A boat trip around Diaporos island, Halkidiki

We’ve always (read the last 10 years) wanted to rent one of those small boats that you can operate without a special license and sail around hidden beaches, pristine waters, and secluded islands. In Greece, there are quite a few places you can do that. The only problem – they were usually booked out for a week ahead, and we’d always forget to book in advance. But 2020 arrived and along with its endless challenges, it brought some opportunities. That’s how we managed to do a boat trip around Diaporos island in Halkidiki.

A boat trip around Diaporos island, Halkidiki, Greece
The Blue Lagoon between Diaporos island and Agios Isidoros island

Renting a boat from Vourvourou

The most convenient way to get to Diaporos is by renting a boat from the town of Vourvourou. There are more than 15 boat rental companies and most of the boats are pretty much the same. We got the best offers from Meltemi Boat Rental and Deep Blue Rent a Boat and chose the latter. We actually sailed two times this summer and always went for the smallest (also cheapest) boat option – 4.5 meters of length, 30 hp engine, fits 5 people (we saw families with a total of 7-8 kids and adults onboard). A 30 horse-power engine can give you quite the boost when you’re 2 people on board and at the same time, it could feel like you’re the slowest boat around (if you’re 5 people with plenty of luggage onboard). The boats have a shade which is essential for the hot summers in Greece, they also give you a coolbox to store your food and drinks on board. All boats are equipped with radio and map of the area, and a first-aid kit (don’t ask how we verified that).

How to drive the boat? Well, you get instructed twice – first when you sign the rental agreement and then again when you’re on the beach just about to board the boat. They show you on the map which places are too shallow to pass through, where underwater rocks are, where you can “park” the boat on a beach, and where you have to anchor. Navigating is not so hard, just keep a safe distance from anything and be mindful of the engine propeller. Usually, you can take the boat starting from 8.30 – 9 a.m. and you have to return it by 6 p.m.

A boat trip around Diaporos island, Halkidiki, Greece

What to bring for your boat trip around Diaporos island

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Here’s a list of the essential things to bring for your boat trip to Diaporos island. As you’ll spend a lot of time under the sun and in the sea, bring plenty of water and sunscreen. These are the musts, then come hats, sunglasses, swimming suits, towels, masks, snorkels, and fins for your snorkeling activities. You can bring snacks and drinks, and you can also stop by at a marina full of taverns. Wow, we almost forgot to mention the camera, GoPro, drone – you’ll have plenty to capture.

Highlights of the itinerary

Any boat rental company would give you a map / the boat will have a map of the area with all the beaches, islands, places of interest, and no-go places. Most people go around the island and stop at every place that tickled their fancy. Some of the most beautiful beaches include Olive beach, Land beach, Paradise beach, Mirsini beach (called Hawaii beach because of the white sand), Rabbit beach, and Ag. Andreas beach, Ancient beach, as well as Karidi beach and Lagonisi beach on mainland Sithonia. By the way, you can check out our article on some of the best beaches in Sithonia. By the way, you can check out Your lunch stopover can be done at Ormos Panagias marina, where you can park your boat and take a table on the sand.

There are a few smaller islands in close proximity to Diaporos that you’ll pass on your boat trip – Kalamonisia, Prassou, Agios Isidoros, Ampelitsi, Peristeri, Elia, and Kalogria islands. You’ll go around picturesque capes like Cape Karidi and Karakies Cape. And let’s not forget the highlight of the highlights – the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon, Diaporos

The Blue Lagoon is located between Diaporos island and Agios Isidoros island and is a shallow strait of white sand under turquoise waters. It attracts many visitors arriving by smaller boats to bigger yachts and ships. It is indeed a piece of heaven and it’s no wonder even day cruises from Thessaloniki are headed there.

If you want to enjoy the Blue Lagoon with fewer crowds, go on a workday or during the off-season. Even when it’s full of anchored boats, it’s just so magical to swim in the crystal-clear waters.

A boat trip around Diaporos island, Halkidiki, Greece

Is one day enough to sail around Diaporos island?

Having done two one-day boat trips around Diaporos island, we figured that with all the amazing places to visit, one day may seem like not enough. But there’s another side to that – sailing, swimming, and even lying in the sun for a whole day is quite a tiring experience so we suggest that you take your time in each place, enjoy it to the fullest, not being in a hurry. For the average day, boats manage to stop by (anchor or park on a beach) to at least 5-6 spots, take a few swims, snorkel, even have lunch at a tavern and complete the full circle around Diaporos island. So yes, one day is enough to enjoy Diaporos and the surroundings on a boat, and yes, you can rent a boat for a day at least a few times before you start to get bored (if that’s at all possible).

Diaporos island is one of the many gems of the Halkidiki peninsula, and more specifically Sithonia. A boat trip around the island is definitely an experience and driving a boat will give you the perfect amount of independence and adventure to unlock your discoverer spirit and have a great time!

A boat trip around Diaporos island, Halkidiki, Greece
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