Our favorite SPA hotels and places to relax in Bulgaria

It doesn’t really matter that we are big fans of the active life, activities, and dancing, that we don’t enjoy staying home in front of the TV, that we are always doing something, we cannot say that we do not like SPA and relax. Actually, it turns out we have spent not just a weekend or two in our country in a swimming pool, sauna or steam bath, or just on a sunbed. We’ve stayed in many spa hotels in Bulgaria. And in a separate article, we share spa places in less than 2 hours drive from Sofia.

So, what is so special about SPA and relax? Is it possible to rest your body, let your mind wander, and get some energy and new ideas? Maybe it is a combination of all three. The best thing is when the natural resources are joined by some manpower, thus creating the basis for all of these amazing SPA and relax happiness.

Midalidare Spa and Winery

Fortunately, Bulgaria is rich with natural resources – mineral water, healing springs, pure air (at most places). The mountains and the plains offer different opportunities for rest, relax and heal yourself.

We start remembering about places in Bulgaria, where we have enjoyed some spa and relax…

That’s how at least about 20 reasons to consider Bulgaria a diamond in the spa crown of Europe came to mind. One could even say it is a spa jewel or at least a spa capital of the continent of relaxing, resting, healing and having a good time!

If you are looking for a spa around or near Sofia, head to our article with spa hotels in less than 2 hours drive from Sofia. In this article, we will share our favorite spas, which are 2 or more hours drive from Sofia, but we think the trip is worth it!

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Our favorite SPA hotels in Bulgaria on Google maps


We do not remember how we ended up in the small village of Banya in Blagoevgrad Province. However, it was really hard holding us off of jumping in the 50-degrees jacuzzi outside. The water has to be cooled for a while before you can get it so you don’t boil your insights. When the temperature of the water dropped under 40 degrees we were finally able to enjoy it (we had also had some lunch while waiting).

Since we are already locals in this area, we are more and more often guests of the spa centers in the village of Banya. We were also guests of the Grand Hotel Therme where we were impressed by the size, variety and modern spa experience. The Therme spa center also has an adults-only area (16+), with an outdoor and indoor area for spa and relaxation. The outdoor area turns into a party experience in the late afternoon. If you are a hotel guest (which we recommend), you have access to all parts of the spa center. Otherwise, you must reserve your spot here.

Stay: Find all options for accommodation in Banya village.

Grand Hotel Therme, spa in Banya, Bulgaria


Chiflik Resort offers a big natural spring and lots of hotels with pools and spas. We enjoyed most of our stay in the water near the main road of the village so we could see what was going on. Let’s not forget that a warm pool and alcohol can be a bad combination. However, the photos afterward can tell you the story.

Stay: Find all the spa hotels and guesthouses in Chiflik.

Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Chiflik


Usually, you have to reserve way in advance to get a room/apartment in Wine & Spa Complex Starosel. Or you should try your luck with last-minute reservations and hope that someone canceled. We did the latter and enjoyed a stormy summer weekend at the complex. They have two restaurants, an outdoor pool with a barrel sauna, and a great cellar that offers wine tasting. We posted a review of the Starosel hotel. Here is our list of the best wineries in Bulgaria.

Wine & Spa Complex Starosel, pool and hotel


In a little village not so far from Plovdiv, you can find Boutique Complex Trakiets. The hotel is a great place to enjoy a relaxing weekend. They have a small spa center featuring a hot jacuzzi overlooking the arena and you can try a horseback riding lesson or interact with the amazing horses!

Boutique Complex Trakiets - horse arena and jacuzzi, hotel


The famous Europe winter resort of Bansko can be a great summer destination, too. Apart from climbing, hiking, and walking, we can enjoy one of the many spa hotels and centers in Bansko. After a long day on the slopes of the resort you just need to rest in a warm pool.

Stay: Plenty of choices (check our favorite here), but look for seasonal stay deals in Bansko. If you want to spoil yourselves, we recommend the stay at Lucky Bansko and Regnum Bansko Ski Hotel & SPA.

Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Bansko


The village of Ognyanovo is a local spa center, where spa tourism is widespread. There is a choice of hotels and guest houses in the village. Many mineral pools have been built for treatment. Near the village, there are two groups with several mineral springs.

Stay: We stayed in the Flinstone villa in Royal Valentina Castle. We liked the themed interiors and the jacuzzi overlooking the valley and the mountains.

Valentina Castle spa hotel, Ognyanovo, Bulgaria


We were talking about winter resorts, so it is time to say that The Rhodope Mountains also have some great spa places. The freshness of the pine trees, the charm of the mountain, and the laziness around the pool. Pamporovo definitely makes up for the curvy road to get there.

Stay: Stay in Pamporovo outside of the winter high season and you might find a good deal.

Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Pamporovo
Alternative spa in Bulgaria – an igloo. Inside it can be as hot as a real sauna.


Many people say that Velingrad is the spa capital of the Balkans. We will not count their geothermal fields, we are just going to say that, even though they are trying to make the city very commercial, there still can be found nice places for spa and relax. The lack of clouds is also a positive side.

Stay: The photo below is from SPA Club Bor Hotel. If you want to spoil yourself with some 5-star luxury, stay at Hotel Arte SPA & Park (here’s our review article of this hotel). Our favorite spa hotel in Velingrad is AquatoniK (and we review it here).

Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Velingrad

Mineralni Bani, Haskovo

We recently discovered this little gem which not only offers fresh mountain air, and mineral waters with indoor and outdoor pools, but also the village aims to be one of the cleanest in the country. You can’t spot a single piece of garbage anywhere outside the trash bins. God speed!

Stay: here are some places to stay in the cleanest village.

Mineralni bani, Haskovo - favorite SPA place in Bulgaria


Nothing anyone said about the quality of the springs in Hisarya will ever be enough. They heal all kinds of sicknesses, they have great effects on the mind and the body. There are no people or tribes that lived in Hisarya that did not benefit from the natural springs there.

Stay: pretty much everything is a SPA hotel in Hisarya.

Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Hisarya
Near a spring in Hisarya


We can’t miss Midalidare Hotel & Spa in the village of Mogilovo. Once we had headed in this direction for wine tastings and delicious food, but when we managed to reserve a room in the hotel we realized that they have a great spa center.

We were lucky to be in Midalidare on a weekday without many people, so the pool, the jacuzzi, our favorite fragrant steam bath, and in fact everything in the spa was just for us!

Midalidare Spa and Winery

Starozagorski Bani

It was too much of a warm spring so we headed to the National balneotherapy resort called Starozagorski Bani near the city of Stara Zagora. Not only does it have more than 20 hotels and is lightly mineralized, containing hydro-carbonates, sulfates, calcium, magnesium, silica, and fluorine waters. It also has so much greenery, a lake, hiking paths, and opportunities to elevate your well-being.

Stay: We recommend the 4-star Spa Hotel Calista. It has a very lovely clean spa center (incl. aroma steam rooms and very good Indonesian masseurs) and a great restaurant with a garden.

Spa Hotel Calista, Starozagorski Bani, Bulgaria

What are we waiting for? Let’s go to the springs to relax! Or should we do some spa and a nap? Spa in Bulgaria is an experience you shouldn’t miss! 

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  1. ckaway

    You two sure look like you are having a wonderful time. Really enjoyed reading about each experience and imagined going spa-hopping across the country. Thanks for sharing your experiences and tips for doing it ourselves.

    • Thank you for the nice words! We hope to inspire more people to indulge themselves in not so typical spa destinations 🙂

  2. I think I would try Kyustendil first. I never associated Bulgaria with spas, but now I know.

  3. Cat

    So many great places to unwind and relax! I will need to go on a spa retreat in Bulgaria!

    • You should! You will be mesmerized by Bulgaria’s beauty and spa potential!

  4. I love the mix of the cold air and snow with a hot tub. These look like a relaxing paradise!

    • I love it, too! Then you should come in winter to make sure air is cold and fresh enough. But summer can give you that breeze… So any season, you’re welcome!