Exploring Bulgarian seaside – things to do in Varna

The seaside in Bulgaria in the summer is full of people enjoying the beaches and the sea. In Varna, there are some great places to relax under the sun and enjoy a cocktail at a beach bar. But, apart from the obvious, what else can you do at the seaside? What would be the best things to do in Varna?

drinking cocktails at the beach in Varna

Sometimes the weather is bad, it could be raining, or it could just be too hot, and you can’t or simply don’t want to go to the beach. Also, you might just be the kind of person who cannot stay still for the whole day and wants to explore or to do something to get his adrenaline up. You could be a person who gets bored with doing the same thing for more than one day and wants to change it up a little bit. Whatever the case, Varna has you covered.

One of the big advantages of going to a big city for a summer vacation is that you are not limited in your options of what you can do. You are not bound to go just to the beach and the famous Dolphinarium. Let’s take a look at what else Varna has to offer.

Visit Varna

Our visit was accommodated by Varna City Card. The card includes free entrance to many museums in the city and discounts and bonuses for many places to eat and drink, as well as for cool activities. They also have a cool app you can download with all the offers and a map of the city to help you explore it.

Thanks to the Varna City Card team, we managed to visit some amazing places in Varna – places that we would have otherwise neglected. The card gives you free access to 14 museums and some discounts/bonuses in many bars and restaurants and fun activities like La Casa al Mare we visited or for bungee jumping. All the museums we visited for free with the card are described below.

Indoors activities in Varna


Varna has many interesting museums that are great for when you need to take shelter from the rain and when you want to learn something more about the city. Varna Aquarium and Naval Museum are located in the Sea Garden of the city. Both are not very big but have some interesting things to show. The kids seemed to like them a lot.

kids enjoy the Varna Aquarium
Grown-up kids enjoy the Varna Aquarium, too.
visit the Naval Museum in Varna, Bulgaria

Another thing in the Sea Garden of Varna that you can visit is the Planetarium, but it has demonstrations at only 5 and 7 p.m. every day except for Sunday in the summer, and specifically for kids at 3 p.m. on Saturdays. The demonstrations are even less often at the other time of the year, so make sure to check if there will actually be one when you decide to go. In the Planetarium, you can check how much you would weigh on the moon and on the sun. I strongly suggest taking only your weight on the moon into account.

Another museum we visited on our last trip to Varna was the Archeological museum. There you can learn about the long history of the city. On our visit, there was also a temporary exhibition about making wine and bread through the ages.

Archeological museum in Varna, Bulgaria
Trying to “dive” into history in the Archeological Museum.

Restaurants and bars

And since we mentioned wine and bread… Varna is full of restaurants and bars where you can try some local beers and wines and taste some traditional dishes. Since it is a city by the seaside you can also enjoy lots of seafood.

summer lunch in Varna, Bulgaria
In the heat of the summer, we decided on some light food and cold refreshments in La Casa al Mare.

Outdoors activities

Historical sights in Varna

If the weather is OK, but you still want to do something else than sunbathing, you can visit the Roman Therms (a.k.a The Roman Baths of Odessos). This place now has some pictures to help you visualize exactly what they used to look like and how they were used.

Roman Therms in Varna - The Roman Baths of Odessos

If you want to get away from the noises of the city you can go on a short trip to Aladzha Monastery. It is a Rock Monastery that is just about 20 minutes away by car from the city. Close enough to get to it easily, and far enough to get some peace and quiet.

Aladzha Rock Monastery in Varna, Bulgaria


Some paths, that are great for walking, start from the Aladzha Monastery. The landscape there is hilly. Also, the Sea Garden in the city and the park near the Archeological Museum are great for long relaxing walks and meaningful talks with friends.

Varna's sign in the Sea Garden

Extreme sports and fun

In Varna, there are lots of opportunities to get into some really fun activity or do something a little crazy. You can visit the aquapark, dive, sail on a boat, race in a car, or even bungee jump from a bridge. We still need to go back to Varna and try to add an entry to our active outdoors and adventure experiences.

Explore Varna and further afield

So, here you have it. These are some of the cool and maybe not so popular and mainstream things to do at the seaside in Varna. Hope we managed to help get you some ideas about your visit to this city in Bulgaria.

If you have more free time in the area, you might want to check out the Northern Black Sea region – just get a car and discover natural beauties at your own pace. Or you can just find your favorite activity or place from our extensive list of things to experience in Bulgaria.

Things to do in Varna, Bulgaria
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