30+ best beaches in Sithonia, Halkidiki

Here come our favorite public beaches on Sithonia, Halkidiki in Greece. We’ve been keeping a list for quite a while and now we think it’s grown enough to be shared with the world. We’ve been very particular about choosing a beach to go – we want azure or emerald crystal-clear waters, an abundance of underwater life for snorkeling, or water sports alternatives. Sithonia beaches we visit should be free or have a nice bar/tavern to cater to our Frape and beer whims. The good news is that the list of the best beaches in Sithonia is quite long.

All of our favorite Sithonia beaches have a free area where you can out your own umbrella and stuff. Some of the beaches have paid sunbed-parasol areas which usually belong to a bar or restaurant. So you can buy a drink or grab a bite and that’s how you pay for the sunbed. At very few of the beaches below, you don’t need to consume drinks or food, but you need to pay for occupying the sunbed/parasol.

Kalamitsi beach drone view, Sithonia, Greece

Trani Ammouda beach

First, we spotted a long sandy beach on Google Maps with clear blue waters. Once we checked it out, we usually return to Trani Ammouda beach once a year. A very long beach with azure waters and plenty of free areas. There is a campsite, a couple of bars and taverns on the beach and the color of the water is so inviting that you actually spend more of your time there swimming, snorkeling, etc.

Trani Ammouda Beach

Ormos Panagias Marina

Ormos Panagias village has a tiny beach (mostly occupied by taverns) and a marina. It’s nice because you can reach it with your rental boat, park the boat on the beach and walk to your table for lunch at the tavern or swim in the crystal waters.

Lagonisi beach

Unfortunately, Lagonisi beach has a tiny free area but it’s the most beautiful area on the beach. You can walk on a sand path to a tiny island a bit inside the bay which almost feels like you can walk on water.

Vourvourou (hidden) beach

We’re not very excited about the Vourvourou narrow beachline, but at some places, you just walk a bit more on the dirt road and you end up on a tiny beach with pristine waters all for yourself. And finding a secluded beach at one of the bustling towns of Sithonia is a big deal!

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Stay: We enjoyed the space and the greenery at Lampos House Vourvourou.

Vourvourou hidden beach

Karidi beach

Karidi beach has a beautiful landscape with all the trees providing natural shade and the rocks in the sea being home to plenty of fish. That means it attracts lots of people so eventually, it might not feel so “wild”. Go there early in the morning or later in the afternoon if you prefer peace and quiet.

Diaporos island beaches

Just off the coast of Vourvourou, full of secluded beaches, beautiful capes, and pine-tree landscapes Diaporos island is best explored on a boat trip. You don’t need a special license to rent small boats and you can anchor or park in any place that tickles your fancy. The Blue Lagoon, Hawaii beach, and Paradise beach are among the highlights of the island.

A boat trip around Diaporos island, Halkidiki, Greece

Banana beach

We discovered Banana beach by almost getting lost. But don’t lose hope – at the end of the curvy dirt road, there’s a nice little beach with a bit of a party vibe because of the Rodia beach bar. Its bay is small and you feel distanced from anything else on the coastline.

Robinson Beach

As the name may suggest, Robinson beach is only accessible by boat which makes it a perfect reason (along with many other beaches) to rent a boat and sail Sithonia’s coastline. This beach is wild and you’ll probably be the only / one of the very few to enjoy it at a time.

Αkti Onirou (Dream Coast Beach)

This beach is part of a luxury camping so keep in mind that visitors might not be allowed to enter at all times (like these times we have in the summer of 2020). The sunbeds are super comfy but paid as well. Otherwise, the water is crystal-clear and the ambiance is very relaxing.

Paralia Armenistis

Armenistis beach is a relatively big beach with a free and paid (part of a beach bar) area. The water is so pristine and the views are amazing. Armenistis is part of a campsite with the same name so you usually pay an entrance fee if you don’t stay at the campsite. Keep in mind that in interesting times (as we just mentioned) access for non-residents of the campsite might be even not allowed.

