An amazing 4-day Dubai itinerary

Neha Singh wants to visit as many places on the planet as possible, but Dubai made her fall in love. She’s the main author of the Dubai Wikia guide site to Dubai. So let her enchant you with the magic of Dubai and her suggestions for a 4-day Dubai itinerary.

When I first went to Dubai there were no special expectations. It was just another destination in my quest to travel the world. But Dubai surprised me! Yes, no wonder it is touted as the entertainment capital of the world. Every corner of the city beams with vibrancy, every single soul is looking towards the tourists with a welcoming charm. Although the place hosts the richest in the world, finding a backpacker’s home is also equally easy. After enjoying a memorable time in this astounding city called Dubai, here’s presenting my curated 4 days in Dubai itinerary for anyone looking to spend a great time in the city.

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Day 1: Explore the history of Dubai

If you want to experience a city with its soul, start with its history. It’s imperative to know where the city came from. This is why you should start your day with the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood and go on to explore the Bur Dubai area with Diera. All these three areas together make for the oldest parts of Dubai and have immense cultural and historical significance in terms of Dubai’s journey from huts to Burj Khalifa.

After Old Dubai Tour, come back to its modern era and get inside the massive Dubai Mall. You’ve got to believe me when I say- it is a different world altogether. It is as if the entire world has come together to serve you the best of products in the world. Not a shopaholic? No problem, go to the Dubai mall to experience the world’s biggest aquarium, and the underwater zoo, It is nothing like you would’ve seen ever.

Just next to Dubai mall is the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower. Take the tickets and ride up in the world’s fastest elevator to the 124th floor to enjoy the view from the observatory deck. Since you’re going in the evening, be ready to enjoy the most beautiful sunset of your life. after the trip to Burj Khalifa, you can enjoy the late evening watching the Dubai fountain show while eating at any of the restaurants around.

Al Fahidi historical neighborhood 4-day Dubai itinerary
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Day 2: Time to see the whole of Dubai

It’s time to see the whole of Dubai and then decide which attractions would you want to see again.

Sign up for the exquisite tour of hop-on, a hop-off bus tour that takes you to the best parts of the city and allows you to enjoy the city’s best attractions for a while. If you wish to stay there longer, you can hop off and hop on another bus in line. The commentary is mostly in English but if you’re unfamiliar with the language, you will be provided with headphones and you can hear the running commentary in the language of your choice.

They say, no trip to Dubai is complete without the amazing desert safari even if it is a Dubai itinerary of 4 days. Go and explore the massive UAE desert with unmatched hospitality. Enjoy camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking for the evening and then rest in the desert camp with plenty of cultural entertainment options such as Tanura dance, belly dancing, Heena tattoos, souvenir shops and more. Have a delectable dinner in the desert and if you wish you can even opt for the overnight safari and stay through the night under the starry blanket of stars in the middle of the desert.

big bus 4-day Dubai itinerary
Desert Safari 4-day Dubai itinerary

Day 3: Enjoy some astounding indoor activities in Dubai

It’s time to enjoy some astounding indoor activities in Dubai. Mind it, these are no simple ones, they can challenge you to the limits.

Go for the Mall of Emirates. Spread across an area of 255489 square meters, the mall is your answer to the definition of fun. With 630 retail outlets, 7900 parking spaces, over 100 restaurants & Cafes, 80 luxury stores, and 250 flagship stores; the place starts your day with amazement. During the afternoon beat the heat with Ski Dubai, UAE’s biggest indoor ski resort with a temperature of minus one degree and below throughout the year. Yes! Now you know where you need to go to beat the heat if you’re going to Dubai summers. I’m sure it’ll be hard for you to come back from one of the largest malls in the world before the evening.

Head towards the Jumeirah mosque in the evening. The religious place is a must-visit no matter your religious beliefs for its amazing architecture. It glitters with its minarets and domes beautiful looking at the sky.

Dubai Mall 4-day Dubai itinerary

Day 4: Water adventure and old Arabian market

Take the monorail and head towards the lovely island of Dubai Marina and Jumeriah. The giant walkway with astounding architecture and buildings all around is sure to make your day great. Check out Atlantis the Palm resort and visit the mighty Aquaventure waterpark for one of the world’s most challenging rides. It is sure to challenge the adventure junkie in you.

In the evening explore Dubai’s Venice- the Souq Madinat. Built like an old Arabian market, the place is full of restaurants, pubs bars, and shopping places. From souvenirs to jewelry, everything is available here, you just need to fit into your Dubai budget. The stunning water canals can be enjoyed in the traditional dhow vessels known as the ‘abras’. The experience promises to bring you closer to the city of Dubai in so many ways.

Palm Islands 4-day Dubai itinerary

Will four days be enough to soak in the grandeur of Dubai? Well, it certainly is not, but yes, it surely can give you a perfect introduction to the city, with a will to come back again to this majestic place and explore more. So wait no more! Dubai has hooked me to it, it is your turn now. Go and explore the crown prince of UAE today!

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