative spirituality & nature-loving, and blogs about all that on Nomad Girl Tales. Also, she’s a sound healer working with the Tibetan … Read More

The best romantic places to go for your honeymoon

Even though we would have really loved to, we haven’t been on a honeymoon 10 times. We did it just once. However, we have visited some “honeymoon” places that are just perfect to celebrate love and marriage! Those places will … Read More

Kenya – things to do in Mombasa

Our last walk on the beaches and the last dinner in Mawimbi Lodge Hotel were followed by the last morning in Watamu. On that day we had to head to Mombasa and explore the city. So here are some of … Read More

Kenya, Watamu – in Italy or Kenya?

Watamu, Kenya is the place where the Italian and the African cultures meet to prove that they can coexist. In the past Watamu was a fishing village, now it attracts people with its beautiful beaches and the islands, which resurface … Read More

Living as Kenyans – our immersion in Kenyan culture and traditions

This is our story living as a Kenyans. Our unexpected and deeply authentic immersion in Kenyan culture and traditions. It starts in a coastline village in the house of a lovely Kenyan family. For starters, we didn’t know how authentic … Read More

Europe – Asia – Africa in 24 hours + Nairobi for a day

Departure point: Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe Destination: Nairobi, Kenya, Africa Let the adventure begin! There are several obstacles we have to overcome to achieve our ambitious goal of passing through Europe- Asia- Africa within a day. Let’s see how this day … Read More

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