Stay: Camping Armenistis offers different glamping or mobile home options or you can bring your own tent camp there (make sure you reserve in advance if you plan to stay in high season).

Armenistis beach and camping

Paradise Beach (Kavourotripes)

You park the car in the middle of stones and tree roots and continue on foot to the edge of the cliff just to take a glimpse. Then you see a wooden Paradise beach sign and you know all the sweat was worth it. Well-hidden beneath vertical limestone cliffs, it is really paradise. With a bar/umbrella/sunbed area and a free one.

Снимка с дрон над скалистия плаж Paradise (Paradisos) или Рай на Ситония, Халкидики, Гърция

Mega Portokali Beach

Portokali beach is probably one of the most popular Sithonia beaches and its natural beauty is the single responsible for that. Evergreen forest in the background, small stretches of sand separated by white rocks, bays that are full of fish, and the sea colors from azure blue to emerald green – it’s no wonder why so many people would sunbathe on the rocks or go early to catch a sunbed in the bar area.

Снимка с дрон над плаж Портокали или Portokali (Orange) Beach на Ситония, Халкидики, Гърция

Platanitsi beach

If you’re into partying on the beach, Platanitsi is the perfect place for you. There are a couple of beach bars with music, DJs, and a party vibe even if you visit at 10 in the morning. The sea was a bit rough when we got there, but who doesn’t want to play with the waves?

Снимка с дрон над плаж Платания на Ситония, Халкидики, Гърция

Paralia Achlada

No network coverage, but a beautiful tiny beach where you’ll detox from social media, mail, or phone calls. The water comes in all those inviting colors so don’t worry that you’ll get bored.

Sarti beach

Sarti is one of the biggest towns on the Sithonia coastline and many people choose Sarti beach for convenience and proximity to where they’re staying. The beach is long enough to host quite a few bars and still has even more free areas so you can enjoy it if you don’t mind bigger crowds in high season.

Stay in Sarti: Stay with the friendly Sokratis at Iliadis House or Iliadis House II.

Sarti beach, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

Platania beach

If you want a bit more privacy, head to Platania beach to the south of Sarti. It’s a small sandy stretch with shallow waters and it doesn’t get crowded.

Goa beach

A beautiful beach surrounded by high cliffs from both sides so it’s you and the dark blue sea. We find Goa beach to be the perfect place for an early morning swim/jog/meditation as the nearby bar seems to be the afternoon/night kind of a venue.

Снимка с дрон над плажния бар Goa и скалите около плажа на Ситония, Халкидики, Гърция

Valti beach

A nice beach in a lovely bay area protected by wind and waves. The sands look golden under the right light, the water is crystal-clear and good for snorkeling, plus you can walk just twenty minutes on a paved road from Paralia Sikia to Valti beach.

Valti beach, Sithonia, Greece

Paralia Sikia

We believe Sikia beach is totally underrated – it’s a bay with a long wide stretch of sand with almost no establishments and the perfect view towards Mount Athos. We even celebrated July Morning impromptu on Paralia Sikia and it was nothing short of spectacular.

Stay: Camping Pitsoni – you can rent a tent or a caravan and enjoy a peaceful relaxed setting.

Sikia beach, Sithonia, Greece

Linaraki Beach

At the very southernmost end of Sikia beach, there’s a small spot called Linaraki beach. It has a beach bar so you can enjoy the perks of Sikia while drinking your frape/ouzo. The rocks on the southern part of the beach provide for amazing snorkeling.

Pigadakia Beach

A couple of boats and many sunbeds will greet you at Pigadakia beach. However, the view from above (from the 5 steps in the sand tavern) is just magical! Especially at sunset.

Pigadakia beach, Sithonia, Greece

Tourkolimnionas beach

The last tiny but hearty beach before the big drive along the scenic road to the Kriaritsi ghost town is Tourkolimnionas beach.

