The Magic of Traveling turns 10!

Sometime in June 2012, we decided to start telling about our travels around the world by writing a blog. We didn’t wonder for a long time about the name, because it was clear – we wanted to share the magic of traveling. For 10 years, the blog has transformed many times, and we hope it has evolved with us as people and travelers. The Мagic of Тraveling turns 10! Sounds almost unbelievable to us.

We rarely share about the business part, or what it actually means to have a blog (most of you know how much work it takes). For example, on the occasion of the 7th anniversary (albeit a year later, haha) we shared 7 important blogging lessons we learned. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, we go back with interesting facts and stories that happened to the blog and us. Finally, we will share a few photos that we even have printed and hung in a frame on the wall. Each has a special meaning and story.

  1. We do not know exactly when we hit 1 million page views. For the first 4 years, we used another platform and after the migration, all data and statistics disappeared. But in combination with all other channels (social media, Traveletter, video platforms) we reach more than a million people a year. This makes us proud of ourselves! Especially since just our most loyal readers and friends were with us for a while.
  2. We wrote and published 3 travel books. These endeavors were among the most difficult. But the results and especially the effect, although difficult to measure, were some of the most memorable moments for us!
  3. Our site has been hacked several times. Fixing such problems and migrations between platforms and hosting providers present some of our saddest moments!
  4. We have worked and continue to work with several amazing guest authors. Each of them brought a new nuance, a new emotion to the blog. We are grateful to them and look forward to sharing their new creations!
  5. We are very proud that for these 10 years we have managed to keep the blog “clean” of ads. We tried to run ads for a total of 2 months, but somehow they burdened us a lot. We don’t like them, but we don’t know how long we will last without them, because they are an important revenue stream.
  6. We started the blog as a hobby. At one point we decided to do things professionally. In the first years, we did not even imagine that with the blog we will generate revenue and turn it into a business. Part of the revenue comes when businesses work with us, and a very important part comes from you – our readers – who book hotels, cars, tours, etc. through our affiliate links.
  7. The blog took us to amazing places and wonderful people. We participated in many fam and press trips, conferences, and travel events. We met with inspiring people and brands from all over the world.
  8. We were offered a substantial amount to sell the entire The Magic of Traveling platform. We refused (obviously), although the offer came during the pandemic and was inspiring to consider. If we had accepted, perhaps this would have left more space for new endeavors. When it comes to new ventures …
  9. We are cooking a new project, but unlike previous projects such as Your Cultural Tour, Journey Box, the books, etc., which rather complemented The Magic of Traveling, this project may be the next version of it. Something we will dedicate most of our time and energy to. Will this thing replace this platform? It is not yet clear, as we need more time to clarify the idea and concept. However, you will be the first to know!
  10. Thanks to the blog (and traveling, of course), we were able to help different causes and people with missions, share ideas that we find important, and bring the world closer. If we have managed to pass on our love for the world and its inhabitants, our eagerness to know and appreciate the known and the unknown, and to respect both the similar and the different – then the mission of The Magic of Traveling is accomplished!

So with these 10 fun facts, we celebrate the birthday of The Magic of Traveling. It turns 10 – which seems like so much time to us, but in fact, passed like a moment. Thanks to everyone who was with us at this moment! We hope we will be together for many more moments to come!

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