Explore the best Chalkidiki beaches

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Choose a beach from the Chalkidiki gallery and let’s jump in the water

or lie in the sun or have a frappe together! Sithonia, Cassandra, and Athos welcome you to their best beaches!

γειά σου!

Photos of our favorite Chalkidiki beaches are taken between May and September.



Here are our favorite things to do on Chalkidiki beaches:

  • Snorkel to meet friendly fish and not so friendly sea urchins – beware where you step underwater!
  • Float in the shallow waters and absorb vitamin Sea.
  • Lie on a sun chair and enjoy a cup of Frappe, made in Greek beach style!
  • Play the game with wooden rackets and rubber ball to stay in shape.
  • Read a nice book that fits the summer beach atmosphere.
  • Stare at the endless blue sea and dream!



If you open the door at the upper left corner of the map you will see the list of all beaches linked to their locations.


We usually book accommodation on Halkidiki with booking.com. This is an affiliate link to earn us a small commission at no extra cost to you, just in case you decide to book.


Can you guess which beach, village and people inspired us so much that we wrote a whole chapter about them in our first book “The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals”?


Let’s not forget some of our other favorite beaches located in different parts of the world: Mauritius, Rio de Janeiro, Kenya, Lithuania, Latvia, Geneva, New Zealand!

Let the journey take you to  Different perspectives to Haskovo


We wish you happy and healthy sunbathing! ☀ 🍹 😎



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12 Responses

  1. Stephania Tapela
    | Reply

    Amazing! I have never been in Greece, but I have to 🙂

    • Nace Sapundjiev
      | Reply

      And it doesn’t seem very hard to get there from Sofia 😉

  2. They all look great! Looks like I have some beach hopping to do.

  3. Sandy N Vyjay
    | Reply

    All of these look like really promising beaches. Great getaways for some fun and frolic amidst sand and sea.

    • Bistra Yakimova
      | Reply

      Yes, they are super cool getaways, especially those with very few people knowing of them! 🙂

  4. They all look beautiful, I’d love to beach hop here! With a nice frappe and a handsome greek guy please!

  5. DIY Travel HQ
    | Reply

    Looks like I’ll need the whole summer in Greece to get to all the beaches… nothing wrong with that!

    • Bistra Yakimova
      | Reply

      It would take a summer to cover just those around Chalkidiki! It would probably take years to go around every beach in Greece! What a blessing! 🙂

  6. Tracy
    | Reply

    I want to explore as many as I can! Haha..Which one is your most favourite?

    • Bistra Yakimova
      | Reply

      It’s super hard to tell the favorite one – they are all so nice! We recently went to Emma beach – it’s tiny but amazing!

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