Our Lanzarote itinerary and favorite things to do on the island

The island of Lanzarote was on our bucket list for a long time. So when we had the opportunity to travel to a warmer place in winter – we didn’t think too long. We’ll share our favorite things to do in Lanzarote and our itinerary, which took 10 days (but we also worked during four of them). So this Lanzarote itinerary can be easily done if you just have 7 or 8 days on the island.

Lago Verde, Lanzarote by drone

Punta Mujeres

Restaurant Palenke was just a few steps away from our accommodation so we became regulars. The staff was always friendly and smiling and they even cooked a vegetarian takeaway paella for us.

The natural pools of Punta Mujeres are the main highlight to attract travelers to the village. It’s lovely to swim in the pools or just gather sunshine on the rocks while feeling safe from the wild ocean (it can be quite rough at times). There’s a different scenery at high tide or low tide. For some time of peace and relaxation, we definitely recommend the natural pools of Lanzarote.

Our walks within the village introduced us to a traditional sport of the island – the boche. Many neighbors got together to measure who has the best strategy, most experienced, and precise hand while playing boche outside. Observing this community sport was magical!

Parties at 5 p.m. might seem a bit of a far-fetched concept for some of us, but at Bar La Piscina “Pichón” it is a regular Saturday! You can stop for a drink or just hang out around the natural pools in front while dancing to the rhythm of loud music mixed with ocean sounds.

Sendero Litoral de Jameos is a beautiful hike over frozen lava, dirt path, and sand. It offers amazing views of Punta Mujeres, the ocean, and the green moss, and goes all the way to Jameos del Agua. The hike has a low to medium difficulty and takes up to 3 hours. We didn’t go all the way to Jameos, as the sunset was quickly approaching (another spectacular view).

A place we stopped by to have a fresh beer in the village was Sal y Luna. It served its purpose and we could hear the music coming from the ocean nearby.

La Graciosa island | Isla Graciosa

Currently, two ferry companies serve the route Órzola – La Graciosa island. They have different starting times so whenever you get to Orzola, the staff will direct you to the parking lot, help you get to the respective kiosk, and buy your ticket. The price is the same and was 26 euro return at the end of 2021.

The ferry ride itself is a picturesque experience. You go around Lanzarote, observing majestic cliffs and rocks, and beaches that are only accessible by boat. Isla Graciosa welcomes you with its desert-like landscape and the shining white houses in Caleta del Sebo. On the way back with the ferry to Orzola, we even witnessed the sunset.

Caleta del Sebo is the main and only town on La Graciosa island. Its white and pale colors reflect the sun in such a magical way that you feel like exploring the streets of the town. The sandy streets slowly transform into the beautiful sandy volcanic coast. From the town, you can rent bikes or book a jeep tour to different parts of the island.

We stopped for a brunch of pan con tomate and fresh orange juice at Mesón de la Tierra. The place and the staff were so cool that we returned for early dinner just before we boarded the ferry to go back. We got a beer at El Saladero as this was the thing that everyone around was doing. Together with watching the port, the people passing by, and just chilling out.

Now let’s talk about the beautiful landscape of La Graciosa and what we explore on foot. After walking out of Caleta del Sebo, we followed the coast to Playa del Salado. The low tide revealed a picturesque lagoon and as it was a bit cloudy and not too hot, we managed to enjoy even some dancing while the high tide was coming.

We flew the drone to the nearby Playa Francesa and the volcano Montaña Amarilla (the Yellow Mountain). The volcanic landscape of the island together with the azure waters are just magical and a bit out-of-this-planet!

Miradores and sunsets

With the flexibility of having a rental car, we could drive to some of the most beautiful miradors (viewpoints) of Lanzarote. Some of them were bustling with people (especially at sunset), and some we had just to ourselves. Anyway, the amazing viewpoints are a must-see part of any Lanzarote itinerary. Here are the most memorable ones.

Mirador del Rio – this is quite the popular spot on the island. You can stop by at the road and jump over a low fence (be careful and don’t go too much near the edge) or go to the artist-designed clifftop structure with cafe and viewing platforms (for an entrance fee). Either way, the vistas are just spectacular. You can even see the whole La Graciosa island in front of you.

Mirador de Guinate – this is a much less popular spot and it’s best enjoyed at sunset. Dramatic views from an almost vertical cliff are awaiting. The parking spots are not so many but we had no problem enjoying it with just a few other cars in winter.

Mirador de Caldera – we saw this mirador on the map and Google suggested navigating us there. After some dirt road and a few hundred meters trying to avoid potholes, we gave up as we also want to not break the car and be able to return safe and sound. Obviously, you can get to the mirador hiking and climbing a cliff for the last few meters. It was about time that we were failed by the navigation on this trip.

Mirador de Haría – it was dusk time when we got there. No cars, no people, just a church on a hill, a view of a flickering village, and the magical post-sunset colors over the sea.


Arrieta is a little town, charming with the fishers’ vibe and peaceful views. Sometimes we would walk from Punta Mujeres to Arrieta, sometimes we would stop by with the car. We had dinner at Restaurante El Lago on the way to Punta Mujeres and at Restaurante Amanecer (and enjoyed the typical dessert bicumesabe but not dawn, as the name of the restaurant suggests). We even found a small store where we bought a jacket and bracelets. The hospitality of the town was amazing.

