Canada visa – fast, easy and without paying extra

Due to the frequent complaints from people applying for Canada visas and eventually having to pay $20, $30, $50, $100 to different websites, we decided to bring some clarity to the Canadian visa case. Here’s how to get a Canada … Read More

The best beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua might be more of a volcano country for you, but it has actually a hidden “weapon”. Nicaragua beaches may not have huge popularity amongst travelers, but that can only mean that you have high chances of having all the … Read More

Mexico highlights and our Yucatan itinerary

Let us introduce you to country number 60 on our list, as well as the beginning of the CA Grande journey, Mexico, and our Yucatan itinerary. In this series of posts, we share the highlights of our visits to the … Read More

Our Central America backpacking itinerary for 2 months

A new journey was coming. We wanted to spend at least two months exploring a different region of our beloved planet Earth. The idea of traveling and doing a Central America backpacking itinerary started to crawl into our minds, uncertain … Read More

Costa Rica highlights – Pura Vida or Cara Vida?

If there would be one country that knows how to brand and market itself, that is Costa Rica! Everyone we know has heard of Costa Rica, of its unbelievable nature and green everywhere, the idyllic spots and the ecological everything. … Read More

Wine tourism: The best countries to taste wine

Where to go for the ultimate wine experience? We asked some of the wine-loving-world-trotting travelers for recommendations on the best countries to taste wine. So let’s go ahead and practice wine tourism all over the world! In this article, you … Read More

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