The day trip challenge – will Kostenets accept it?

It is that time of the year again – when we are headed to explore lesser known places in Bulgaria to

a) prove they have nothing special to offer to travelers and tourists;

b) prove the above wrong (which we really really hope for).

Here’s our challenge skeleton, shortly:
Visit places that are not popular destinations, spots nobody talks or posts photos about.
Have one hell of a good time exploring off the beaten path stuff.
Mingle with the locals and get some inspiration.
Share the results with you! 

So now we’re headed to Kostenets municipality and browse the region for a day – looking for cool experiences, amazing nature, locals’ hospitality – things you usually find in Bulgaria’s popular tourist spots!

The challenge to Kostenets is as follows – we want to spend a day in the region and when we return we want to recommend it to friends. As simple as that. Check out the video below to see what we stumbled upon during our day in Kostenets and if the mission was accomplished.

So, to sum it up, what we did was to:

  • Drive 1 hour away from Sofia
  • Go back in time and history at Trayanovi Vrata Fortress (Gate of Trajan)
  • Listen to the priest’ song and story in the church “Sveti Arhangel Mihail” in Kostenets village
  • Watch how a master-cutler is producing a typical for the region knives with deer horn handles (horns are not cut off of deer, no worries)
  • Freshen up near the Kostenski Waterfall
  • Indulge with tasty vegan food at Shisharka restaurant
  • Visit the Dormition of the Mother of God church, built entirely by locals and their faith
  • Taste wines in the boutique Rasin Winery in Momin Prohod
  • Experience old-time crafts and customs in the Craft Workshop at the Community Center in Momin Prohod
  • Go back to Sofia
Костенски водопад

So, to do all of that, you need just a car and gas for less that 200km. Most of the places are free for visiting, some of them need prior arrangement. Apart for food, you’ll probably have to not more than 40 BGN for entry fees. Which is kind of cool!

This trip was part of a project for promoting lesser-known places in Bulgaria. It is done in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria and Tourism Kostenets. All opinions, views, and ideas shared, are our own. We hope more and more people discover cool regions like Kostenets and all they have to offer!