Jameos del Agua

Los Jameos del Agua, like the Cueva de los Verdes, is located inside a volcanic tunnel produced by eruptions of the Corona Volcano. Los Jameos is located in the section of the tunnel that is closest to the coast. It owes its name to the existence of an interior lake caused by infiltrating sea water, which gives rise to a unique geological formation.

The whole site is managed by the Municipal Council of Lanzarote’s Centres for Art, Culture and Tourism which means if you want access to the volcanic tunnel and caverns featuring an underground concert hall, restaurant, and salt lake, you pay an entrance fee. We paid 10 euros per person for our visit. Although it can get pretty busy, the views are spectacular, especially of the salt cavern lake.

Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote itinerary


Our exploration of the capital Arrecife included long walks and we enjoyed how walkable and also peaceful the city was. We parked the car somewhere outside the center and followed the coastline walking, passing a park, a huge beach, hotels, and the fortress. A festival scene was getting prepared, there was also a craft market and a Christmas market. We witnessed a magical sunset over the sea and continued walking the streets of the old town.

Costa Teguise

We decided to stop by Costa Teguise one evening and have dinner. There were too many resort-like restaurants and bars that all offer the same overpriced and tasteless international food. The beach looked small but nice but it was too much of the same Sunny beach in Bulgaria or Magaluf in Mallorca vibe all over, and that is not our jam. We didn’t visit the resort during the daytime.


Apart from being the gateway to Isla Graciosa, Orzola is a nice and quiet port town where we had a great time. After crossing the whole town for about 10 minutes, we found Restaurante Puerto Atlantico. This little gem offered the most delicious Italy-inspired menu and great views of the sea and parts of Orzola.

Things to do in Lanzarote - desserts in Orzola

Playa de Punta Prieta (Las Cocinitas)

After passing the road near the beach so many times, we couldn’t not stop by and stay there. Playa de Punta Prieta a.k.a. Las Cocinitas is a white sand and pebbles beach in the midst of a lava field. Although we wouldn’t risk swimming in the rough sea, we enjoyed the views of waves crashing on the rocks so much. Keep in mind this is also a nudist beach. There are some stone facilities to keep the strong wind away.

Playa Honda

Well, Playa Honda is a long and wide sandy beach that can probably fit everyone on the island but there weren’t too many people on the beach that day (maybe it was because of Christmas Eve). We stopped by on our way moving to the south part of Lanzarote. Some hefty lunch was enjoyed at Restaurante Salmarina Playa Honda – one of the waterfront places.

One special thing about Playa Honda is that it’s so near the airport that you can see planes taking off and landing. The taking-off is really loud and clear. If you are patient and walk down the beach, even more, you can see the sunset and landing planes.

Puerto del Carmen

We moved to Puerto del Carmen for the second part of our Lanzarote itinerary. We were done with the work days so we didn’t need a specific accommodation to fit our working needs. Puerto del Carmen is one of the most popular places to stay on Lanzarote, and prices confirmed that.

Our favorite place in Puerto del Carmen was the old harbor area (El Varadero), we would go walk around and watch the sunset from different spots – it was always so beautiful! With vivid colors long after sunset, we would have dinner at Restaurante Sal y Pimiento (located on a natural balcony facing the bay) or Terrace Sunset View (that had that name for a reason).

A great beach in Puerto del Carmen is Playa Chica – a special place where angel sharks are breeding and if you’re lucky you can snorkel and observe the sharks just near the beach.

The town is home to Avenida de las Playas – the beachside boulevards full of restaurants, shops, bars, and noise of any kind you might be looking for.

We signed up for a sunset dolphin cruise in the hope to spot dolphins and observe the southeast side of the island from the water. We even saw Fuerteventura in the distance. Although we didn’t spot any dolphins the bumpy ride didn’t let us get bored. We finished the cruise with bubbly wine and postres watching the sunset.

Slingshot tour

Slingshots are 3-wheel roadsters that are not only a treat to watch, but fun to drive. And when you have the chance to drive this vehicle with lots of horse powers, one wheel in the back, two wheels in the front in the volcano scenery of Lanzarote, you can’t miss it!

Our slingshot tour took half a day and went through some hard-to-believe landscapes. We were excited to drive through beautiful places like Playa de Famara, Timanfaya National Park, Golfo, and many more. With a lot of wind in the hair and turning many glances towards our colorful group, we completed the best adrenaline day of our Lanzarote itinerary.


Lago Verde

One of the wonders of nature on Lanzarote, Lago Verde, also known as Charco de los Clicos, or the green Lagoon is so named due to the green color of its waters, provided by phytoplankton, different sulfurs, minerals, and the great number of unique microorganisms that inhabit this place. Together with Playa de loc Ciclos, it represents one of the most picturesque landscapes on the island. Of course, expect many other visitors. There’s a few-hundred-meter hike to get to the farthest viewpoint, but it’s manageable.

