Things to do in Bulgaria – a travel guide by season and activity

To make it even harder for you to fit everything in your Bulgaria itinerary, we decided to share some amazing experiences you can have in the country. To balance and make it easier for you, we separated them by the time of the year you visit, and by type of activity. So we have four seasons in Bulgaria – winter, spring, summer, and fall, and you can do much of the stuff pretty much all year long. That’s why we also split by type of activity – wine tasting, nature and outdoors, and history and architecture. Enjoy!

Пътуване до нос Калиакра, България - каяци, лодки, разходки, пещери, гледки и традиции по северното Черноморие

Things to do in Bulgaria in winter

We know winter can be a bit of a tough time for some of us. But in Bulgaria, it can be lovely – lots of snow, winter sports, hot drinks, and stories to share with friends. Winter can be quite enjoyable in Bulgaria.

Stay tuned in Pamporovo

Are you tuned? Pamporovo is the kind of place where you enjoy winter sports along with warm mats, old-school radio receiver, and burning drinks!

Stay tuned in Pamporovo in Bulgaria

Work from igloo with a view

Combine your remote working schedule with a few runs on the amazing slopes of Pamporovo. There’s nothing more motivating to get things done than the view of Snejanka tower and the white powdery ski tracks. Check out experiential stay in Chepelare and Pamporovo.

работа, екип, тийм билдинг, почивка, ваканция, coworking space, споделено работно пространство, иглу, настаняване в Родопите, Пампорово, Чепеларе, България - зима в планината, пътешествия и работа на път

Ski or snowboard in Borovets

Although the prices are getting higher and higher with each year passing, Borovets is so close to Sofia that if you don’t want to waste time on transportation you end up on the slopes of the resort.

As seen in the picture, skiing and snowboarding are too ordinary activities so slope-walking is always a good alternative for the adventure seekers.

Ski or snowboard in winter in Borovets in Bulgaria

Kukeri Festival

You’ve probably heard that you can chase the evil spirits with the Kukeri? Join the January celebrations and get scared to your bones in Pernik. And did you know that the second biggest Kukeri festival in Bulgaria takes place in Yambol?

Kukeri Pernik Bulgaria 2019

Baba Marta time

As soon as March approaches, get ready with the artisan Martenitsas and make sure you tie at least one at all of your friends’ hands. This will bring all the wishes for good health into reality!

Town market in Sliven in Bulgaria with traditional martenitsi and magnets

Things to do in Bulgaria in spring

Spring comes with green appearing from under the white blanket, all the plants blossoming. It’s like the world awakens, and Bulgaria awakens after the winter sleep too. Nature and people revive.

Rose picking in the Rose Valley

Bulgaria is world-famous for its rose oil and other delights made of rose petals. Rose picking is a ceremony you can join. All you have to do is jump to a village with rose fields and get to work! Fun is promised!

Check out our album of rose picking in Rozovo village!

Rose picking Bulgaria

Rose delights

What happens when the Rose Festival enters an old house in Kazanlak? Can you imagine how vintage combines with pink? For extraordinary fusion experiences like this, or to enjoy the rose tiara aroma in your hair, or just to taste the best rose wines from the region – every spring, when the roses bloom, head to the Rose Valley.

discover Bulgarian wine and rose in Kazanalak in Bulgaria

Spot the peonies blossom at Northern Black Sea

The end of spring gives this amazing opportunity to see the wild peony blossom if you head to the Northern Black Sea region in Bulgaria. The wilderness of the views, together with the seas awakening and all the historical and cultural vibes of the reserve – you won’t be bored and you’ll probably want to return and witness that beauty again.

Пътуване до Яйлата, Каварна, България - каяци, лодки, разходки, пещери, гледки и традиции по северното Черноморие

Things to do in Bulgaria in summer

Summer comes hot and brings all the chill vibes everyone dreamed of. Mountains wait for you to fresh you up, the sea is sparkling and charming. Everyone is relaxing on their vacation and enjoy the beautiful panoramas all over Bulgaria.

Chasing lavender fields

Bulgaria is a powerful lavender producer and it is just the end of June, the beginning of July – so why not go on an impromptu lavender photo quest?