Klimataria beach

The sunset is just pure magic, seen from Klimataria beach. Yes, you can also enjoy the pristine waters and snorkel around the rocks, you can also enjoy the taverns and bars on the beach. But the sunset, just go there at sunset!

A view of Mount Athos from Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece
The views towards Mount Athos from the Kriaritsi part of Sithonia are just magical!

Kriaritsi Beach

There is one long turquoise stretch that’s called Kriaritsi beach. If you managed not to get lost in the Kriaritsi ghost town labyrinth of streets, you can enjoy the beach or one of the nearby campsites. If you’re lucky, maybe you can camp right there on the sand.

Kriaritsi beach, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

Kalamitsi Beach

We’ve never experienced non-crowded Kalamitsi beach, but it has its vibe and charm, attracting many first-time visitors and just as many regulars. There are a couple of campsites in the area for your beach accommodation.

Kalamitsi beach drone view, Sithonia, Greece

Porto Koufo beach

The largest natural harbor in Greece, Porto Koufo will welcome you even if you’re not there to sail. You can enjoy its narrow stretch of sand and swim with many playful fishes, but be careful – it gets really deep after less than 2 meters off the shore.

Porto Koufo beach, Sithonia, Greece

Toroni Beach

Toroni beach serves the charming little Toroni town. Even if there are very crowded areas on the beach, the sunset is worth to be watched together with many people, and after that, the party may get started. Actually, sunset is when it all goes quiet.

Stay in Toroni: We recommend Electra Studios and their friendly hosts.

Toroni beach

Ema beach

We discovered this little gem just outside Toroni and we declared it the snorkeling paradise on Sithonia. It’s a tiny beach with many interesting rocks that can entertain you snorkeling for quite a while. On the beach, Maria and her food truck will take good care of your stomach.

The secluded Ema beach

Tristinika beach

All of our visits to the Tristinika beach coincide with visits to Bar Ethnik. The beach is sandy and wide, seas could be playful at times. The bar is the perfect place to chill, have fun, and…you guessed it – enjoy another mesmerizing sunset on Sithonia!

Снимка с дрон над бар Ethnik и плаж Тристеника на Ситония, Халкидики, Гърция

Lagomandra beach

I remember the first time we set foot on Lagomandra beach and spotted its Blue Flag. It was well-deserved and many many people recognized that. We love its natural shade and the hefty dishes in the taverns nearby.

Stay: We’ve stayed in the nearby Neos Marmaras and the cozy Greek House Hotel.

Paralia Elia

Not far from the liveliness of Lagomandra and much calmer from visitors’ perspective, even having a beach bar, Paralia Elia is a great place to relax, swim, and snorkel. Although the beach is rocky, the views are great and the tranquility is easy to appreciate.

Paralia Elia, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

Spathies beach

A very calm, surrounded by pines and big rocks, sandy beach. If you want to enjoy true tranquility, head to the Little and Big Spathies beaches – yes, there are actually two of them.

Stay: We recommend those lovely apartments – Spathies, just across the road and a 2-minute walk from the beach.

Koviou beach

And here’s our favorite beach in Sithonia and probably in the whole of Greece – Koviou beach. We visited it for the first time about 10 years ago and we never miss stopping by at least once every summer ever since. It’s the most emerald and azure color of the waters and the abundance of sea life that made us instantly fall in love with Koviou! There is a free, as well as paid area (and a bar, and a restaurant, and a hotel), but be there early as it can get crowded.

Снимка с дрон над плаж Ковиу, Ситония, Гърция

If you’re still wondering where to stay, check out this article with our favorite Halkidiki stays (features stays in Sithonia as well).

So those were not only our favorite but also the best beaches in Sithonia! As there are more than 30 of them, we might split this article into two or more but feel free to suggest other beaches!

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