Nicaragua highlights – our itinerary in the land of volcanoes

Impressive achievements in a sport but I can’t remember which. Fighters for freedom, revolution, communists or just against the wrong power? That was the mix of notions we arrived in Nicaragua with. As soon as we set foot in the … Read More

The top adventure places all around the world

It is now official! A new year has started and it’s supposed to be very appropriate for adventure year! That’s something astrology confirmed so we needed to start planning our next adventure. I mean, the stars think we have to. … Read More

Country number 60 and the new grand journey starting

Some time ago we asked you which country should become number 60 in our list of visited countries. We got tons of great ideas on new places as well as great reminders for places we’ve visited. We got so much … Read More

Dominican Republic – Paradise Island

The small hidden places nobody knows about. The hidden places you hear about only when you are 100-200 km away from them. Then you understand they are more than just a local attraction. You understand that the brightest memory of … Read More

Dominican Republic – riding an ATV

After arriving in Sosua (Sosúa), let’s make an interview while our ATV adventures are still fresh in our minds. An ATV, or a quad bike, will take you through any terrain. But only if you know how to control it … Read More

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