Playa de Famara

We fell in love with the views Playa de Famara gave us when we passed it with the slingshot. It’s a 2-kilometer rock and pebble beach is orientated just right towards the Atlantic Ocean so surfing is the best activity. The beach is located south of the Cliffs of Famara – the remains of a volcanic caldera in the south of La Graciosa.

We returned to the beach for long walks and to play with the tides and waves. Even if you’re not a surfer, this beach is just too beautiful to be missed. We also enjoyed a tasty brunch at Caleta de Famara in the village which has the “neverending vacation” vibes.

Playa Mujeres

We couldn’t find a better place for our Christmas picnic lunch than Playa Mujeres. Its fine white sand and azure water quickly became our favorite view. Situated inside the Los Ajaches Protected Natural Park in the south of the island, the beach will give you a great experience away from the noise of the city.

Playa Blanca

We headed to Playa Blanca just to go to a specific restaurant – Simple & Natural. We had one of our most delicious homemade meals on Lanzarote.

Our highlight of that area was our walk from Playa de las Coloradas to Castillo del Aguila – the whole promenade overlooks the ocean and is such a treat. Many new and old properties are lined up, featuring views to make you start dreaming of buying a property there. At the castle, a.k.a Torre del Águila, you can really get the best “eagle-sight” views.

Puerto Calero

Puerto Calero is known for being a sports port. Apart from the many yachts and boats, the pedestrian area is very lively and there was an open-air market with crafts and handmade goods. We didn’t miss the chance to get some gifts and beautiful headbands. Our brunch took place at Puro Gusto with some Italian flavors.

Things to do in Lanzarote - brunch at Puerto Calero

Salinas de Janubio

We are so happy we discovered the Salinas de Janubio. We didn’t go inside the salt flats and the facilities which seemed operational. The view from above, from the nearby hill, is just amazing. All those shades of white, pink, and beige, reaching the emerald-azure sea.

Playa de Montana Bermeja

This beach might not be best for swimming, but the views of the nearby red mountain and the fed-by-the-sea lagoon are just marvelous. Playa de Montana Bermeja features black volcanic sand and no shade, so be prepared if you want to spend more time on the beach.

Los Hervideros

Los Hervideros might be one of the best things to see on Lanzarote. Rugged volcanic coastline and lava cliffs that go straight into the water invite you to watch how the waves crash into the sea caves. We’ve spotted this place in some movies already so now it’s a good time to visit it before it gets crowded.


Teguise was the capital of the Kingdom of the Canary Islands and the capital of Lanzarote until 1852. You can feel the colonial vibe walking the cobbled streets and observing the architecture. It was such a different vibe than the natural wonders of Lanzarote that we might stay there next time, to experience the atmosphere. We had tapas in the lovely garden at Patio del Vino.

Teguise, Lanzarote

Lanzarote delights

Here is the most delicious section of this blog post – the best things we ate in Lanzarote. We believe those foods are worth trying. The Canarian sauces called mojos will accompany almost every meal of yours. Try the white, red, green, or other colors if you have the chance. We ate some of the best vegetable paellas. Don’t forget to try potaje de lentejas (especially at Puerta Verde restaurant). Pescados and mariscos are usually fresh and tasty if that’s your jam. And when it’s time for postres (desserts) we recommend trying bicumesabe and gofio.

Lanzarote hosts a number of wineries and vineyards and you can enjoy the volcanic vineyard landscapes. We postponed visiting the wineries for the next time.

Things to do in Lanzarote for couples

We want to give a short list of the best things to do in Lanzarote for couples, for your ultimate romantic trip on the island. So here we go: the natural pools of Punta Mujeres, the secluded beaches of La Graciosa island, every mirador you can find, Playa de punta Prieta, the slingshot tour, Lago Verde, Paya Mujeres, Playa de Montana Bermeja.

Things to do in Lanzarote for families

If you’re traveling with a family, we believe those places should be on your Lanzarote itinerary – La Graciosa island, Jameos del Agua, Arrecife, Playa Honda, Lago Verde, Playa Mujeres, Puerto Calero, the dolphin watching tour.

Where to stay on Lanzarote

We stayed in two places, in the north and the south of the island.

In Punta Mujeres, we recommend CHEGAMOS. The apartment had everything we needed to get some work done and can accommodate up to 4 people in two bedrooms. Plus the nearest natural pools are only a 2-minutes-walk away.

In Puerto del Carmen, we stayed at Pensión Magec which we would recommend as the most affordable place especially if you want to stay downtown. The place is very close to the old harbor area and features single, double, and triple rooms with or without private bathrooms.

Rental car and tours on Lanzarote

Although you can do many tours including pick up from different parts of the island or use the public transport, we recommend renting a car to be able to explore freely. We rented the smallest and cheapest car we found on rentalcars.com.

Here are the tours we took and recommend: Lanzarote: 2.5-Hour Sunset and Dolphins Cruise, Lanzarote: 3-Hour Guided 3-Wheeled Roadster Tour.

Those were the best things to do in Lanzarote and our Lanzarote itinerary. We definitely want to be back and explore more, maybe even live more on the island. So far it’s our favorite Canary Island (no offense, Tenerife, we love you too)!

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