40+ Amazing Airbnbs in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s slogan of “Pura Vida” is calling all those who want to be in nature, reconnect with mother Earth, and travel responsibly. It’s no wonder that the Central American country is a top choice for travelers from all over … Read More

Becoming scuba divers on Utila island

After an adrenaline day on the roads of Honduras and our successful arrival on the island of Utila, it’s time to do something that hasn’t happened to us on this trip in a long time – to stay somewhere for … Read More

How to spend a day or more in Cancun and immerse in the culture

Hey, hola! Our very first stop of the Central America Grande journey is Cancún! Until very very soon, we knew almost nothing about it. Well, except that it is the mecca of beach tourism in the Yucatan peninsula with plenty … Read More

How we turned our Dominican Republic all-inclusive holiday to an active vacation and adventure

This is the story of how we turned our Dominican Republic holiday at an all-inclusive resort to and active vacation and adventure outdoors.

Our favorite travel books

Where do we get travel inspiration from? How do we choose the next destination? Can a book inspire us to visit a place? YES! That’s the reason why we have put together a list of some of our favorite travel … Read More

The best way to visit Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico

Welcome to our post about one of the arguably most exciting and popular places to visit in the whole of Mexico and the world! There’s no need to explain what this one of the New7wonders of the world is about. … Read More

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