Фотосесия лавандулови полета, лавандули, ечемик, България, корица

July morning

Some say that July Morning is a hippie fest, others add that it started as a protest against the Communist authorities. For many people, the first day of July is not a holiday occasion, but hundreds of people welcome the sunrise on July 1st because they believe in the cleansing effect of its very first sun rays.

Emona, Bulgaria - greeting the sunrise July morning

Folklore dance and traditions in Kmetovtsi

A little unknown village. Folklore festival. Music, singing, dancing, traditions. Lavish wedding to finish. Андъка пее и танцува. Miracle!

Telegram end.

The trail to old-time calmness – Bojenci-Tryavna

Start from Bojentsi, end in Tryavna. A wild trail will give you calmness, touch with nature and eventually some ticks (so be prepared). At the end of the trail, the town of Tryavna is waiting for you with its out of the picture houses along the river. All you need is 2 hours and good walking shoes, an anti-parasite repellent and a camera! And in the nearby village of Kmetovtsi, you will be surprised by the open festivals and weddings they make!

Jumpie on Bojentsi - Tryavna trail

Things to do in Bulgaria in the fall

Autumn comes with all its warm colors and reminds us it’s high time for harvesting. We enjoy the fruits of our efforts and start to prepare for colder weather. Still, you can experience some lovely warm days in the open air.

Climb the fairytale stairs

This is not a painting! Those stairs lead straight to the old fortress and are not far from the famous covered bridge in Lovech. Sometimes it is nice to detour from the main attractions.

Stairs to fairy tales, leading to a fortress in Lovech in Bulgaria

Cherven Fortress – Medieval charming

The Middle Ages have left a beautiful memory in Bulgaria – the Cherven fortress. Cherven means literally red and also beautiful (the same as the Russian translation). We don’t know if it was meant to mean beautiful or just red because of the reddened by the iron rocks. And it doesn’t matter as soon as you set foot on the stone trails leading to the medieval town and fortress of Cherven.

Wine tasting in Bulgaria

If any of the words wine, tasting, wine tasting, winery, chateau, grapes, vines rocks your boat, you’re in the very right place in Bulgaria. There is no way to experience Bulgarian if you don’t taste its amazing wines, some traditional and typical sorts, as well as world classics.

Sunny reds on sandstone erosion

Leave your fancy ballerinas home because it is time for harvesting in Rozhen. Any time of the year is appropriate for tasting some of the unique for the region wines but be careful – the wine varieties of Melnik are naughty.

Young wine in an old town – Plovdiv

The cobblestone streets of the old town of Plovdiv will greet you with young wines and sunshine in the chilly November. Get ready to get younger for an afternoon or two! This is the Young Wine Festival!

travel to the old town of Plovdiv in Bulgaria and discover its wine

Wine and wisdom – Brestovitsa

The village of Brestovitsa welcomes you with its friendly people ready to say hello and treat you with something red (a rose or wine). How can you not respond? Folk wisdom states: “Wherever there is wine, there are only good people.”

explore some of Bulgaria's finest rose and wine in the village of Brestovitsa

Thracian coziness in Elenovo

Cozy rooms, couples in love, love is in the air, Italian aromas, wines from the Thracian valley – only a 3-hour drive from the capital, the forgotten village of Elenovo is now revitalized.

Thracian valley wines in Elenovo in Bulgaria

Chateau on a plateau

Here you are, standing on the hill, surrounded by vineyards and mountains. The romance of a chateau, somewhere in the Middle-earth of Bulgaria. Getting erased by time, but never forgotten.

discover a chateau on a plateau in the middle of Bulgaria

Wine and dance estate

A meadow in front of a wonderful house in the middle of vineyards and mountains near Sopot challenged us. We accepted the challenge to waltz at sunset. Tasting the delicious cabernet sauvignon from the region was no challenge at all but more of a delight. Tragata winery will remain in our hearts for long!

Винарна Трагата до Сопот

From stainless steel to emotions in bottles

We have another splendid mix of good wines and art exhibitions, as soon as we set foot on the Villa Yustina premises. The winery has started as a showcase base for stainless steel solutions. We’re so happy it evolved into a nice winery, where you can just stop by for a tasting or organize your event.

