Places to visit in Munnar, Kerala for two days

Munnar means the place where three rivers meet – Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. A town and a hill station in the Western Ghats mountain range, Munnar is most well-known for the green gorgeous tea plantations, which shine from photos as green as it gets. The place was a resort for the British Raj elite, but we’re so happy we live in times where it’s open for anyone who can get there. So here’s our story of the places to visit in Munnar for two days.

Tea plantations in Munnar, Kerala, India

Munnar Town

The drive from Kochi to Munnar can take 4 to 6 hours, depending on traffic and how much you stop to drink tea. We were nicely surprised to feel the cool air in Munnar after a crazy hot day in Fort Kochi. So when we arrived in Munnar, all we wanted to do is relax, drink ginger tea, and get ready for our trek the next day.

Our guide Senthil visited us at the hotel to do a briefing for the next two days. If we had more time, we would go for an ayurvedic massage and maybe a party (as we heard party music in the evening). But we didn’t have so we had a hearty dinner and went straight to bed.

The next day, after a short drive to the Yellapatty area, we finished a cup of black tea and put on our leech socks to start the trek!

Tea gardens in Munnar

I was thinking I can hike through tea gardens for days! Green landscapes are so inspiring and so rewarding for the eye. The tea plantations are a must when it comes to places to visit in Munnar, no matter if you’re there for a day, two days, or a week. We met some ladies picking tea and we even saw two methods for that – by a mechanical device and by an electrical one. Either way, that’s not an easy job at all! And in some areas, as we experienced in Sri Lanka, they even pick the tea leaves by hand.

The trek goes up

After some time green kingdom gave way to a steep forest landscape. We were passing (and sometimes tasting!) wild mulberries, big tea trees, and eucalyptus trees. Surrounded by the sounds of birds, we even shortly spotted a Nilgiri langur (a monkey species which is vulnerable due to habitat destruction). After an uneasy ascent, we decided to sit down and relax a bit – it was not exactly coordinated with our guides Senthil and Saju and they didn’t have the chance to check for leeches. As you can imagine, our break was interrupted by many leeches trying to climb over us. So we shook it off, triple-checked if we have some on us, and continued with a good pace uphill. Leech socks FTW!

Views and where’s my breath

Although I thought I’m well-rested, my legs felt heavy as stones and trekking uphill was quite the challenge for me. Nace was trying to balance supporting me and checking for leeches, not an easy job. At the end of the day, nobody got bitten and we had a funny story to tell.

We were trekking through the Reserve Forests of Kottakudi valley to Cloud Form Camping Viewpoint to The Kottakudi Valley Peak also known as Cliff Valley Viewpoint (thank you, Ketki, for writing down all those names of places and species during our trek in Yellapatty). Every next viewpoint was offering better and better views until we all agreed at the peak that it was all worth the hike, the sweat, and the leech alert. Plus how often can you see a flower that blooms once in 4 years, blossoming with bright colors?

The Footprint Glamp

After a bit of descent and ascent again, we reached our place for lunch. The Footprint Glamp is one of those accommodations that we love staying at not only for the beautiful setup but also for the fact that you have to hike for at least 2.7 kilometers to get there. All those amazing landscapes feel so homey and so deserved when you did some hiking to reach them! So we had one of the best lunches in a tent in the glamping, had some time to rest and check out the property, and continued downhill (yey!) back to Yellapatty.

Yellapatty village

Right inside the tea gardens kingdom, we walked through a village. Houses were small and simple but so colorful and so well taken care of. All the people we met had those true smiles revealing what pure happiness looks like.

Pampadum Shola National Park

Isn’t it cool when your accommodation is in a national park? Well, we were to stay in such a thing. We drove to Pampadum Shola National Park, the landscapes of tall trees now replaced the tea terraces. On that road, we even saw some elephants the next day. We’ll have to go back to spot the celebrity-elephant Padayappa!

Pampadum Shola National Park, Munnar, Kerala, India

Vattavada village

Farther into the national park, we passed through the Vattavada village where a temple festival was taking place so we actually first heard the village before we saw it. The area is known as the market of Kerala for its vegetable and fruit produce. They grow a wide variety of crops not found in other parts of Kerala, including varieties of apple, orange, strawberry, blackberry, plums, gooseberry, egg fruit, peach, passion fruit, etc.

Vattavada Camp

We thought we’d hike the last leg to the campsite, but we had an adventurous jeep ride (500 meters can be a lot of adventure). We settled in huge tents over the terraced fields. It was another special feeling to stay beneath fields of crops. We arrive just in time to watch the last part of the sunset with hot chocolate and bolts of lightning over the mountain across. After a tasty BBQ dinner, stories by the campfire, and relaxing Indian flute music, we retired to our tents to sleep like babies.

Breakfast with a view

As another reward for our tough trek, we got a hearty fruity breakfast with THE view! Sometimes I just don’t want to write about the most beautiful things we experienced as words can hardly do them justice. Lovely views were our travel companions during the whole trip to Munnar, for all of the two days!

Where to stay in Munnar

So here are some practicalities. There are many hotels and guesthouses in Munnar. In Munnar Town, we stayed at Clouds Valley Hotel where we enjoyed some great views from our room and tasty meals at the restaurant. One of the most experiential glamping you can find in Yellapatty – that’s Glamp Footprint. In the Vattavada area, we camped and had a memorable time at Vattavada Camp.

How to visit Munnar in two days or more

If you want to enjoy Munnar and take the most out of your time, we highly recommend that you go with the amazing guides from Kestrel adventures. Senthil and Saju went beyond hospitality to make our 2 days in Munnar absolutely perfect! You can do longer trips and longer multi-day treks with them and you won’t regret it!

With Kestrel Adventures in Munnar, Kerala, India

*This experience and our trip to Central Kerala were courtesy of Kerala Travel Mart and Kerala Tourism. As always, all opinions, thoughts, and views of the magical places and people we meet are our own!

How to visit Munnar, Kerala in 2 days

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