The wine tasting room of Villa Yustina winery, Bulgaria

Natural phenomena and hiking in Bulgaria

If there’s one thing to love about Bulgaria, it will be its nature. Some say God gave Bulgaria a bit of everything – from rivers and lakes to canyons and plains, from valleys and fields to mountains and hills. Get your hiking shoes and prepare to be amazed!

Get sprinkled by Krushuna Waterfalls

Krushuna Waterfalls are some of the most picturesque in Bulgaria and probably the most visited. But if you choose a season other than summer, you have pretty good chances to contemplate the emerald ponds in solitude while getting sprinkled by the energizing waters.

Krushuna Waterfalls, Bulgaria

Go blue at Koprinka dam

Camping or staying at a hotel, sailing or watching the sunset – this is one of the most picturesque dams in Bulgaria!

Land on another planet – Devetashka Cave

Several flying dishes landed over here to form the Devetashka cave – don’t miss the chance to unleash your imagination and explore this new planet!

Devetashka cave in Bulgaria - alienation

Wisdom for free – Osikovitsa

Wise men created a park near Osikovitsa village where everyone can enjoy nature and wisdom for free. An old-school TV set warns the hikers that TV will empty their souls.

Sopot from above

Flying is not just a dream for us. It is pure pleasure. Especially when we do it with professional paragliders, over impressive scenery, and with the wind. Sopot is an adventure center that attracts nature-lovers. The video shows our impressions and emotions during our first paragliding experience in Bulgaria. And here are more adventures you can experience in the country.

The seven eyes of Rila Mountain

Shooting all the seven Rila lakes without a wide-angle lens or other photography tricks is a challenge. Seeing all of them takes a day or two of hiking and 2000 meters of denivelation. If you have the strength to reach some of the distant huts you will be able to treat yourself with home-made wine (ouch!) and home-made food (much better). Anyway, your muscles will be much more thankful for a beer.

The seven Rila lakes in Bulgaria at a glance

Having fun at Rila Park

No matter which time of the year you visit, the park wouldn’t disappoint with views and active outdoor activities! Find out how you can have fun in Rila Park at any time of the year.

пътят от Дупница към парк Рила

Mega-sunset at Megalith rocks

Buzovgrad Megalith rocks is a mystical place! They call it the Bulgarian “Stonehenge” – wake up early and hike up to understand why!

Buzovgrad Megalith rocks

Sharapanite – wine technology from old times

Sharapanite is wine rocks – yes, used to make and store wine. The are is so picturesque you just have to visit and see how they made wine and worshiped Dionis before. It’s very near the SPA village Mineralni Bani, Haskovo.

Sharavanite, Bulgaria Шараваните

The Stone Mushrooms

It’s an extremely accessible spot where you can find many rock mushrooms – as well as a lot of interesting fauna (eagles, vultures) in the area.

Skalnite gybi, Bulgaria, Скалните гъби

Dancing Bears Park Belitsa

The Dancing bears park Belitsa comes to prove that we, people, can try to repair our worst behaviors that turned into traditions. Bears used to be forced to walk the streets of the towns with their owners and dance for entertainment.
The park is home to any brown bears that had this cruel faith and now they’re reintroduced to an environment closer to their native one. They can’t survive in the wild so a huge chunk of the forest is specially dedicated to giving a second and better life to those ex-dancing and selfie bears that suffered so much.
You can go and see them (except in winter when they sleep in dens) and support the project. Dancing bears are protected by law in Bulgaria but in other countries like Albania and Russia, they’re still a thing. Hopefully, the park will accept more of those fascinating animals to least give them some of the life they deserve after what we humans did to them.

Dancing bears park Belitsa Bulgaria

Stob Pyramids

The sandstone Stob Pyramids are about an hour away from Sofia. It’s definitely nice to absorb the views of sandstone formations that have inspired the imagination of people who saw different figures, scenes, and stories.
It takes 30 mins to hike to the great view pints over the sandstone formations, the last half of the trail is not well maintained and could be slippery and steep. Go with shoes with a nice grip and hope not to fall as stones and tree roots are not the best thing to land on.

Stob pyramids Bulgaria - drone view

Passing through the gorge of Erma River

Erma river is a Serbian river, that just passes through Bulgaria (near Tran). And just like the river, we managed to just pass over it. Looking down from the wooden bridge is a test for your fears. We highly recommend you to buy some homemade jam from one of the old ladies selling there and eat it with a banana before you leave. It is incredibly tasty and a good reward for the tiring and somehow dangerous trip.

Bulgaria – history and architecture

It’s no wonder so many history buffs and architecture freaks visit the country. With a history dating from so long back in time, you can be sure to enjoy majestic and not so majestic remains from different ages and eras. You’d be charmed by the tons of architecture sample you can see (and inhabit, actually) here and there.


Who said Kazanlak is all about the Rose Festival, pink and red? The town combines blue buildings with blue skies into a masterpiece.

rose, wine and blue in Kazanlak in Bulgaria

Rebel colors – Sliven

Sliven combines an authentic rebel house (House-Museum “Hadji Dimitar”) with a modern town market. There not only can you exchange money but also you can use it to buy fancy magnets in Martenitsa theme.

People’s Palace – Vrana

At the foot of Sofia, the Vrana palace welcomes everybody – from queens and kings on a walk to running messengers. Spend a few hours in the beautiful gardens and admire any of the four seasons!

Eco empathy – Dobrogled

Yurts can look rough from the outside but inside they are cozy and keep you warm at night. A Bulgarian family started their “yurt” accommodation business as an innovative way to entertain their friends. Nowadays everyone passing by Dobrogled, Varna can enjoy staying in a huge wine barrel or a yurt even far away from Central Asia.

Bulgarian yurtsin Dobrogled near Varna in Bulgaria

Let’s have a coffee in Tryavna

Even if you are not a coffee-lover you will want to have a coffee in a coffee place like this one. It is a coffeehouse from the Bulgarian Revival times or the Renaissance where you can revive memories from the old times or ideas for the future. We advise you to enjoy your coffee with a good company! Even more, to deserve some sweet delights with it, you can walk the trail from Bojentsi to Tryavna.

Кафене в Трявна

Bezistena in Yambol

Exactly one year after the reconstruction and reopening of the building of Bezistena in Yambol, guides and historians welcome us in their 20s clothes with some French flavor. This is how you celebrate your first birthday!

The former covered market is nowadays a contemporary museum where memories from the past, information for the present, and vision for the future living together. Don’t miss to check it out if you are in the area!

Хора от Ямбол с дрехи от 20-те години

Rock-hewn churches of Ivanovo

The faces of many Bulgarian rulers from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom are looking at us from the rock-hewn temples, chapels, and chambers carved into the limestone rock itself in the canyon of Rusenski Lom river near Ivanovo, Ruse. The masterpiece murals of the Tarnovo art school appear to be immortal as centuries and people pass by to destroy them. They continue to resist those destructive powers and amaze us. The rock-hewn monastery complex used to be the perfect abode for monks and later rulers. Nowadays it attracts visitors with its solitude and inaccessibility and its well-preserved beauty.

🏷 You can reach the rock-hewn churches of Ivanovo by car, the archaeological reserve is located 23km away from Ruse. Check out the websites of the municipality of Ivanovo and the Ruse historical museum. Or ask the friendly locals on your way there. You will need their help anyway, especially when you get lost and you will.

Ивановски скални манастири

Go Thracian and feel Kabile

Some of us need to visit something really antique to feed their hunger for history. Kabile (or Kabyle) is one of those places with a special and very Thracian atmosphere.

Villa Armira near Ivailovgrad

Villa Armira is not just a 1st-century suburban Roman villa. It is a place where you can feel what Romans meany by art of living.

Villa Armira, Ivailovgrad, Bulgaria
Villa Armira, Ivailovgrad, Bulgaria

Paskaleva house museum, Ivailovgrad

This is a museum that used to be a traditional townhouse from the end of the 19th century. They used to produce silk by growing silkworms in the family that occupied the house.

Paskaleva house, Ivailovgrad, Bulgaria
Paskaleva house, Ivailovgrad, Bulgaria

Mezek Fortress near Svilengrad

Mezek Fortress welcomes you with its medieval architecture, some knights and horses, and tents. We really hope they will manage to conduct a Medieval festival because it will be well worth the long drive from Sofia.

Mezek Fortress, Bulgaria
Mezek Fortress, Bulgaria

And because this article will be ever-growing, so we encourage you to send us your ideas! Let’s complete the list and experience Bulgaria in any season and any activity!

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